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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 853: Creator of Dreams

Chapter 853: Creator of Dreams

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Lu Shu did not ask for anyone’s help. Instead, he took the lead and went with Chaos to kill. Lu Shu still had his own intentions, as he wanted to kill the culprit in private, and not be questioned by others.

Lu Shu did not expect Lu Xiaoyu’s abilities to be exposed. Lu Shu was on his guard. There were some secrets Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu possessed that he did not want others to know about.

Now, the Heavenly Network dominated the situation. Thus, Lu Shu was generous in giving Nie Ting the refresher fruits.

In the past, he had hidden these fruits as he could not protect himself. But now, things were different. He was the Ninth Heavenly King. He did not have to worry about his safety, unless it was the Puppet Masters!

Of course, even then, Lu Shu did not want others to know that he had an infinite supply of refresher fruits.

Furthermore, Lu Shu did not want to reveal the secret that he could earn distress points from others. He had far too many secrets.

He was afraid that the culprit might know something. Thus, he decided to settle it by himself. If someone created a problem for him, he would kill that person.

If the culprit knew many secrets about them, he would make them bring the secrets to their grave.

At the same time, Tiger Zhi, who was at the Heavenly Lake, looked up at the World Tree and sighed. “I thought that the Arcane had been behind this. I didn’t expect that Dream Chooser would be the culprit. He can only hide behind the scenes and carry out his plan. It seems like he has been stripped of his ability. It probably happened when Little Fury gained the ability to create dreams.”

Cloud Yi was silent. “Dream Chooser’s ability was given to Little Fury to sell digital coins. What a pity…”

“Ha ha. I don’t think that it’s a pity. Dream Chooser took a long time before he learned how to create dreams. Little Fury can learn too.” Tiger Zhi smiled honestly. “This way, the Puppet Masters have a new companion, even though it is just a Fury… but I didn’t expect Dream Chooser to come up with such a conspiracy. He looks so honest.”

Cloud Yi shook her head. “You don’t know. Dream Chooser had formed a mental illness. But let’s not talk about that. Let’s just talk about his abilities. A person who is an expert in creating dreams. A person who is able to alter real-life scenes. A person who is able to send people into dreamland. How can that person be a simple person?”

“Mental illness?” Tiger Zhi asked curiously.

“I’m not too sure either, but he has portrayed too many lives. He has even portrayed different mentalities. I realized that he occasionally could not recognize me a long time ago.”

In reality, the Dream Chooser was the most calculative and the best in playing with the hearts of people among the Puppet Masters. Perhaps it was because of this that he was the most likely to betray them.

“Now, the Heavenly Network is dominating the situation. The world is also slowly healing. When Nie Ting is able to attack, the Heavenly Network will truly be invincible. Even you and I will be no match for him.” Cloud Yi said softly, “We need to remain silent and continue to wait for the day our king returns.”

Suddenly, they noticed the waves of energy from the sword formation.

Earlier, they had been rushing to the World Tree, thus they did not notice any waves of energy from the sword formation. Now that they realized that the Arcane was no longer around, they had the capacity to notice other things.

“Someone is touching the sword formation!”

Cloud Yi’s expression darkened. “It’s most likely Dream Chooser. Has he chosen… to go back there?”

The two of them immediately put on their black robes. The iron-clad puppets flew out and accompanied them. “We can clean the gate today.”

Lu Shu stood on Chaos’ head. He gripped Chaos’ horns tightly… he had to hold on. If not, he would be blown away by the wind.

He could see the sword formation in the distance. The broken pieces from the sword formation flew about. There were five people standing by the sword formation. All of them were wearing black clothes. There was the gold embroidered symbol of the Darkness Kingdom on the clothes.

Lu Shu furrowed his eyebrows. They were from the Darkness Kingdom!

No wonder he did not see anyone from the Darkness Kingdom in the war. So they had secretly gone around the fort and come to the sword formation!

So that was why they had not participated in the war. They wanted the large organizations to distract the Heavenly Network and weaken Chen Baili and Nie Ting.

Their goal was the secret under the sword formation!

Lu Shu suddenly realized that they were stronger than he had expected. When the five of them worked together, the broken pieces from the sword formation could not injure them.

But individually, they did not seem very strong. They simply relied on their combined power. Lu Shu sighed a soft sigh of relief. If they were not Class A’s, he could defeat them easily!

At that moment, one of them suddenly grabbed a broken piece from the sword formation. He turned and sent the broken piece flying towards Lu Shu.

Lu Shu jumped off Chaos and landed in front of the five people.

Their faces were hidden in their hoods. Their leader slowly walked forward and smiled at Lu Shu. “You have come, just as expected.”

Lu Shu looked as the person walked towards him recklessly. He was silent for two seconds and stretched out his hand.

The transparent Cheng Ying sword pierced through the person’s heart…

“From Dream Chooser’s distress, +1000!”

“From Dream Chooser’s distress, +629!”

“From Dream Chooser’s distress, +531!”

“From Dream Chooser’s…”

“From Dream Chooser’s…”

Lu Shu gasped in shock. This was probably… the most generous enemy he had encountered. This was his first time seeing someone produce so many distress points when they died!

The rest of them seemed very shocked and looked at Lu Shu. It was as if they did not expect Lu Shu to be so direct. They were just chatting! Why did he suddenly attack…

Lu Shu thought that since they were very strong when they worked together, if he killed one of them, their power would drop significantly!

Furthermore, that person had been very reckless. He was just asking for death!

Lu Shu looked at the rest. “Who is the leader here? The rest can die an easier death.”

But at this moment, the four of them looked at one another and smiled. One of them said, “I am the leader.”

“Me too. I have made a lot of decisions.”

“But I make the most important decisions!”

Lu Shu was confused. He felt as if he was facing a schizophrenic patient. He had watched a video that introduced schizophrenia. In the video, different personalities were fighting among themselves, just like what was happening now.

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