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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 844: Invaders Are to Die No Matter How Far They Fled

Chapter 844: Invaders Are to Die No Matter How Far They Fled

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

With growing individual powers, many people had started to fantasize that they were the incarnation of the deities themselves. After all, the mythological characters might not have been as powerful as the description. Even so, when a dragon, which could only exist in myths, appeared on the battlefield, everyone gasped with amazement.

This was their first time to see a holy creature soaring in the clouds. Magnificent!

Moreover, the black dragon dashed right towards the Saint and Chen Baili, as if it could not wait to join the fight between Class A’s!

Unaware of the origin of the dragon, Feng Yeming and Feng Yunlu were puzzled. “Is it a materialization-type master who can conjure up totems and mythical beings?”

Only Lu Xiaoyu knew the truth. She gazed up into the sky with a smile on her face. The scene was reminiscent of the battle in the Lop Nur remains. One moment ago, Lu Xiaoyu thought that she was fighting alone, and then came the flood of bronze.

When the flood of bronze stood in front of her against the enemies, a thought suddenly welled up in Lu Xiaoyu’s heart. Lu Shu must be heartbroken if she died, Lu Xiaoyu thought.

Instantly Lu Xiaoyu felt fully charged. Surrounded by layers of enemies, the only thought in her mind was to kill more enemies until she drained the last bit of her energy.

She knew that there was no way to escape. She would be bombed out again even if she sought shelter underground. Thus, she would rather do something than die a miserable death.

However, she knew that if she died, Lu Shu would be in grief and he would cry with her lifeless body in his arms. In the end, Lu Shu would be left in this world alone. Suddenly, Lu Xiaoyu’s heart throbbed in pain. She wanted to live, for Lu Shu. What a strange thought.

Lu Xiaoyu smiled towards the sky. At the moment when Chaos appeared, she knew that she would live.

She was certain that she definitely would, though she could not explain why.

The black dragon continued to fly towards its target, but a figure leaped down from its back, accelerating towards the crowd of the Phoenix Society members.

There was a sense of determination and strength with that falling figure!

His arrival instantly boosted the morale of the flood of bronze. However, how could he battle against thousands of enemies on his own?!

Legend had it that one hero could easily defeat a troop of tens of thousands of soldiers.

But that was still a legend!

Winds blew wildly in the air, but they could not shake the figure at all. In the sky, Lu Shu looked at Lu Xiaoyu. The second their eyes met, a smile blossomed on their cheeks. It was like a promise that they would stand against the world just to be at the side of each other.

Lu Shu laughed. “If I, Lu Shu, had not been born, then the Way of Swords would be dark like a long night. Xiaoyu, what comes after ‘A distant friend is visiting’?”

The collaboration between the pair was seamless. Lu Xiaoyu raised her hand and exhausted Johnson’s last energy to materialize over 2,000 long swords in the sky. At the same time, more than 2,000 sword prototypes suddenly started ringing loudly in Lu Shu’s sea of chi. In a split second, the aurablades pierced through the air and attached themselves to the long swords!

In an instant, it was as though a storm of punishment had been sent down from the Heavens!

“Invaders are to die no matter how far they fled!” replied Lu Xiaoyu with a smile.

“Right!” A murderous look emerged on Lu Shu’s face. “They die!”

People would remember this day, when Heavenly King Lu descended from the sky, slaying thousands of people with a heavy rain of swords!

Chen Zuan watched the scene before him quietly. At that moment, it seemed that Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were the only people in the world. On that grand battlefield, Lu Xiaoyu was the starting point, and Lu Shu was the end. Beside them, the entire space between the Heaven and the Earth was filled with the falling rain of swords.

Then, like a meteor shower, the long swords plummeted into the Phoenix Society at a speed faster than sound. In any case, all things as swords was not as effective as tens of thousands of real swords in hand. That was Lu Shu’s biggest trump card in a battle!

Countless members of the Phoenix Society were stabbed to death on the floor by the long swords. Due to the shadow of the swords, the entire ground was covered in darkness as the swords blocked the Sun.

Instantly, thousands of lives were taken by the aurablades!

People stood on the walls of the fortress and watched the slaughter in front of them in silence. No one had expected that Lu Shu’s first move would be so fatal!

Only until this moment had Lu Shu finally landed on the surface. The immense impact of his landing sent a huge curtain of dust blasting outward from him.

Everyone was waiting for the dust to disperse, wondering what was happening inside. The rain of swords had sent the bronze-clad soldiers’ spirits soaring high. They also wished that they could slay thousands of people with one slash!

But this magnificent feat was unprecedented, even among the Class A’s. Lu Shu would be commemorated as a hero for this battle. With a longsword in each hand, all of the bronze-clad soldiers waited patiently for Lu Shu to appear. He was the savior and he would wipe out all enemies standing in front of them!

To their consternation, however, Lu Shu dashed out of the dust with Lu Xiaoyu on his back. He ran past Feng Yeming, Feng Yunlu and the bronze-clad soldiers without stopping.

That made them confused. Then, Lu Shu turned to look at them and shouted, “What are you waiting for?! RUN!”

Everyone was speechless.

What a sudden plot twist! The ninth Heavenly King, could you please maintain your cool vibe for a little bit longer?

In fact, Lu Shu wanted that too. But he had a clear awareness of the current situation. Just now all of his aurablades had been exhausted. He could not afford another attack!

Now that he had killed over one thousand Phoenix Society members, apparently the Heavenly Network was still outnumbered. They might not have another chance to run if they did not do it now!

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Society was highly cautious, wary about another wave of swords from the heavy dust.

But when the dust had finally dispersed, they realized that Lu Shu, together with the flood of bronze behind him, had already reached the fortress walls!

What the… I thought you would want a longer fight?!

On the other side, Chen Baili, assisted by Chaos, had gained the upper hand over the Saint. But Francesco and the Bishop had arrived before Chen Baili and Chaos could forge stronger teamwork.

At this moment, Lu Shu shouted at the old man and urged him to leave the battlefield at once.

But during their retreat, the Saint and the Bishop followed closely behind, seemingly determined to kill Chen Baili at all costs!

Their fight was shifting towards the fortress. Chaos roared in the sky, as if cursing angrily…

Just when they were about to enter the fortress, the Saint and the Bishop suddenly flew backwards and withdrew from the fight. On the other side, Nie Ting slowly paced onto the walls, fixing the Saint, the Bishop and Francesco with a composed stare.

He did not make any threatening moves. A simple act of walking onto the walls was enough to deter the enemies.

The Bishop laughed. “Grand gestures! Will you really attack us at the cost of destroying your own country? I think not!”

Nie Ting looked at him and hissed, “Get lost.”

Keeping his distance, the Saint returned Nie Ting’s stare. He challenged the latter with a sneer. “A fight between us is inevitable, and I have the confidence that you will not run away from me. You cannot avoid it, and neither will you destroy the world.”

The three of them bet that Nie Ting would not take action. How bold!

Meanwhile, Lu Shu had just climbed onto the walls. He looked at the Saint and the Bishop, who had retreated to a large distance away. Puzzled, he asked, “Why are you standing so far?”

“From Camillo Borghese’s distress, +666!”

“From King Garcia’s distress, +666!”


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