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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 851: Combine with the Tree

Chapter 851: Combine with the Tree

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The Arcane’s shadow slowly disappeared in the darkness. Cloud Yi stretched out her hand to grab him, but she grabbed nothing.

The Arcane laughed out loud. “When the king awakens, please tell him my name.”

Silence then filled this dark space.

The Arcane walked along the roots of the World Tree. The roots, which were stained with dirt, were wide enough to fit three cars. At that moment, someone behind him shouted, “Have you been the one talking to me all this time?”

The Arcane turned and looked behind him. “Young lady, have you destroyed the barrier I have created for you?”

Coral pursed her lips and did not speak. She looked at the young man in black robes sitting on the roots of the World Tree. She asked softly, “What on earth is Lu Shu?”

The Arcane laughed. “I can’t tell you this, but you seem to have the answer.”

“Where are you going?” Coral asked.

“To do what I have to do.” The Arcane smiled. “Everyone has their own mission.”

“But this mission was given to you by someone else, right? There’s no need to fulfill missions for the sake of others. You should devote your life to your own mission.” It was as if Coral had realized that the Arcane was about to do.

The Arcane shook his head. “My life is his. The mission he has given me is my fate. Okay. Take care.”

The Arcane then pressed his palm against the massive tree that reached the sky. Suddenly, the leaves and branches of the tree started to shake. Even heaven seemed to tremble. Then, the Arcane floated into the tree like a black fog.

Suddenly, about a hundred branches fell in front of Coral. “The Deities are too petty. You treat a broken tree branch like a treasure. I will give this to you… ha ha ha ha. I’ll stop talking. I just want to ask. Are you rich?”

The next moment, Coral was sent out from the world with the World Tree. The white symbol in her hand flew towards the Heavenly Lake. The branches of the World Tree started to glow brightly. Each branch had more volume than the Gungnir…

Then, the white symbol displayed it skills in the Heavenly Lake. Suddenly, a massive tree appeared out of thin air and landed in the Heavenly Lake. It would use the Heavenly Lake as its source of water.

Then, there was a crash. It was as if the roots of the World Tree had gone through the mountains and planted itself in the earth!

The once empty Heavenly Lake was now covered by the giant tree.

The leaves and branches swayed. Everyone near the fort realized that the crack in the sky had slowly started to close. The world, which had been swaying, also came to a stop!

Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi landed beside the World Tree. Cloud Yi looked up at the lush and green crown of the tree. She shouted, “Second Brother?”

But there was only the sound of leaves rustling in the wind. There was no reply.

Cloud Yi was somewhat disappointed, and even sad.

The rest of the Puppet Masters had either died or betrayed the rest. Only she and Tiger Zhi were left…

Suddenly, Cloud Yi felt that something was not right. One of the branches of the World Tree curved downwards. The leaves on the branch lightly touched Cloud Yi’s head. It was like how the Arcane had lightly petted Cloud Yi’s head when she was still young.

Cloud Yi smiled. She knew that the Arcane was not dead yet. He was just protecting this mountain in another form.

When everyone in the Tiger Back battlefield saw that the crack in the sky had closed, they all heaved a sigh of relief. Although they did not know why a tree had suddenly appeared on a mountain in the distance, they were sure that it had something to do with stabilizing the world.

Although they did not know who had planted the tree, it would be fine as long as the world did not break.

If not, the crack might widen when the heavenly punishment struck. All of them might perish with this world!

Wait… something was not right… the heavenly punishment!

The members of the large organizations suddenly remembered. Although the world had stabilized, the heavenly punishment would still strike!

But it was now too late to react. Nie Ting had landed in the middle of the large organizations. No one dared to get close to him. Everyone was running outwards wildly!

How could they bear a heavenly punishment like that?!

The members of the large organizations no longer cared about their formations. All the large organizations were mixed with one another. All of them were thinking about the same thing. They just wanted to escape!

But there were too many people, and it was too crowded. Under these circumstances, the weaker ones might be stepped on and die.

The messier it was, the slower their escape.

Someone wanted to step on the heads of others and run away. This seemed very easy in movies, but was extremely difficult in real life. He had just stepped on the first head before he was angrily dragged down by his victim.

The entire battlefield had become a fantasy drama that narrated the escape from a disaster. It was extremely nauseating!

A great and vast war had collapsed because Nie Ting had landed among the crowd. Nie Ting would be able to regain his status as Shen Cang Jing through the heavenly punishment, but they would die!

Nie Ting laughed coldly. “It’s too late for you to run now!”

Suddenly, a purple thunderbolt appeared. The thunderbolt was shaped like a sword. It was very thrilling.

The purple thunderbolt was about to strike the ground. Everyone was running outwards. Only Lu Shu went against the flow of people and headed towards where Nie Ting was…

When the members of the large organizations ran past Lu Shu, they thought that he was crazy. But Lu Shu had no mercy against them. The Sparrow Shade continued to take lives as he ran.

The large organizations started to run more slowly because Lu Shu was going against the flow!

The purple lightning headed straight for Nie Ting. Nie Ting slashed upwards. The thunder sounded like a crash in all directions.

With Nie Ting as the center, everyone within a three kilometer radius felt that the thunderbolt was burning their blood. The energy from the thunderbolt continued to surge on the ground!

In a flash, countless of Metahumans from the large organizations had died a bloody death.

The bronze armored soldiers saw this. “The Ninth Heavenly King’s suggestion was not bad…”

“Look at the Ninth Heavenly King. He was also affected by the impact of the thunderbolt. Will he be alright?”

Everyone looked at Lu Shu. His body was trembling wildly. He was different from the members of the large organizations. He could definitely bear the impact of the thunderbolt!

“Do you feel that although the Ninth Heavenly King had been struck, he looks very happy?!”

When You Mingyu heard this, he looked at Lu Shu carefully. Lu Shu’s eyes had lit up…

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