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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 847: The Truth About the Past

Chapter 847: The Truth About the Past

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Cloud Yi’s first question sent Li Xianyi back to what had happened 18 years ago. She wanted to know who had revealed information about the Puppet Masters to the Golden Foundation.

This had happened a long time ago. Back then, the Puppet Masters had maintained secrecy. If not, they would not have been able to escape. But the problem was, how was the Golden Foundation able to accurately guard the exit?

How did the Golden Foundation know about them?

Li Xianyi calmly looked at Cloud Yi. “I’m afraid that I can’t tell you. I will not be frank about what had happened back then before I clarify your objectives. If you were the ones who initiated this great disturbance, how can I trust you now that you have said those things?”

They had no basis to trust each other. They had been enemies for a very long time. Suddenly, the Puppet Masters seemed as if they wanted to have a reconciliation. How was this possible?

Cloud Yi shook her head. “I’m afraid that you still don’t know. A lot of the information they have given to you is wrong. We have not come to invade the earth. Returning to the earth would sound more accurate. But we have little evil intentions against the human race.”

“Wrong ?” Li Xianyi calmly said, “Then what is correct? How can you prove it?”

“Firstly, I want to say that we did not come from the exiled land.” Cloud Yi smiled. “One is a place full of magical energy with vast territory. Even the lowest levels are very strong. The other is a place where many powerful beings have disappeared because of the scarcity of magical energy. Which do you think is the exiled land? The earth is the exiled land.”

Li Xianyi and Coral were dumbfounded. What they knew was that the Puppet Masters had come from the exiled land, and that they wanted to create a passageway for their king to travel to and fro earth. It was like a script where aliens invaded the earth.

How did the story take such a sudden turn? They heard from the Puppet Masters themselves that the earth was the exiled land!

“Since the earth is the exiled land, why have you come?” Li Xianyi furrowed his eyebrows.

“This has nothing to do with you. We cannot tell you either.” Tiger Zhi gave an honest smile. “It’s not good to know too much.”

Although his smile was honest, his words were still intimidating as usual.

Cloud Yi smiled as well. “These details have nothing to do with the earth, so you don’t have to worry. I can tell you some other things, but you’ll need to keep it a secret.”

When she said this, she looked at Coral. Coral was in deep thought. She felt that Cloud Yi’s glance had a message behind it.

Cloud Yi suddenly said, “There is a reason why the earth is breaking. It would not have been so weak back then, with the powers of its laws. Back then, you could cross mountains and reclaim land from the sea, and there would be no effect.”

Li Xianyi was dumbfounded. Was there really a time when that was possible? Then why was Nie Ting unable to attack after he had advanced to Shen Cang Jing? These Puppet Masters knew too much about ancient secrets, but this imparted knowledge seemed to have been lost among the human race.”

“Man has a foundation, and so does the world. The earth is weak because someone had forcibly pulled out the World Tree. The World Tree stretched from the underworld to heaven. But when the World Tree was uprooted and brought to another world, the earth started to break,” said Cloud Yi.

Coral was suddenly dumbfounded. This… actually had something to do with her. If her guess was correct, then the World Tree in her palm… was part of the World Tree that had been taken away!

When Cloud Yi had looked at her, she was telling her to keep quiet.

Back then, when Coral was about to die, not many people knew that it was because the Gungnir had broken. After she had obtained the World Tree, she did not tell the world how she had revived. Thus, outsiders would not know that the World Tree was in her palm.

But… before Lu Shu gave her the World Tree, why had it appeared on Lu Shu’s palm?

When this issue involved Lu Shu, Coral decided to remain silent. But Coral was very clear that the World Tree was in her hands. She had also entered the world that was protecting the World Tree multiple times and felt the World Tree’s power.

Whenever she saw the lofty and massive tree, she would be puzzled by the ancient myth. In the past, thousands of races lived on the tree in harmony.

A leaf from the World Tree was bigger than Coral. It was truly a mythical object.

Furthermore, Coral believed that the World Tree had been uprooted, as she had seen the broken root hairs on the tree. There was even old soil on the tree.

Li Xianyi was astonished. So this was the truth about the world. But what kind of expert would be able to uproot the World Tree? If this was real, then it was far too frightening!

Li Xianyi suddenly thought of something. Was this the doing of their king? If that was the case, who would be able to stop him when he came to earth?

“How can I believe that you are saying the truth? After all, all these sound so far away,” said Li Xianyi.

Cloud Yi looked at Coral and smiled. Coral was silent. “It’s true, but I cannot say the reason why I know.”

Because of the relationship with Lu Shu… Li Xianyi trusted Coral, so when she confirmed the truth, he believed most of it.

Cloud Yi’s expression was calm. She asked, “Back then, one of our comrades stayed behind. Are you sure that he is dead?”

Li Xianyi furrowed his eyebrows. “Yes, six of us worked together to kill him.”

“Where is his corpse now?” Cloud Yi asked.

“It disappeared.” Li Xianyi shook his head. “Didn’t you take his body away? Back then, when we tried to find his corpse, it disappeared. But it was rather strange. There was no blood on the ground. There were many strange things then.”

“How many people know about this?” Cloud Yi asked.

“8 people, including me.” Li Xianyi trusted most of what Cloud Yi had said, and decided to reveal a few secrets as well.

“Where are the rest?”

Li Xianyi recalled. “It was too long ago. They might have gotten into an accident or died of disease. I am the only one left.”

“Are you… very sure that he is dead?” Cloud Yi furrowed her eyebrows. “Or are you sure that you killed him in real life, and not in your dreams?”

In his dreams?! Li Xianyi thought about it.

There were times when people laughed at others and asked, “Are you living in a dream?”

But Li Xianyi was very sure that Cloud Yi was not mocking him. Instead… she was seriously confirming facts with him!

“He’s called Dream Chooser,” said Tiger Zhi. “He is an expert in creating dreams. He is even able to pull people who are awake into a dream.”

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