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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 837: Awakened Chaos

Chapter 837: Awakened Chaos

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Lu Shu stayed motionless in a deep oceanic trench. The darkness in the depths of the sea provided natural protection for him. Although Lu Shu believed that Francesco would not take the risk of chasing him all the way there, he could not be sure either whether it was safe to go out yet.

Meanwhile, Chaos was still fast asleep in his Seal of Lands. Lu Shu stared at it in irritation. He would never have been so miserable if this fellow was awake!

However, Lu Shu could be certain that Francesco’s ascension to Class A must be recent, and he must have adopted an unusual means. As a result, Francesco and the Bishop were relatively weaker than the other Class A’s, despite their apparent advantage over Class B’s.

Hence, if Chaos were awake, Lu Shu had the confidence to battle against Francesco.

Although he could not defeat the Class A version of Nie Ting, he might have a chance against Class A Francesco!

Then, Lu Shu started sorting out his loot from the ships. It was a wonderful harvest. In addition to the abundant resources, there were 30,000 standard weapons. Although their quality were better than those of the Department of Faith Theory, they could not be classified as fine either.

Lu Shu pondered. Could it be support supplies the Darkness Kingdom had prepared for the organizations? After he cut off their food supplies, the Darkness Kingdom had sent in backup resources.

This further confirmed Lu Shu’s speculation that the Darkness Kingdom had an important role to play in this war.

Yet, it was by pure coincidence that Lu Shu had happened to swim across the three cargo ships.

However, the fact that he always appeared together with the logistics supplies of the other organizations seemed to suggest that he was a greedy person, which rendered Lu Shu rather guilty…

But this time, Lu Shu refused to take the blame. Although it was hard to believe, those ships had come to him by themselves!

Speaking of which, he must thank Francesco personally the next time they met because Francesco had indirectly contributed to Lu Shu’s grand gains this time.

Lu Shu looked at his Seal of Lands. Inside, the three super cargo ships laid silently beside the 31trucks. Lu Shu was aware that there were people on the ships, but not in the trucks. Thus, out of curiosity, he examined the people aboard.

Then he realized that all of the people on the ships had suffocated. Their face and lips were purple-blue in color, a typical sign suggesting that they had died of a lack of oxygen. Could it be because the Seal of Lands was in a vacuum?

Thus, did it mean that livings things would be able to exist inside if there were air? In that case, did Chaos not need to breathe? Lu Shu pondered with sudden enlightenment.

In fact, he had experienced resistance when he stuffed the ships into his Seal of Lands due to the collision between Spirit Qi and celestial powers. Lu Shu speculated that it was perhaps due to the people on board resisting against the pull towards the Seal of Lands. Following the same vein, he could not force blood out of other people’s bodies with his water-type abilities because of the resistive force.

This would mean that his Seal of Lands did not warrant him to do whatever he pleased. If the pull towards his Seal of Lands was irresistible, he could shove all his enemies into it and waited till all of them died out. Easy!

By then, he would place a mahjong table inside the Seal for the people there… No, one mahjong table might not be able to fit all of them. Taking the number of his enemies at the current moment, he would at least need a casino to accommodate all of them.

However, Lu Shu could not be certain whether the cause of the resistance really stemmed from the people fighting against the will of the Seal of Lands. Moreover, he did not have time to determine their individual powers. Hence, more evidence was needed… Could he test it on Chen Zuan? He would survive the suffocation anyway.

Wait a moment, there were three survivors on board the ships! When Lu Shu’s magical consciousness probed deeper into the boats, he saw three people hiding inside a cabin, with an oxygen tank in the center. The three of them were taking turns to breathe oxygen…

Indeed, a cargo ship of this size had probably been equipped with emergence facilities. However, these three people were so selfish that they had stood by and watched hundreds of the crew die. Lu Shu was dumbstruck, pondering over a way to punish them. In fact, he held no sympathy towards anyone in the Darkness Kingdom. He would not blink his eye if any of them died.

Then, Lu Shu gazed into the vast space in the Seal of Lands, wondering about the possibility of opening up a new world there. After he pumped in oxygen, soils and rivers, he could figure out how to create a water cycle and a complete ecosystem. That way, this piece of land would become an independent kingdom, Lu Shu’s kingdom!

With his magical instincts, Lu Shu forced the three people out of the ships and was once again met by the same kind of Spirit Qi resistance as earlier. The three men held on tightly to the oxygen tanks as they flew out of the ships. In the next instant, however, they were stunned by the sight in front of their eyes…

31 trucks parked quietly on the misty ground, and countless gold bars, cash notes and tridents piled up aside. On top of them, there was a black dragon over 100 meters in length.

The black dragon looked as solemn as a totem. Its whiskers swayed in the non-existent air, and its pitch-black scales looked hard and indestructible.

The three men held their breath. Where the hell were they?! Yet, they did not dare to move at all, fearing that the dragon might be awakened.

Meanwhile, Lu Shu was thinking about how to convince the three men to be his farmers. It would be even more convenient if anyone of them were of the plant-type, earth-type or water-type.

However, before he could figure out a way, to his surprise, Chaos opened its eyes and swallowed the three people alive…

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “… Come out!”

Why were you not awake when I needed you? Besides, who asked you to eat them?

Immediately Lu Shu pulled Chaos out of the Seal of Lands. Chaos stirred the sea water wildly as if throwing a tantrum, sweeping up waves of gray sediments.

Lu Shu looked at Chaos expressionlessly, trying to suppress his anger. After Chaos had enough fun, it turned back and rubbed against Lu Shu. “Aegyo aegyo 1 !”

Not sure whether it was gifted or some other reason, the syllables were articulated very clearly in the deep oceans…

After Lu Shu forced the turbulent water flow to stabilize again, he said, “Don’t be naughty. Let’s go out and kill some people. Please, don’t fall asleep this time. I’ll confiscate all your tridents if you sleep again!”

Chaos murmured, “Aegyo aegyo?”

“Kill who?” Lu Shu translated. He could understand the dragon language! Then, he said, “Kill whoever you want.”

“Aegyo aegyo!”

Lu Shu’s eyes were wide. “You can carry me to fly?”

Lu Shu did not know that! He was aware that Chaos could fly, but he had never expected Chaos to allow him to ride it!

Did that mean that he would have an early experience of how it was like to be a Class A?!

In fact, all humans would have had a moment when they wished they could fly, especially during a terrible traffic jam…

Lu Shu was tempted. He stood on Chaos’ huge skull and grabbed hold of his horns. Then, he repeated again patiently, “Our enemy is hard to kill. Be prepared for a long battle. But, no matter what, he has to die!”

“Aegyo aegyo!”

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