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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 838: Uproar in the Sea

Chapter 838: Uproar in the Sea

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chaos propelled the sea water and shot right towards the surface!

At that moment, Lu Shu felt adrenaline rushing through his veins, even though his whole body was covered in seaweed as Chaos swam up from the dark trench.

At the instant when Chaos broke out of the sea water, Lu Shu was full of lofty energy. That was the true meaning of cultivation, the open sky and a life of endless possibilities!

Wait a moment. Lu Shu’s expressions turned stiff. The man in front of him was not Francesco… There was Cloud Yi, and the muscular man beside her must be… Tiger Zhi!

Lu Shu was speechless. One second ago, he was very much in the mood of fighting against Class A Francesco, but that guy had already left! So, did it mean he now had to confront two Class A’s…

At the moment, Lu Shu’s face was fully covered in sea grass. Cloud Yi asked hesitantly, “Are you Lu Shu?”

Lu Shu shook his head. “No, I’m not.”

Cloud Yi smiled. “Then who are you?”

Lu Shu glanced around and then looked at Chaos. After a short pause, he answered, “Nezha 1 .”

Confidence slipped off his mind. He had no idea why the Puppet Masters were here, and both of them! Now, he was only in a hurry to run!

“Let’s go, San Tai Zi 1 !” After that, he immediately rode Chaos away as he repeatedly looked back to check whether Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi were chasing them.

Stunned, Tiger Zhi gazed at Lu Shu’s receding figure and murmured to himself, “Is there a mistake?”

In fact, they had rushed over to check on the situation after they were notified that Francesco was chasing after Lu Shu. However, instead of seeing Francesco, they only saw a dragon…

Cloud Yi said, “That’s the man chosen by fate. He can even tame a dragon.”

Tiger Zhi glanced at her with a resigned look. “The humans have an axiom that blind idolization is not desired. Besides, the old King of Gods didn’t need dragons. There was once a dragon who wanted to do business with the old King.”

“Doing business is different from taming. Besides, the old King then was much more powerful than Lu Shu now. Could you tame a dragon when you were a Class B?” Cloud Yi rebutted.

Tiger Zhi waved his hand to end the argument. “Never mind. You’ve gone out of your mind!”

“How long have you been following the old King of Gods, Tiger Zhi?” Cloud Yi suddenly asked.

Tiger Zhi pondered for a moment and replied, “I’ve fought along him for 3,000 years.”

“Then fight along the new King for another 3,000 years,” said Cloud Yi.

“But I don’t think the new King is that thirsty for blood,” Tiger Zhi mumbled, “However, based on his personality, he can make quite a number of enemies even when he’s not killing…”

“As Puppet Masters, our duty is to be at the King’s side and watch the human world from beside his throne. Let’s go. It’s time to clear the old debts.”

Tension was building up in the dark tent. Silence befell the entire room. The people guarding the doors did not even dare to breathe hard with the fear that they might anger the big figures inside.

The Saint sat in the chief’s seat calmly. A glowing metallic ball hovered over his finger tips. The ball was fluid, changing its shape under the Saint’s control. Sometimes it morphed into a vivid goat, each strand of whose wool was visible to the eye, and sometimes it returned to the original sphere.

Although everyone present was deadly powerful, hardly anyone could achieve the same level of force control as the Saint.

The Saint was also an air-type master. But it was only on this night that people realized that the Saint had also awakened to metal-type powers!

Apparently, the Saint had decided to show his trump card after Francesco had ascended to Class A as well. The ball on his palm was a holy artifact of the metal type, but its identity and abilities remained a mystery to the rest.

The Saint spoke in a composed manner. “In this case, your logistics supplies have been cut off completely, am I right? I was willing to collaborate with you because I recognized your competence, but unfortunately, it appears to me that all of you lack the brains to use your abilities. How ridiculous. Just to think that you let the same man steal your supplies twice.”

No one else in the room dared to speak like the Saint and call the other leaders stupid.

“There’s a spy among us,” said the leader of the Darkness Kingdom, chuckling. “Otherwise, how did he know that the supplies were arriving? I mentioned that they would be here in eight hours. So someone must have calculated the position of the cargo ships and relayed the information to him. That’s why he could locate the ships so precisely.”

Standing behind the Saint, Francesco asked, “Could it be luck?”

The Saint gathered his metallic sphere together and gave a cold laugh. “Do you think all of us are as stupid as you?”

The Bishop smiled. “Please, gentlemen. All of us are after the same thing, the treasures of the Ancient Yi Clan. Let’s focus on the problem at hand. How do we settle the shortage of resources?”

“What plan do you offer?”

“Taking into account the resources we brought last time, we have 30% left in total. It is impossible to feed so many mouths.” The Bishop’s face was hidden in the shade. “But what if there aren’t that many mouths to feed? We can send the secret practitioners to hell. The rest will live with less competition for resources.”

His voice was filled with apathy and malice, but his logic was scarily reasonable.

“I agree,” said Satan.

The leader of the Darkness Kingdom chortled. “I agree too.”

“Then push forward the attack.” The Saint decided, as if he was the chairman of this union conference. The secret practitioners’ lives lay solely in his hands.

“How should we split the treasures with so many organizations here? We should settle it now too,” the Bishop said.

“10% for the Danke!”

“10% for the Pledge!”

Most of the major organizations demanded for 10%, but there were more than ten organizations in total.

“Only the survivors of the war have the right to talk about the treasures. Gentlemen, do you really think that you can live till the end? Never underestimate the Heavenly Network. After the end of the war, those still alive will be rewarded according to their contributions.” With that, the Saint ended the conference. There were bound to be deaths, and many of them.

During times of war, one could not decide their death on their own. Only fate could.

“Dead men… are part of the treasures themselves,” said the leader of the Darkness Kingdom. He laughed heartily, as though he had finally accomplished his heart’s desire.

But this time, both the Bishop and Francesco remained silent.

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