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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 855: Clean the Gate

Chapter 855: Clean the Gate

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“I have underestimated you.” Dream Chooser looked at the Cheng Ying sword, which had pierced through his stomach. “You could injure me, even with the strength of an ordinary person. As expected of a special bloodline.”

As he spoke, Dream Chooser painfully took out the Cheng Ying sword and threw it on the ground. “That attack was interesting. If you were more prepared, I might have actually died.”

Lu Shu calmly stood. He was calm, even though he had been controlled. He felt as if he had heard the word “bloodline” somewhere before, but could not remember who had said it.

Since Dream Chooser had brought up the topic of bloodline, he would know Lu Shu’s origins. He was waiting for him, as if only his blood would be able to activate the door!

The Puppet Masters had come to earth from this door, right? Why was he involved?!

Dream Chooser looked at Lu Shu. “Do you want to know? If you want to know, ask me. I will tell you.”

“Does your wound hurt?” Lu Shu laughed cheerily.

One of them punched Lu Shu in the stomach. Lu Shu groaned. All his muscles started to tremble because of the intense pain. He lowered his head and clenched his teeth. He did not say anything. He wanted to explore what other tricks he could use.

The red net was a chain. His abilities had not disappeared. They had just been locked up.

Lu Shu realized that Practitioners relied on Spirit Qi for their strength, while Lu Shu relied on celestial powers. If his celestial map was locked up, he would be an ordinary person.

But… what should he do to become truly strong? Lu Shu felt some danger. He felt as if he was unarmed in a dangerous place. His physique, which he was proud of, could not be relied on now.

If he was able to survive today, he had to build up his body.

Lu Shu could feel the celestial map’s anger. He tried to break through the chains of the red net, but he was much weaker now.

The abilities he controlled, such as the Seal of Lands and his flying swords, all relied on his celestial powers. But he could not use them at all.

Suddenly, Chaos broke free from the chains of the red net. Lu Shu realized that this red net was not particularly secure. He could break through as well!

Although he was not as strong as Chaos now, but he would be able to break free eventually!

But when Dream Chooser saw that Chaos had broken through and was charging towards him, he no longer hesitated. He killed off the remaining clones and jumped towards the celestial gate above the canyon. It was as if he was not afraid of the abyss beneath him!

Chaos charged towards the celestial gate, but it was slower than Dream Chooser. It was just too far away!

Chaos started to panic. This person was about to bring Lu Shu somewhere… crash! The light from the celestial gate suddenly burst. Dream Chooser was thrown back to the cliff with a crash!

Dream Chooser was dumbfounded. He looked at the door. “How is this possible? Why can’t I go through? Why?”

Chaos looked at Dream Chooser and roared, “Chirp chirp chirp!”

You are back, but what about Lu Shu? Where was Lu Shu?

Dream Chooser had been driven off, but Lu Shu had entered the gate!

The person who wanted to enter could not, but the person who did not want to enter went in!

Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi landed. Cloud Yi looked at the celestial gate, which closed and disappeared. She sighed. “We were too late. Everything happened earlier than scheduled. We did not do our best.”

Tiger Zhi was more forgiving. “It’s still fine. Didn’t you say that the king has to walk the king’s road himself…”

Cloud Yi rolled her eyes attractively. For some reason, she was charming even when she rolled her eyes…

Cloud Yi looked at Dream Chooser. “You didn’t expect that you wouldn’t be able to go through the gate, right?”

Dream Chooser looked at Cloud Yi fiercely and asked, “Do you know why?”

“You know that we had to reduce our own class to go through the door. This is a ban that the old King of Gods decided on. He was worried that after the World Tree was uprooted, someone would come and destroy this world. Thus, Class A’s and above cannot go through! You also know that back then, we used the blood of the new king to activate the gate. You could not find an opportunity to kill him, thus you tried to trick him to come here,” said Cloud Yi calmly. It was as if she had accepted Tiger Zhi’s words that the king had to walk the king’s road himself. She believed that Lu Shu would not easily die there.

Dream Chooser looked as if he was growing insane. He laughed. “My strength has dropped to that of a Class B and I activated the gate. So why can’t I go through?!”

“Because you don’t know that only the king and the Puppet Masters can go through that door.” Cloud Yi calmly said, “And now, you are no longer a Puppet Master.”

Dream Chooser was silent. “As expected. The old King of Gods trusts you more.”

“Why did you betray our king?” Cloud Yi asked.

“King? There is already someone on the throne.” Dream Chooser looked ferocious. “Who are you following?”

Cloud Yi looked at Dream Chooser, as if she was not afraid of him. “We are following the person, not the throne. You do not understand that some people were born to be kings. This cannot be changed.”

When Chaos heard their conversation, it was dumbfounded. It suddenly realized that Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi were on the same side, and they knew from the very beginning where Lu Shu had gone.

Dream Chooser laughed coldly. “You have fully recovered your abilities, but you don’t know how frustrated I have been!”

“You are too obsessed with your abilities in the dreamworld. I’m afraid that you’re confused after living till now.” Cloud Yi said with disdain, “Since you have betrayed the king, you have to pay the price. There are always people who forget the lessons their ancestors have taught them.”

“Didn’t the Arcane betray the king as well? Why weren’t his abilities taken away?” Dream Chooser asked.

“Because the king was always the most respected existence to him. He planned to kill the person beside the king, but that was for the sake of the king. He was just too kind in his intentions.” Cloud Yi shook her head. “But you are different. You have truly betrayed the king.”

Tiger Zhi said, “I remember back then, when the old King of Gods first brought you back. You insisted on eating glazed flaming chicken. Big Brother flew far away to buy it for you. You should remember this. But temptation blinded you.”

Dream Chooser’s expression darkened. He then said stubbornly, “Big Brother’s death has nothing to do with me. I didn’t want to kill anyone else!”

There was the sound of people flying over at supersonic speed. Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi turned around and saw Nie Ting and Chen Baili flying over. Cloud Yi looked at Dream Chooser. “We will clean the gate in place of the king. There is no need for you to leave behind any last words. Our king will definitely not want to hear them.”

The moment she finished speaking, the iron-clad puppet beside her punched Dream Chooser. Dream Chooser, whose strength had dropped to Class B, was powerless.

A generation of Puppet Masters died just like that.

For some reason, Cloud Yi felt a tinge of sadness.

She looked at where the celestial gate had disappeared for two seconds. Then, she flew to the southwest with Tiger Zhi.

“Where are we going?” Tiger Zhi asked curiously.

“There is a hotpot place at Quanzhou that is really good. I’m bringing you there to try.”


“I heard that there’s a great new movie in the cinemas.”

“After that?”

“We will wait for our king to return.”

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