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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 843: Let’s Go Up

Chapter 843: Let’s Go Up

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

To the Heavenly Network, saving Xiaoyu was not a matter they had to ponder about. After all, she was just an ordinary young girl. She had to be saved. This had nothing to do with cost.

Feng Yeming and Feng Yunlu had each brought out 2000 bronze armored soldiers to save Xiaoyu, but they faced thousands of Phoenix Society members. Everyone was somewhat confident. As long as they could quickly save her and return to the fort, their opponents would not be willing to chase them for too long.

There was definitely a cost for this. But considering the benefits, what Lu Xiaoyu had done was comparable to the effort of 4000 bronze armored soldiers. After all, 4000 bronze armored soldiers would not be able to push back thousands of secret practitioners. They would not be able to break up the formations of the large organizations.

Lu Xiaoyu did not put herself in danger willingly. There were no faults either. But she was weak when compared to the Phoenix Society, a large organization.

Thus, Lu Xiaoyu did this because of the Heavenly Network. The Heavenly Network had to respond to the call of duty.

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu risked life and limb for the Heavenly Network. No matter whether this was right or not, there had to be a cost!

If sending 4000 bronze armored soldiers out of the fort was a wrong decision, then so be it!

The secret practitioners ran towards the gap, but the Phoenix Society was like a slender and sharp sword. They sliced through the crowd of secret practitioners. Any one who came in contact with this sword would die a horrible death.

More than 100 thousand secret practitioners were spread over the mountains. They were crowded together like ants.

But among the ants, the Phoenix Society headed west from the east, while the flood of bronze headed east from the west. They were like two different streaks of color on a massive piece of abstract art!

The secret practitioners gave in to the two opposing waves. There were mournful wails and frightened screams. Over time, the screams could not be differentiated. It was too chaotic.

The two waves stood far apart facing each other. Their gaze was fixed on their opponent, as if the secret practitioners in between did not exist.

At that moment, the ground underneath the Phoenix Society exploded. It was as if someone was killing people underground in a frenzy, causing explosive power to erupt from the ground.

Different areas started to explode. It was as if grenades were exploding one after another in the deep ocean.

Some secret practitioner could not dodge in time and were caught in the explosion. They were sent flying. It was as if their all their bones were about to crack.

Feng Yunlu started to panic, as the Phoenix Society had reached Lu Xiaoyu’s range of combat. He was worried that they were too late and that something would happen to Lu Xiaoyu. After all, the Phoenix Society had hundreds of earth-type Metahumans!

Suddenly, the surface of the ground completely burst at the lower end of the wave of Phoenix Society members.

Many members of the Phoenix Society were affected. It was as if a grenade had exploded among the crowd. A large crater appeared in front of them.

They were afraid that Lu Xiaoyu would not be able to defeat the hundreds of earth-type Metahumans. But the very same Lu Xiaoyu was standing in the middle of the crater. Three black shadows disappeared into the ground in a flash. But around her… were the corpses of the earth-type Metahumans!

Everyone was shocked. No one expected Lu Xiaoyu to appear again in such an intimidating manner. She had killed all the earth-type Metahumans by herself!

Feng Yunlu suddenly realized that he had worried too much. She was dominant underground!

There was some dust on Lu Xiaoyu’s face. Those who were familiar with earth-type Metahumans would know that their faces would not be dirtied with dust when they went underground, unless they were exhausted!

Ka! A crack appeared on the Deep Sea White Sand in Lu Xiaoyu’s hands.

The Saint and Chen Baili were fighting in the distance. No one dared to approach the massive crater. Everything that Lu Xiaoyu had done was far too frightening!

Lu Xiaoyu calmly looked at the members of the Phoenix Society around her… where was Lu Shu? Lu Shu was not here.

These were all people she wanted to kill. Lu Xiaoyu thought that if Lu Shu was around, he would not allow her to be in such danger.

Lu Xiaoyu smiled. The Deep Sea White Sand had repaired itself. She pretended as if nothing had happened and said to the Deep Sea White Sand, “Let’s go up.”

In a flash, her calm words helped her earn countless of distress points from the Phoenix Society members. It was as if this fatigued girl had power over their lives. But everyone knew that she had exhausted her powers!

Right in front of the Phoenix Society!

Feng Yeming led the way and roared, “Support Lu Xiaoyu! Don’t be over zealous in fighting!”

He charged into the crowd. Feng Yunlu followed closely behind. They materialized their long spears at the same time. The spears shone brightly as they attacked. The formation of the Phoenix Society had been broken up. They had created an escape path for Lu Xiaoyu!

The Phoenix Society immediately started attacking the two of them. It was like a sea of light.

But when their elemental attacks reached Feng Yeming and Feng Yunlu, it was as if they had been blocked and started to disperse!

What was this ability? How strange!

Lu Xiaoyu was dumbfounded. She did not expect the flood of bronze to come. If it were her, she would not come and save someone unrelated to her. She was fighting this for Lu Shu, not for herself.

“Xiaoyu, come here!” Feng Yunlu ran towards Lu Xiaoyu and roared. But before his words reached her, three Class B experts from the Phoenix Society broke away from their formation and formed a barrier between him and Lu Xiaoyu!

Feng Yeming and Feng Yunlu panicked. They had wanted to fight their way through and support Lu Xiaoyu. But they only had 4000 people, while their opponents had 10 thousand. They only had 2 Class B’s, but their opponent had three!

The flood of bronze started to lose. Feng Yeming and Feng Yunlu were unmatched among the crowd, but there were just too many people. They were simply overwhelmed.

Feng Yeming and Feng Yunlu tried to fight the three Class B’s, but it was of no use!

Just as the Metahumans from the Phoenix Society charged towards Lu Xiaoyu, the sky turned dark.

Everyone could not help but look up. The shadow that blocked the sun came very suddenly. They were not prepared for this!

At that moment, everyone saw a hundred meter black dragon cruising in the sky. The black dragon was like a totem. It seemed to only appear in legends.

Chen Zuan stood at the fort and was dumbfounded. He looked at Chaos and the figure standing on Chaos. “I told you not to provoke Xiaoyu! Brother Shu will kill people when he goes crazy!”

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