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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 849: Little Shu’s Ability to Alter the Atmosphere

Chapter 849: Little Shu’s Ability to Alter the Atmosphere

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At the instant when the Bishop was dead, Lu Xiaoyu removed the third spirit and captured his.

During the process, she could feel his spirit struggling violently in an attempt to resist. However, Lu Xiaoyu overpowered him easily.

The spirit yelled angrily in silence, but in the end he was still engulfed by the third black hole.

Objectively speaking, Johnson was the weakest among the three spirits that Lu Xiaoyu used to possess as he was only a beginner Class B. Yet, the newly captured earth-type Metahuman was a mid-Class B. Moreover, an earth type would prove more useful than a materialization type because two earth-type Class B’s would be able to form an unbeatable formation underground against anyone below Class A’s, or even an impenetrable line of defense against Class A’s when supplied with enough energy.

However, Lu Xiaoyu was unwilling to give up the materialization type because Lu Shu looked cool when he sent down the rain of swords from the sky.

In Lu Xiaoyu’s mind, Lu Shu was unparalleled in the world, and she had the obligation to enable him to be even stronger.

In fact, Lu Xiaoyu took the least interest in how powerful she herself was. Yet, she was genuinely happy when she successfully helped Lu Shu with his rain of swords.

Moreover, she had another secret thought. Lu Xiaoyu knew that Lu Shu had pillaged 50,000 magical long swords. But based on his stingy personality, he was definitely unwilling to use them.

Thus, would he ask Lu Xiaoyu for help whenever he wanted to say “If I, Lu Shu, had not been born, then the Way of Swords would be dark like a long night”? Absolutely yes!

Meanwhile, Francesco had decided to flee. He knew that they were placed in an unfavorable position the moment the Bishop died. Unexpectedly, he suddenly accelerated towards the ground away from Chaos and flew away with the Bishop’s dead body!

The Saint gave a snort of contempt and planned to leave with other members of the Phoenix Society as well. But how could Nie Ting and the Heavenly Network allow them to go so easily?

At the moment, although the Saint and Francesco no longer posed any threat to the Heavenly Network, the total number of people in other organizations was still twice that of the Heavenly Network.

But Lu Shu did not chase them. He had more important things to do!

Nie Ting had wanted to kill the Saint, but he was blocked by Lu Shu before he could even start the chase.

Lu Shu passed two red fruits to Nie Ting and said, “Well, give these a try.”

He could sense that Nie Ting’s energy was on a constant decline, and that he might die if the fruits were not consumed in time.

Nothing else was more important that Nie Ting’s life, though killing the Saint was critical too!

Nie Ting looked at Lu Shu, his brows furrowed. Yet, he ate the fruits without hesitation, as if he did not care whether they could be poisons.

In the next instant, however, Nie Ting felt his broken foundation began to heal!

Meanwhile, all the bronze-armored soldiers stared in shock as the black lines faded from Nie Ting’s face. He looked perfectly normal now!

Earlier, all the soldiers were concerned about Nie Ting’s health, but the ninth Heavenly King had actually saved him so quickly!

Nie Ting looked at Lu Shu in consternation. It was a holy item for aptitude improvement and energy purification. He had never expected Lu Shu to give fruits of such importance to him for free!

Nie Ting knew that he had to express his gratitude because the fruits were so vital to him!

Lu Shu sensed the gradual recovery of Nie Ting’s energy. Before Nie Ting could form a sentence to convey his thanks, they saw a giant thunderstorm forming in the sky, casting a shadow over the entire expanse of land…

Lu Shu asked Nie Ting after some hesitation, “Are you… going to get struck by the lightning again?”

“From Nie Ting’s distress, +666!”

It was supposed to be a touching scene, where Lu Shu accepted Nie Ting’s gratitude with humility and courtesy. Or at least that was what the bronze-armored soldiers were expecting to see.

But they had forgotten that the ninth Heavenly King was no ordinary figure. He altered the atmosphere with a short and simple line…

Without a word, Nie Ting turned and flew northward. He was ready to face the second divine punishment! But again he was blocked by Lu Shu before he could leave. “Where are you going?” Lu Shu asked.

Nie Ting replied expressionlessly, “To be struck by the lightning.”

He did not want to argue with the person who gifted him with a holy item!

“From Nie Ting’s distress, +666!”

“Then why are you flying northward?” Lu Shu asked.

“Do you have a better suggestion?” asked Nie Ting.

Lu Shu turned his gaze to the 100,000 people over the hills occupied by foreign organizations. He said, “Fly to the crowd…”

Lu Shu wondered whether he would earn another wave of distress points since it was his idea…

That made other soldiers gasped in shock. The ninth Heavenly King was so smart! Those Class C Metahumans down there could not even survive the aftermath of the divine punishment. If Nie Ting flew towards them, at least tens of thousands would be dead in one instant! That would ease so much pressure for them…

Impressive! How could they have expected to encounter divine punishment amidst a battle? Besides, they would not have enough time for an emergency evacuation now!

Despite the huge population of large organizations, they were no match against the divine punishment.

Things had happened all too suddenly. Even Lu Shu and Nie Ting did not know that they would attract another round of the divine punishment with two refresher fruits!

But Nie Ting was no philanthropist either. He followed Lu Shu’s suggestion after he realized that it was a viable option. As time went by, the foreign organizations had also seen the thickening clouds and were starting to suspect a looming danger!

Suddenly, Chen Zuan asked, “Wait. Why did Brother Shu jump down too?!”

“The ninth Heavenly King is a true hero. He has gone down to fight against the divine punishment voluntarily so as to protect Heavenly King Nie!” someone shouted.

“Yes! The ninth Heavenly King is our role model. We have to learn from him!”

Chen Zuan sighed. “It’s fishy. Brother Shu is not that kind of person…”

Only Lu Xiaoyu knew that he had gone to charge his sword prototypes! After all, Lu Shu once touched the electric sockets at home just to charge his prototypes!

After the divine punishment, Lu Shu would have over 2,000 lightning aurablades in his sea of chi!

However, at this moment, Lu Shu heard a crack in the sky, as if there was a glass above them going to shatter!

That caught everybody by surprise. Was this world… finally going to collapse?

Fortunately, the crack did not spread further than the single slit. That made people heave a sigh of relief. Yet, they suddenly realized in horror, that this delicate state would not last long because… the divine punishment was coming!

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