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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 854: Strange Method

Chapter 854: Strange Method

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But the problem was… no matter how bad your schizophrenia was, you could only have one body. But there were five bodies here!

Wait… Lu Shu furrowed his eyebrows. When he had killed one of them, he had only earned distress points from one person! Furthermore, this name had appeared five times!

He was certain that people would produce 1000 distress points before they died. This meant that there was nothing as terrible as death. Distress points was the greatest fear.

But at that moment, did the Dream Chooser’s companions not produce any distress points at all? That was not rational! No matter how cold or emotionless you were, you would definitely produce a few distress points when you saw your companion die!

But Lu Shu took a closer look at the distress points he had earned, he realized that he had earned the 1000 points first, before the rest of the points were produced.

He had died! Why did he produce distress points four more times after he had died?

Countless possibilities flashed in Lu Shu’s mind. But the most convincing one was the most irrational. The five of them were the same person!

Although the fact that this person had five bodies was very bizarre, for some reason, Lu Shu felt that this was the most accurate deduction. After all, it was the magically-rich era. Everything was possible.

After he eliminated a few incorrect deductions, the remaining conclusions were not impossible. In fact, they could be the truth.

Lu Shu sighed. Was this the strongest patient with schizophrenia he had met?

If others asked him how many people he had killed at the sword formation, should he say five or one…

Of course, Lu Shu knew that it was not the time to worry about this problem…

They knew from the very beginning that Lu Shu would definitely come. Thus, Lu Shu came here with uncertainty. They were his doubts and suspicions that had slowly appeared throughout the entire incident. Lu Shu remained puzzled even after much thought. But he knew that Dream Chooser would know the answer. It was as if as long as Lu Shu asked him something, he would reveal an earth-shaking secret.

At that moment, the remaining four people smiled and asked, “Don’t you want to ask me something. For example, why I know about Lu Xiaoyu? For example, why I wanted to lure you out here?”

Lu Shu said, “No.”

“From Dream Chooser’s distress, +666!”




Lu Shu eyes lit up. He knew that this person had a trick up his sleeve. He produced distress points four times. Who else would be able to produce so many points? Lu Shu asked with anticipation, “Do you have any other questions for me?”

Dream Chooser was dumbfounded.

He was evidently the one giving answers here. He would wait for Lu Shu to ask him a question and then reveal some secrets. But he realized that their roles had been swapped. It was as if Lu Shu wanted to give him a big surprise!

This is mental!

Dream Chooser had been waiting for this day for a very long time. He had started planning for this day since last year. Every detail of this scene had been recreated exactly like in the dreams that he created.

He had come up with 391 possibilities, but none of them suited the current situation…

This made Dream Chooser irritated. He was used to controlling everything in dreams. But now, not only was his ability to create dreams gone, he could not control the situation!

Lu Shu could sense his irritation and panic. The Sparrow Shade, Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow were ready. Lu Shu wanted to produce lightning and kill them instantly!

A storm was brewing above the cliffs. The Sparrow Shade charged towards the four people, while the two flying swords hid within the Sparrow Shade!

But suddenly, Lu Shu felt uncertain. He felt as if the four Dream Choosers were laughing at him!

The ground around Lu Shu started to glow with a red light. It was as if there was a red net on the ground that had been concealed. Lu Shu jumped and tried to avoid the red net, but the net followed him wherever he went!

Chaos, who was in the sky, came back to Lu Shu. Lu Shu also kept Sparrow Shade and Corpsedog. He tried to forcibly break through the net.

But before Chaos could reach Lu Shu, the large net suddenly split. One of the nets captured Lu Shu, while the other captured Chaos!

But Lu Shu was puzzled. Sparrow Shade and the other flying swords had returned to the celestial map, as if they were not being controlled by Lu Shu.

The red net tightened and slowly disappeared. It was as if it had integrated with his body.

Lu Shu fell on the ground. He felt that he could not stand up straight. His whole body hurt!

This height was nothing to him in the past. He would not feel any pain even if he fell to the ground.

Dream Chooser suddenly laughed. “I’ve lost mine and you’ve lost yours. Is it fair now? All this time, my boundary has been dropping. There is no way for me to reverse it. You will experience the same suffering!”

Lu Shu tried to clench his fists, but realized that they were not as strong as before. He looked at Dream Chooser. “What did you lose? What does it have to do with me?!”

“Heh heh, there’s no use trying.” Dream Chooser laughed. “I have waited in the Golden Foundation for so long. I also controlled the Darkness Kingdom for two years. I have finally found something so useful in this barren place. It is extremely suitable for me.”

When Lu Shu heard this, he furrowed his eyebrows. This was the first time he had heard that Dream Chooser was in both the Golden Foundation and the Darkness Kingdom. The Golden Foundation had started to collect various weapons even before the dawn of the magical era. Furthermore, he was the ruler of the Darkness Kingdom.

The Darkness Kingdom had handled many deals in the past two years. It was not an exaggeration to say that the Darkness Kingdom was the organization who possessed the most weapons and mythical objects!

Chaos was also trapped by the red net. It could not even fly. But Chaos was still struggling. Lu Shu realized that he did not even have the strength to struggle. It was as if he had never trained.

Suddenly, the four Dream Choosers landed beside Lu Shu at the same time. They wanted to firmly keep Lu Shu in the middle. But while they let their guard down, Lu Shu suddenly attacked.

The transparent Cheng Ying sword slashed through Dream Chooser’s stomach. Dream Chooser did not expect that Lu Shu, who had become an ordinary person, could still injure him!

His vigor which contained the spirit of swordplay, as well as the sharpness of the Cheng Ying sword, were unparalleled!

Dream Chooser, who was injured, slowly sat on the ground and panted. “Follow the original plan!”

Lu Shu had injured the actual Dream Chooser!

The other two Dream Choosers grabbed Lu Shu’s fingers and wounded him.

Dream Chooser drew a drop of Lu Shu’s blood and flicked it at the sword formation. The drop of blood suddenly disappeared, as if it had entered an invisible door!

Crash! A celestial light screen that was three meters wide appeared out of thin air above the sword formation. Dream Chooser heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. “It’s finally going to end. Wait until I return there. I will get everything back again.”

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