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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 850: Second Brother

Chapter 850: Second Brother

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Everyone who had read the Golden Foundation forum all knew that the earth was very weak. At first, no one believed this. But after they discovered that Nie Ting could no longer attack, they started to believe this.

Some were worried that if Nie Ting attacked, would the entire earth perish?

Everyone could heave a sigh of relief when Nie Ting reduced his own class. They no longer had to worry.

But now, even though Nie Ting had reduced his class, the world was about to collapse!

Lu Shu looked at the crack in the sky. It was startling. No wonder the Puppet Masters had to be in the sky while Nie Ting and the dragon in the Kunlun Mountains were fighting. They had to stabilize the world. So the world had weakened to this extent!

What should they do? Lu Shu was worried. Nie Ting had destroyed his own foundation and was severely wounded. If not, his strength would not have dropped so rapidly. Even if it healed, it would take a long time for him to recover.

Thus, Lu Shu had asked Nie Ting to fly towards the crowd and allow the large organizations to receive the heavenly punishment in place of Nie Ting. This was a consideration based on Nie Ting’s weak state. It was not for him to earn distress points…

Chen Baili and the Saint had fought, but both suffered. On the other hand, they caused a crack to appear on this world. Another heavenly punishment was upon them. It was as if the end of the world had come.

Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi looked in the direction of the fort. They were silent. Li Xianyi furrowed his eyebrows. “Since it has happened, do you have any way to fix it?”

Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi looked at each other. “Yes, but the cost is too big.”

Coral was silent. “What do you need me to do?”

Li Xianyi looked at Coral in shock. He did not understand why she would say so.

At the same time, this was Li Xianyi’s first time seeing hesitation on Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi’s faces.

Typically, the two Puppet Masters would appear with splendor. He did not expect to see them hesitate.

But Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi did not answer. Instead, they each took out a red puppet from their sleeves and crushed it.

Suddenly, two black doors appeared in front of Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi. They silently walked in. Then, the black doors suddenly closed.

Li Xianyi looked at the emptiness in front of him. He furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Coral, why…”

“Sorry.” Coral shook her head. “I can’t tell you.”

Coral suddenly realized that Lu Shu’s identity was not as simple as she had thought. She would have to think on a deeper level.

Yes, that young man was different from the rest. She could sense it.

But she could not tell anyone else.

Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi were in the darkness. Before they could speak, the Arcane laughed. “I knew that you would return. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Is there a way to solve this?” Cloud Yi asked.

“You know all the methods that I do. We have no choice but to replant the World Tree.” The Arcane laughed. “But you must know that back then, the soul of the World Tree had been destroyed by the old King of Gods. If we want to replant it and give it a new lease of life, we will need someone to combine with the tree.”

“The World Tree is a plant as well. Why is it not able to survive on its own?” Cloud Yi asked. Although she asked this question, she already knew the answer.

Back then, when the old King of Gods had uprooted the World Tree, it had encountered resistance from the tree. Thus, the old King of Gods slashed the spirit of the World Tree. Later on, when he wanted to transport the World Tree into another world, he realized that the World Tree would not take root anywhere without its spirit.

Many myths and religions had mentioned the World Tree. Odin from the Deities was only able to obtain one branch from the tree. This was the plant that was closest to the origin of the world. Saying that it was the origin would not be wrong either.

“Tiger Zhi.” The Arcane did not have his typical evil aura. He smiled at Tiger Zhi. “I remember the first time the old King of Gods brought Cloud Yi back. She had pigtails and was standing behind the old King of Gods. She wasn’t even half of the old King of Gods’ height. So many years have passed in a flash…”

“You came later than her, so I don’t know why she cried for three days and three nights after killing someone for the first time. She only stopped after Big Brother helped her get over her worries.”

Big Brother, who the Arcane was talking about, was the first Puppet Master. He was probably dead.

“I have been engaging in introspection beside the World Tree for the past 18 years. Every time I think about Big Brother’s death, I can’t get it out of my mind. I want to avenge him with my own hands. Cloud Yi, you might not know this, but I cried after the first time I killed someone. Big Brother also comforted me. I didn’t tell you about this. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to laugh at you anymore,” said the Arcane with a smile.

“Second Brother.” Cloud Yi had forgotten how much time had passed since she called the Arcane by this name. “Back then, Big Brother told me that crying was normal. Second Brother cried when he killed someone too.”

The Arcane was speechless.

Cloud Yi turned and looked at Tiger Zhi. “Did you cry the first time you killed someone?”

“No.” Tiger Zhi smiled honestly. “But Brother praised me and told me that back then, Cloud Yi and the Arcane had cried, but I had not.”

Cloud Yi was speechless.

The Arcane was silent.

“Big Brother has such a big mouth…” The Arcane sighed. “But I still want to avenge him. I’m counting on you too. If you see Dream Chooser, help me to kill him. Don’t show mercy. He has been stripped of his ability. It should be easy for the two of you to kill him. As for the greater hatred… it is not a fight that you can be involved in. Wait for our king to settle it.”

Cloud Yi was silent for a long time. “Second Brother, the situation has not worsened to that extent yet.”

After so many years, the Puppet Masters had assumed responsibility for their individual tasks. The friendship from their childhood had been wiped cleaned. The old King of Gods no longer cared about the fights among them. Big Brother did not stop the dislike they had formed for each other.

But now, it seemed as if they had been transported back into their childhood days.

Back then, Cloud Yi followed behind Big Brother and Second Brother. She would ask for food and even help them to catch butterflies.

“Cloud Yi.” The Arcane smiled. “Back then, I was imprisoned beside the World Tree after I had made a mistake. Back then, I pondered why the old King of Gods had not killed me, even though I had committed such a big fault. He did not strip me of my abilities either. Now I understand. He was giving me an opportunity to redeem myself. If not… why did he imprison me in the world with the World Tree? Why did he place the symbol in the palm of the new king? He knew clearly that after the new king grows up, the earth will not be able to handle his strength. But I am somewhat curious. The old King of Gods never did anything unnecessary. But the new king is very different. On the contrary, he rarely does anything decent… I really want to see what the new king will be like in the future. A pity that I can’t.”

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