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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 848: Captured a Class A

Chapter 848: Captured a Class A

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Li Xianyi recalled the scene years ago. “The Golden Foundation was alerted of an invasion of the Earth by the Exiled Landers eight hours before your arrival. It did not sound believable at first, but for some reason we were convinced in the end. Until today, I still find it inexplicable how they managed to persuade us in a few sentences. I even suspected that it was a form of powerful hypnotism that we could not resist.”

“The Dream Chooser had reached the acme of perfection in constructing dreams. For the dreamers, they could hardly tell hallucinations from reality, and when they entered or left the dream,” Cloud Yi explained, “Besides, have you ever considered the possibility that the seven comrades of yours did not die from accidents or illness? If Dream Chooser was alive then, I am sure that he had the power to do it. The only reason that you are still alive is that he did not manage to kill you.”

Li Xianyi deliberated in silence. His old friends who had died back then were either Class D’s or E’s and he was the only Class B. Indeed, Practitioners could never be that delicate. However, he did not suspect anything else as all of them had their foundation destroyed just like Li Xianyi himself.

Now that he recalled the past, he might speculate that it was a scheme plotted by the Puppet Masters. Yet, he had never taken into account the potential conflicts among them.

Tiger Zhi told Cloud Yi, “Now we can be sure about one thing, that Dream Chooser is still alive. It seems that we were searching in the wrong direction last year. Do you remember that the old King of Gods once deprived a Puppet Master of his power as punishment for his betrayal?”

Li Xianyi could not understand, but Cloud Yi did!

They had also suspected that Dream Chooser was still alive. Afterwards, however, they realized that the Little Fury had inherited the Dream Chooser’s powers. In fact, it was the large-scale dream constructing incident at Luo City the year before that had drawn them to Lu Shu. After all, Luo City was the place where the new King vanished 18 years ago, and the techniques used for dream building were a characteristic. Thus, it was really no coincidence that they had discovered Lu Shu’s existence.

It was also then when Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi had finally confirmed Lu Shu’s true identity. Although the information might slip the mind of other people, it could never escape their attention, for they had been searching for the new King’s whereabouts for 17 years.

Moreover, each Puppet Master’s abilities had all been conferred by the King. And a new Puppet Master would be born after an old one died.

Over 2,000 years ago, a Puppet Master betrayed the King. As a result, he was stripped of all powers conferred, which was then passed to a new Puppet Master. Consequently, the traitor was deprived of his unique talent!

They thought that Dream Chooser’s power was inherited by Little Fury because he was dead and his abilities were automatically transferred to a creature close to Lu Shu. However, the truth was, Little Fury had forcibly stolen the powers from him. They had not considered this possibility because they were unaware of the King’s abilities, which resulted in their assumption that stealing another person’s power was a conscious act. Nevertheless, Lu Shu had never awakened to the King’s will, not even today.

Certainly, though, Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi would not bluntly tell Li Xianyi and Coral everything. Yet, they were sure that Dream Chooser had lost his ability to create dreams.

If that was the case, it seemed that the grand cultivation battle might have been a way out for Dream Chooser.

When a mighty dream creator was suddenly deprived of his powerful foundation, the only thing he had was his supreme cultivation abilities. It was as if a powerful and rich man was stripped of his power and social status, only left with his money.

Most people would think that money was enough. But the rich men disagreed!

The truth seemingly started to unfold after the peaceful conversation between the Puppet Masters and Li Xianyi.

Cloud Yi frowned. What was Dream Chooser up to if it was really him?

At this moment, all of them heard a loud crack, as if a giant glass was about to shatter.

Yet, it sounded as if the crack had come from one’s mind, not the external environment. Li Xianyi did not know what was going on, but Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi’s face changed as they shot their gaze towards the Tiger Back battlefield. “Crap!” shouted both of them.

A black curtain fanned out under the sky. While Nie Ting was on a cultivation retreat, he was figuring out a way out and training his sword at the same time.

Nie Ting was known as the first man in the East, not because there were people who were more powerful than him in the West, but that he had yet to fight against Western leaders like the Saint before. Hence, it remained uncertain whether he was the first man on the Earth!

To the Bishop’s horror, he realized that he was paralyzed after the strike of Nie Ting’s sword. Although Nie Ting had fallen from Shen Cang Jing, his powers were still at the same level!

The Bishop, who was once considered unexcelled in the world, was now about to be slain by a single strike.

The difference between the two Class A’s was incredibly shocking.

Many people were waiting for a grand fight of the century, but in reality the drastic difference in power was incredibly apparent… Thus, it seemed more like a fake match.

It was also at that moment when the large organizations suddenly realized that how stupid it was to find trouble with the Heavenly Network!

In fact, few were aware that things were already starting to get unfair the moment Nie Ting was forced to destroy his own foundation and give up Shen Cang Jing.

At that instant, the Saint and Francesco immediately rushed over. They knew that they were at the losing end if Nie Ting managed to kill a Class A so effortlessly!

Honestly speaking, they were saving themselves, not the Bishop!

At this moment, however, Chen Baili and Chaos shot towards the Saint and Francesco respectively.

Chen Baili’s sleeves flapped in the wind. He laughed heartily at the Saint. “Your enemy is me!”

He was full of confidence. Although he also felt sorry for Nie Ting destroying his foundation,now was the time for the Heavenly Network to shine!

In high spirits, the old man turned to look at Chaos. But before he could reach the Saint, Chaos spoke too, “Aegyo aegyo!”

Everyone turned their gaze towards Lu Shu, while the latter made an innocent face. “Why are you looking at me? I did not teach him that!”

At this very instant, they heard a painful cry in the sky. The Bishop, who used to stand at the top of the cultivation realm, had been killed with a single slash. Blood gushed out from his wounds as he collapsed to the ground like a falling kite.

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “He’s dead?! So casual?!”

People expected the Bishop to struggle for life and last at least a few hours, but he had died under the first strike!

Lu Shu felt that it was just a kill as easy as how he killed the other normal Class B’s!

Standing tall on the walls of the fortress, Nie Ting smiled at Xiaoyu. He asked, “Did you manage to capture his soul?”

Xiaoyu nodded her head sweetly. “Yes, I did!”

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