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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 842: Kill Them!

Chapter 842: Kill Them!

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Lu Xiaoyu waited for a full three hours to materialize the third Class B earth-type Metahuman. Then, she carried out her plan perfectly.

She did not tell the Heavenly Network what she wanted to do. Lu Xiaoyu only acknowledged Lu Shu. Since Lu Shu was not around, she could only follow her own plan.

She would find the other Class B earth-type Metahuman and kill them as a warning to the rest.

She eliminated all the troops underground, and waited patiently for the third soul to materialize.

After the third spirit materialized, Lu Xiaoyu created an escape route for the secret practitioners and sent them off!

She had planned all of this. She did not know why she did this as well. She just did it because she felt that it was right.

Needless to say, the Heavenly Network was worried that their earth-type Metahumans would not be enough to defend against the other large organizations. If the ground was elevated, it would increase the difficulty of the fight. The bronze armored soldiers were at an advantage as they were on higher ground. But the problem was that they still did not have the final say in the progress of the war.

If the bronze armored soldiers charged forth and the opponents suddenly lowered the ground, the bronze armored soldiers who charged forth first would die. Thus, they could only defend themselves against a siege.

But now, it was different. Lu Xiaoyu had helped them to gain the upper hand. She was in control of the territory underground.

Earlier, when Lu Xiaoyu had led the team, not only did she block the Metahumans, she also occasionally created trouble for the people on the surface. With three Class B’s hiding underground, would you be scared? To the secret practitioners, they were an oppressive presence.

Now, the secret practitioners were running wildly to the escape path. The bronze armored soldiers on the fort could relax. They looked on as the secret practitioners ran away. They even wanted to shout and wish them good luck…

The large organizations completely did not expect something so annoying to happen underground. After all, according to their calculations, the Heavenly Network only had one Class B earth-type, Lu Xiaoyu. She had not participated in the war. Thus, their three Class B earth-types would be enough.

Little did they know that not only had Lu Xiaoyu participated in the war, she had become a decisive factor as well…

Chen Zuan took off his helmet and looked into the distance. Chen Baili looked at the chaos in front of the fort. He felt slightly regretful now. He should have forced Lu Xiaoyu to be his disciple. She would have been able to bring honor to his ancestors…

The bronze armored soldiers had been fighting for three straight hours. Even if the secret practitioners collapsed at the first blow, they were still fatigued. Every bronze armored soldier’s body was full of blood. The red blood flowed down their armor. But most of the blood belonged to the secret practitioners. The secret practitioners just made them tired, but it was very hard for them to create any real impact.

The bronze armored soldiers looked on as the large organizations prepared to intercept the secret practitioners. But there was a huge gap from the very beginning. Furthermore, many members from the large organizations had died from the natural disaster. Thus, there was a temporary chaos among the large organizations.

Lu Xiaoyu hid underground and produced spikes to attack the members of the large organizations. She did not have enough energy to induce another natural disaster, but she could still disturb them.

Just as the secret practitioners were running for their lives, the bronze armored soldiers looked into the distance and were shocked… forget about expressions. There were many arrows embossed on the ground that were pointing the way.

Not only were there arrows, there were comments flashing past. Occasionally, a thin wall would suddenly appear beside the secret practitioners. After the words appeared, the wall would then disappear.

“This way, this way.”

“You’ve walked in the wrong direction.”

“Be careful. The large organizations are coming from the north.”

“You run really slowly.”

“Have you been drinking fake alcohol?!”

“Stop cramming. You’ll run more slowly.”

The bronze armored soldiers were shocked. “What is this?!”

But to their shock, the secret practitioners started to run in the direction that the arrows pointed in. Who cared if the arrows were not pointing to the exit!

If a savior appeared in this chaos, they would definitely listen to their savior!

“I had never imagined that I would see comments on the battlefield…”

“This is the only time you’ll see this in your entire life…”

Chen Zuan was slightly annoyed. “Why does this feel like a fire evacuation…”

Why did this pair of siblings have the ability to change the situation so quickly?!

The secret practitioners fled amidst conflict and fear. There were many secret practitioners. At first, they felt like domesticated sheep because of their fear. But when they saw the hope of survival, everyone went crazy.

The large organizations tried to fill up the gap, but if they concentrated manpower there, they would lack manpower in other areas.

It was like a water bucket. Lu Xiaoyu had only created one gap, but the large organizations lacked the unity to command the entire situation, causing the number of holes on the bucket to increase!

Someone asked, “Should we go down and attack the large organizations in this chaos?”

This was the perfect opportunity. The secret practitioners had created a lot of trouble for the large organizations. They had even messed up their formation. If the flood of bronze followed behind the secret practitioners and attacked, they would be able to expand their combat achievements!

“No. We can’t attack them. We have fewer people. If they work together effectively, our defense will be weakened. The loss outweighs the gain!” Hao Zhichao remained calm. Over 80 thousand members of the large organizations were gathered here, but the Heavenly Network only had 40 thousand. Out of this 40 thousand, half of them did not have the bronze armor.

Everyone was silent. Yes, although the secret practitioners had broken the formation of the large organizations, they could not help the Heavenly Network to fight.

Although the opponents were in chaos, they showed no mercy in killing the secret practitioners. They were not willing to lose.

At that moment, everyone suddenly saw the Saint soaring into the sky. His linen clothing flapped in the air and was full of dust.

He closed his eyes while he was in midair, as if he was sensing something. A team of Phoenix Society elites followed the Saint and killed everyone in their way. They had reached the secret practitioners!

“Not good! He’s looking for Xiaoyu!” Chen Baili rushed towards the Saint. He used his horsetail whisk to produce a blast in the Saint’s direction. A blue sword appeared with a roar!

When the Saint saw Chen Baili, he gave up finding Xiaoyu. But the Phoenix Society elites on the ground did not stop. It was as if they had very acute senses!

The hundreds of earth-type Metahumans among the elites suddenly dug underground. It was as if they had found Lu Xiaoyu!

“Do we save her? Or not?” Someone asked.

Just now, they had been deciding whether they should attack. Now, they were deciding whether they should attack to save Lu Xiaoyu.

“Save her! Kill them!” Feng Yeming and Feng Yunlu put on their helmets at the same time. “The others, don’t move. The second and third team of the flood of bronze, follow us! The rest, prepare for reinforcement!”

These were two different problems. They were the same in essence, but the answers were different. They could reject the idea of attacking, but if it was to save someone, then it was different. No matter whether this would aid the Heavenly Network, this group of uncles could not bear to see a 12 year old girl trapped in a dangerous situation!

The thousands of elites went against the flow of people and started to kill them. They knew that Lu Xiaoyu was very weak after creating the natural disaster!

“We might die if we try to kill them!”

Feng Yeming laughed out loud and materialized a long spear. He jumped down the fort without hesitation. “Break through the enemy lines with courage! Look death calmly in its face!”

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