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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 852: Again?

Chapter 852: Again?

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The impact of the thunderbolt was just too powerful. Lu Shu was sure that if the large organizations did not help Nie Ting to share the power of the heavenly punishment, Nie Ting would not be able to bear it. After all, he had just destroyed his own foundation.

Now, there was another problem. Lu Shu was very worried. There were too many people sharing the power from the thunderbolt. His lightning aurablade prototypes would take a longer time to recharge!

Thus, when everyone was running away, Lu Shu endured the impact of the thunderbolt and continued to approach Nie Ting. The impact of the thunderbolt continued to spread outwards. One-third of the members from the large organizations were dead.

From today onwards, no one would be evenly matched to the Heavenly Network. It was as if they were deliberately grouped together to be wiped out all at once by Nie Ting. How tragic…

The bronze armored soldiers suddenly became excited. “The Ninth Heavenly King is still getting closer to Heavenly King Nie!”

“Oh my god, he’s gotten even closer!”

Chen Zuan said faintly, “I know that he’s not going there to help Principal Nie. There’s no one who can threaten Principal Nie now…”

The thunderbolt continued to strike. Lu Shu put in tremendous effort before he was finally within 200 meters of Nie Ting. He thought that he could stay here and absorb the power from the thunderbolt to charge his prototypes.

But before he could react, Nie Ting suddenly soared into the sky. He wanted to go somewhere with a higher concentration of people and share the impact of the thunderbolt. All those around him who were supposed to die had died, and those who were supposed to be injured had been injured. But there were many other organizations in other places.

In a flash, Nie Ting had landed among the members of the Danke and the Pledge. They were very comfortable. The thunderbolt would move over!

Boss, you have killed one-third of the people off. Can you let us off? You should not be moving around like that when being struck by lightning, right? If you come here, we cannot defend ourselves!

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He stood in his original position and almost shouted abuses. It had taken him a lot of effort to come here. But Nie Ting had run away!

He still had over 200 sword prototypes that had not been fully charged. And yet Nie Ting had flown away! Do you know how injured you are? Can you just stand there and wait?!

The bronze armored soldiers stood on the fort and looked on helplessly as their Ninth Heavenly King ran after Nie Ting… but as he approached Nie Ting, Nie Ting flew somewhere else…

The heavenly punishment continued for more than ten minutes, but Lu Shu only caught the first wave. He spent the rest of the time chasing after Nie Ting.

Lu Shu suspected that Nie Ting had done this intentionally!

After the heavenly punishment was over, Nie Ting flew to Lu Shu and looked at him with a puzzled expression on his face. “Why are you here?”

Lu Shu said, “… maybe it’s because it’s too boring up there? I came here to relieve my boredom.”

Lu Shu realized that Nie Ting was very pale. Nie Ting had exhausted most of his energy.

But there were benefits to Nie Ting’s contributions. The large organizations were in a mess. It would be impossible for them to form an effective combat force. Of course, they might not have as many people as the Heavenly Network…

As for Lu Shu, he had earned an unimaginable amount of distress points. He had more than enough points to light up the sixth level of Nebula!

Lu Shu was suddenly rather puzzled. So… distress points were that easy to earn, as long as he killed a lot of people.

Killing thousands of Practitioners was difficult, but the distress points earned from killing civilians and killing Metahumans were the same. They all produced 1000 points!

Lu Shu was suddenly alarmed. How did he think of this? Why did he have to kill civilians? To Lu Shu, strength and power was important, but not important enough to kill unarmed civilians!

This was a multiple choice question. One option would allow him to become strong immediately. The other would require prolonged effort. Lu Shu chose the latter, as he still had morals.

The first option was very tempting. It seemed extremely easy to obtain. But that was not what Lu Shu wanted.

Lu Shu suddenly felt that something was not right. It was as if this world had given him two possibilities for him to choose from the very beginning. These two possibilities would lead to two completely different routes.

But Lu Shu felt that he was leveling up at a relatively fast pace. He could light up the sixth level of Nebula now!

But Lu Shu glanced at the over 200 sword prototypes in his sea of chi that had not been charged…

Lu Shu could ask Coral. The lightning on the Gungnir was rather strong. But the problem was, Coral had lost her memory. When he talked to her, she suddenly said, “Don’t talk, call me.”

This was rather strange…

Now that the heavenly punishment was over, how was he supposed to charge his over 200 aurablades?

Nie Ting looked calmly at Lu Shu. He hesitated before saying, “Thank you. It’s all thanks to your willingness to provide such precious gains.”

Lu Shu looked up at Nie Ting. He was silent for two seconds. He then took out two fruits1. “It’s like this. If you want to thank me, go through the heavenly punishment again…”

Nie Ting was confused.

“From Nie Ting’s distress, +999!”

When Lu Shu saw that Nie Ting’s complexion was not good, he quickly laughed and gave up on the idea of charging his sword prototypes. “Ha ha, I’m just joking! Don’t take it seriously!”

Nie Ting understood. He looked at the fruits in Lu Shu’s hand… he had so many of them! But Nie Ting could not understand how Lu Shu had so many of these mythical objects!

These were fruits that could increase one’s aptitude. An elite team of geniuses could be formed with enough fruits.

Suddenly, Nie Ting furrowed his eyebrows. He looked up in the northwest direction. Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “What’s wrong?”

“Someone is destroying the sword formation.” Nie Ting furrowed his eyebrows. “The sword formation can’t stop him!”

Lu Shu thought about it and asked, “What is under the sword formation?”

“Under the sword formation…” Nie Ting said, “Is where the Puppet Masters appeared back then!”

Lu Shu looked at Nie Ting’s expression. Nie Ting was exhausted. Chen Baili and the Bishop had been badly injured during their fight. He knew what Nie Ting was worried about. If someone was able to destroy the sword formation, they were definitely an expert above Class A. If it was not Francesco, the Saint, or the Bishop, then who could it be?

Lu Shu had a feeling that it was not Cloud Yi or Tiger Zhi. It was the controller who had their eyes on Lu Xiaoyu!

“Don’t go. You and Chen Baili are no match for him now. Don’t die after regaining your status as Shen Cang Jing. The Heavenly Network still needs you.” Lu Shu said calmly. “I’ll go.”

Nie Ting suddenly recalled the conversation Ma Youjin had with Lu Shu. He was touched.

This young man had finally grown to be a Heavenly King.

He watched as Lu Shu roared to Chaos, who had been dodging the heavenly punishment, “Let’s go to kill people!”

Chaos rushed down. It did not stop when it passed by Lu Shu. Lu Shu jumped and grabbed Chaos’ horn. They then headed towards the sword formation!

“gains” in Chinese can also refer to fruits

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