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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 859: You Reap What You Sow

Chapter 859: You Reap What You Sow

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When Lu Shu saw the unappetizing food on the table, he could understand why Cloud Yi loved to go to different places to eat. A place would become more sophisticated as civilization progressed. This was very likely to happen.

Of course, Lu Shu believed that the Puppet Masters would be able to eat the best food, given their position here. But he was not sure whether it would be as good as the food on earth.

Looking at how Cloud Yi looked for good food everywhere… probably not.

Lu Shu did not care about the crops in front of him. He would do as Zhang Weiyu allowed him to. He would basically do odd jobs like weeding.

But Lu Shu’s body was very weak now. It was very hard for those who had not worked on the fields before to imagine how tiring it was. It was more tiring than an hour or two in the gym. At the gym, one would train different muscles. There was even time to rest.

But this was different. Only a few muscles were used over and over again.

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu in disdain. “A slave like you with a brand on their buttocks can’t work? You live in comfort everyday, so you don’t have experience with this, right?”

Lu Shu was silent. He felt as if Zhang Weiyu was scolding him. A slave like him? Tell me, what kind of slave am I?

You reap what you sow…

After a while, Zhang Weiyu slowly took out a black steamed bun from his pocket. He was going to give it to Lu Shu. But when he saw Lu Shu’s progress, he was dumbfounded and took half of the bun away.

Lu Shu was speechless. Was this his retribution for being too petty back then?

Is this what they call karma…

But Lu Shu did not challenge him. He would eat as much as he contributed. He took one bite and coughed. Zhang Weiyu cheerily laughed. “What? You’ve never eaten anything like this before, right? If you can’t eat it, return it to me. Don’t waste it.”

But before he could finish speaking, he saw Lu Shu swallow the black bun. Zhang Weiyu did not know what kind of life Lu Shu had lived in the past.

After Lu Shu finished eating, he smiled. “I’m fine.”

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu. He did not speak and continued to work. As he weeded the ground, he said, “I did not give that to you on purpose. In this world, there are times when this bun is more important than a human life. The taxes are very heavy. It’s good enough to be able to live.”

Lu Shu asked curiously, “If the taxes are so heavy, and people are being driven to their deaths, does no one care about this?”

Zhang Weiyu said with disdain, “You don’t look too old, so you might not know. It was not like this over ten years ago. They would never dare to do this when the old King of Gods was still around! With so many years of war and chaos, at least there are still people planting crops. The Lords of Heaven only care about their internal strife. Why would they care about people like us?”

“Wait.” Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He adjusted his tone to sound more formal. “Indeed, I have never experienced the rule of the old King of Gods. What happened to him? Furthermore, what is happening among the Lords of Heaven? We didn’t talk about them back then…”

Zhang Weiyu sneered. “The slave owners live a life of luxury and dissipation. Why would they care about things like this? The aristocrats would care about this. The slave owners just have to rely on them to live. Now, there is a conflict between the Lord of Heaven here, Wen Zaifou, and the West Lord of Heaven, Duanmu Huangqi. Perhaps a war will break out one day. If you don’t want to fight, you can… what’s wrong with you?”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. When he heard the phrase “Lord of Heaven”, he felt that something was wrong. After that, when he heard Wen Zaifou and Duanmu Huangqi, he was even more shocked as he had heard these names before.

A long time ago, when he was fighting Ming Yueye in the black pearl, Ming Yueye was not willing to reveal his name and identity, but he revealed a lot of information!

The North Lord of Heaven, Qing Kong!

The South Lord of Heaven, Wen Zaifou!

The West Lord of Heaven, Duanmu Huangqi!

The East Lord of Heaven, Yu Fuyao!

Back then, Lu Shu did not take the title of “Lord of Heaven” to heart. But he remembered all these special names.

Before Zhang Weiyu spoke, Lu Shu had thought that Ming Yueye was just pretending to be serious. He only believed a small portion of what he had said. After all, that Ming Yueye was not normal. He did not seem honest.

But now, Lu Shu realized that although Ming Yueye had not revealed his identity, he had revealed some information.

Now, Lu Shu was very anxious. He suddenly realized that Ming Yueye was from this world. He wanted to ask Ming Yueye if there was any way to leave. He could ask him what this world was. After all, they were old friends.

Back then, when Lu Shu was lonely, he would drink with Ming Yueye. He had many things that he could not tell others and could only keep to himself.

Although he continued to hold back, he rather enjoyed talking to Ming Yueye.

Lu Shu believed that if he asked him for unimportant information, he might reveal some secrets.

But Lu Shu was annoyed. He could not access the Seal of Lands. Thus, he would not be able to retrieve the black pearls from the Seal of Lands! What was this!

From Zhang Weiyu’s words, Lu Shu could understand this world better. The old King of Gods divided and conferred land, and the four Lords of Heaven helped him to open up new territory. Slowly, the slave society of today was formed.

This slave society had formed because of exploitation. At first, it was fine as everyone could still survive. But for some reason, the old King of Gods had disappeared. The new King of Gods did not care about what was happening. In the end, the taxes kept rising, while the populace lived in dire poverty due to the strife among the Lords of Heaven. Thus, it was very difficult for everyone to survive.

But Lu Shu did not care whether these people would be able to survive. He only cared about whether he would be able to go home!

Lu Shu looked at Zhang Weiyu and asked, “Training…”

He had just said one word when Zhang Weiyu laughed. “What, you still want to train? Then why did you run away? The aristocrats are the one with training techniques. You have to crawl to them before you can obtain any techniques. If you have no seal, who is going to give you techniques? Furthermore, even if you are a slave of a slave owner, you might only be able to reach Rank Five.”

Lu Shu understood. Social classes restricted progress and advancement. This was a world where those who were powerful controlled the means to become stronger. Thus, classes were fixed.

Rank One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six should respond to Class A, B, C, D, E, and F respectively. This meant that the techniques that the slave owners possessed were only Class E at best.

Zhang Weiyu did not know that Lu Shu, who he was mocking, was invincible before he came to this world.

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