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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 856: He Will Return

Chapter 856: He Will Return

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After the end of the war, the bronze-armored soldiers, albeit exhausted, scattered themselves and searched the entire mountains for Lu Shu.

They firmly believed that the ninth Heavenly King was still alive. Maybe he was resting somewhere in the Changbai Mountains after being wounded, waiting to be rescued.

However, people knew that his chances of survival were slim, after they failed to find Lu Shu in the sword formation valley.

They searched the area inch-by-inch for three days, but no signs of Lu Shu had been found.

More precisely speaking, though, they saw a line “Death To The Trespassers” on a tree trunk beside the Ladder River. Lu Xiaoyu was sure that it was Lu Shu’s handwriting.

Yet, Lu Shu must have written it during his fight with the sniping operation squad. It was unrelated to the matter at the sword formation valley.

As time went by, Lu Xiaoyu had become increasingly quiet.

Filled with anxiety, Chen Zuan tried to comfort her. “Xiaoyu, don’t do stupid things, please.”

But Lu Xiaoyu only shot him a cold glimpse. “He’s not dead. He’s simply gone to another world.”

“Of course.” Chen Zuan nodded his head firmly. “He lives on in our hearts.”

The little fatty died at the age of 18.

Certainly, Lu Xiaoyu would not literally beat him to death, but he would not have been spared a good bashing. The “another world” that Lu Xiaoyu mentioned referred to the other space connected to the Earth via a path under the sword formation. If they could not even find Lu Shu’s body, he must have gone to the alternative universe where the Puppet Masters had come from. He was not dead.

At the moment, she was more keen in meeting the Puppet Masters and clarifying with them about the truth of everything because she had faith in Lu Shu that he would live no matter what environment he was in.

In the eight years that they spent together, she had witnessed personally how this young man survived the tough times in his life. Thus, Lu Xiaoyu believed that no one could kill Lu Shu except for he himself.

She had also tried to summon Lu Shu’s clones. But this time, there was no response from the celestial map.

Meanwhile, together with the other Heavenly Network members, Nie Ting was deliberating for a way to travel to the other world. All of them settled around the sword formation, racking their brains for a seemingly unrealistic solution.

In the past, Nie Ting sealed the area and conducted patrols personally every month just in case the door to the other world was opened. He was worried that there could be overpowering forces and creatures behind the door.

He would not have been so concerned if the gate was situated in other countries. But unfortunately, it was right within the range of the Changbai Mountains.

Now, however, he had to open the door because many of his men were eager to enter the alternative world and save the ninth Heavenly King, their hero.

As a result, all of them experienced an unforgettable moment when Nie Ting stood on the cliff and shouted “Open, sesame1″…

All of the bronze-armored soldiers thought that they would never believe that Nie Ting could be so childish if they had not seen it with their own eyes. Yet, precisely because of this, they knew that deep down, Nie Ting was anxious too.

Lu Shu was one of the greatest contributors of this war. But they had lost him.

After the initial apprehension, people had accepted the fact that Lu Shu had gone to another world. They had no idea what the world was called and how Lu Shu was doing inside, or whether there were seasons there.

Lu Shu’s disappearance was upsetting. After their return to Luo City, Chen Zuan spent most of his time staring into blank space. Even the “good student” Cheng Qiuqiao also skipped his lessons and dazed off with him.

Occasionally people might have a slip of tongue and mention the ninth Heavenly King, which would then silence the crowd immediately.

Moreover, all of the cultivation colleges had renewed Lu Shu’s portrait in their corridors. There was a new line added to the description of the ninth Heavenly King that went “In the Tiger Back battle, the ninth Heavenly King arrived on the back of a dragon and slashed thousands of people with a strike of his sword”.

Chaos did not follow Lu Xiaoyu back to Luo City. Instead, it perched on the World Tree and refused to listen to anybody.

Some people had tried to establish communication with Chaos because it was a witness at the scene. Yet, their concern about the language barrier proved to be totally unnecessary because Chaos was not even willing to speak.

It was as if Chaos wanted to protect its master’s secrets by keeping absolutely silent.

As for Coral… she bought a hill in the Changbai Mountains and settled down in a house there with a few members of the Deities.

The Deities published a public declaration together with the Heavenly Network, announcing their long-standing rapport and alliance with each other.

It was widely thought that Lu Shu was still alive, or maybe they chose to believe so. All of them were waiting for the ninth Heavenly King’s return.

The Darkness Kingdom had been exterminated by Li Xianyi after the war. Honestly speaking, though, he was well aware that no ideals could last forever.

A new day had come. The school life at Luo Shen Cultivation College had gone back to normal, but something seemed to have changed.

Students were asking about the future of Lord Lu’s actual combat lessons, only to receive Zhong Yutang’s reply that a new teacher would be assigned to the course.

That was not a satisfactory solution. Students insisted that they wanted Lord Lu back and wanted the Heavenly Network to find Lord Lu.

At that time, many students had reached a consensus in secret that Lord Lu was the only competent teacher for the course. No one else could do as well as him.

Hence, no matter who the new teacher was, they would boo him off!

Speaking of which, who had the guts and shame to replace Lord Lu?

In the afternoon, the training field was teeming with students who were waiting for the arrival of the new teacher. They wanted to commemorate the ninth Heavenly King via a unique way.

Although they knew that it was not nice to do so, but they had to vent their emotions. In fact, the organizer of the farce was Liu Li.

At 5p.m. a skinny girl walked towards the front of the crowd calmly and peacefully.

Lu Xiaoyu walked to the front and turned to look at the crowd with a composed look on her face. “From today onwards, I will be your relief teacher for the actual combat module, until Lu Shu returns.”

Instantly the crowd started seething with excitement. They did not want to be that mean to her.

First of all, Lu Xiaoyu must be more aggrieved than them after Lu Shu’s disappearance. Secondly, with the Bishop’s Class A spirit under her control, she could easily defeat all of them within a matter of minutes…

A student in the front row could not resist his curiosity but asked, “Will Lord Lu return?”

“He will,” replied Lu Xiaoyu. Her voice was full of confidence.

Adapted from a tale in the One Thousand and One Nights

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