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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 840: Image Macros in the War

Chapter 840: Image Macros in the War

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Before anyone realized, Francesco, who had gone to chase and kill Lu Shu, had returned. But Lu Shu had not returned. Even Lu Xiaoyu had disappeared after chatting with You Mingyu.

Chen Zuan turned and looked at Cheng Qiuqiao. “Lend me your phone.”

Cheng Qiuqiao was on his guard against him. “Yesterday, you took my phone for five minutes and gambled all my credits away. Don’t think that it’s possible today!”

“How stingy!” Chen Zuan exclaimed angrily.

Suddenly, a loud and clear sound came from the surface of the ground. Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao looked at Li Yixiao in shock. They had just been joking around with Li Yixiao. They did not expect him to actually fling his cup to the ground.

We’re done for. These three words appeared in their minds at the same time. But Nalan Que did not seem to have been reduced to submission. Her next step was…

Nalan Que looked at Li Yixiao. “Can’t take it anymore? You can fling a cup to the ground now?”

As Li Yixiao was about to kneel on the shattered pieces of glass, a majestic and clear sound suddenly resounded within the fort. Chen Zuan and the rest walked out of the tent and looked towards the stage in the middle of the fort. Hao Zhichao was ordering people to strike the bell, which had been set up a long time ago. Three long rings. This meant that… war had come!


One month had passed since the large organizations infiltrated the Changbai Mountains. The previous battles were like appetizers. They were only the tip of the iceberg.

But the Heavenly Network did not intend to waste time on the large organizations. When the flood of bronze charged through the Changbai Mountains, the large organizations would understand that this kind of group combat would eventually come. The large organizations outnumbered the Heavenly Network by three times. On the other hand, the Heavenly Network had relied on their own abilities to rapidly build the Tiger Back fort to wait at ease for their exhausted enemies.

Who will emerge as the winners? It was unknown. The war between the Heavenly Network and the rest of the world was bound to happen eventually.

The Heavenly Network practitioners put on their bronze armor and lined up neatly around the fort, they waited in their formations and were very strict.

Everyone had been given new standard swords. These swords were different from the inferior weapons of the other large organizations. All the new standard swords were quality goods from the Heavenly Network.

Nie Ting was still in the quiet room, but he heard the rings as well. Nie Ting calmly opened his eyes.

While the Heavenly Network was very neat, the vast and mighty secret practitioners approached from the distance. They seemed like refugees. Some were even bare-handed.

But they had many people. They stretched throughout the forest. Just looking at the sheer size of the crowd was frightening. Even if they stood still, the Heavenly Network would have to spend some time killing all of them.

It was as if the large organizations did not bother to organize the secret practitioners in an orderly manner. When Hao Zhichao and the rest saw this, they understood. “They were sent here to die. Once a lot of them have been killed, our public reputation will be ruined. Our soldiers will be tired as well.”

“Our reputation? Forget about our reputation in the realm of cultivation,” said someone with a laugh. His tone quickly turned cold. “If they come, we just have to kill them.”

The high walls of the fort intimidated the secret practitioners. They did not know how they would overcome the wall. Many of them wanted to escape. But when they turned around, their heads were chopped off by the guards behind them.

The large organizations took great pains to supervise the battle. They had a few thousand soldiers, not to fight in the war, but to supervise the secret practitioners!

Someone laughed coldly. “If you go forwards, you might live. But if you turn back, you will definitely die. Make the choice yourself!”

A secret practitioner roared in despair. “This fort is impregnable. Do we have to stack up our corpses before we can get in?”

“Why don’t we try that out?”

But even then, the secret practitioners were still scapegoats to the large organizations. They were still being ordered around. There were times when humanity shone like that of the pioneers. It was as if everyone had an unyielding spirit. But there were also times when humanity was like a maggot, extremely twisted.

The more cruel the large organizations were to them, the more they did not dare to fight back.

Suddenly, the earth near the wall rose up. It was as if someone had gone underground and used their earth-type abilities!

The secret practitioners saw some hope. They charged towards the fort under the instructions of the large organizations. As long as the ground was high enough, they would be able to overcome the wall!

Your wall was indeed very tall, but I can just make the ground higher!

But before they could reach the fort, the ground suddenly collapsed. Then, the ground exploded. 14 foreign earth-type Metahumans were exposed. They were severely injured.

Above the wall, the bronze armored soldiers saw Lu Xiaoyu standing in the hole. She was looking coldly at the dead bodies. Then, the ground was rapidly flattened.

Chen Zuan was shocked, He realized that Lu Xiaoyu had not gone to find Lu Shu. She had been hiding underground waiting for the ground-type Metahumans from the large organizations!

Not only had Lu Xiaoyu been patrolling the underground, there were hundreds of ground-type Metahumans from the Heavenly Network fighting there as well. Ordinary Practitioners, except Class A’s, could no longer match up to Anthony, who was a top Class B!

When Lu Xiaoyu reached the fort, many Heavenly Network Practitioners felt that this was very novel. She was a young girl, but she was also a Class B expert. She even had an earth-type spirit and a materialization type spirit.

Back then, they did not want Lu Xiaoyu to participate in the war. After all, she was very pretty. Who would bear to expose her to massacre and war so early?

But now, this young girl was leading the defense under the wall.

Everyone could not help but worry. Would Lu Xiaoyu face any danger out there? After all, the earth under the base was mixed with concrete and special metals. She would not be able to return back!

They had wanted to do the same for the outside. But even if you mixed the earth with concrete and special metals, and expanded the area by one kilometer, the earth-type Metahumans would still be able to gather the earth and create a flight of stairs from a kilometer away. There was no fort that was perfect. There would be cracks and decisions to be made.

Just as everyone was worried about Lu Xiaoyu, the earth-type Metahumans were sent flying out from the ground. It was as if she was killing one to warn the rest of the secret practitioners. Hundreds of earth-type Metahumans from the Heavenly Network were fighting in a frenzy and some died. But with Lu Xiaoyu around, there were more deaths from the opponents.

The real war had started where no one could see them! The person who had started this war was Lu Xiaoyu, a 12 year old!

Suddenly, the earth started to flow. The secret practitioners looked and saw that the earth had formed the face of a young girl. She was smiling coldly, as if she was warning the secret practitioners not to try anything underground. This path was a dead end!

Chen Zuan was dumbfounded. “Xiaoyu is probably the only one who would bring image macros to the war and use them as she pleases!”

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