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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 861: Integrate With the Sword

Chapter 861: Integrate With the Sword

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Zhang Weiyu slept on a kang, while Lu Shu took some dry grass and lay them on the floor for him to sleep on. Not long after, Zhang Weiyu fell asleep.

Lu Shu rested his head on his arms, but did not fall asleep. He had mysteriously come to this world. He had experienced many things in just one day. He forced himself to quickly sort out his thoughts and hoped to understand what this world was.

He had only eaten a single bun today. He ate half in the afternoon and another half at night.

His muscles started to ache, just like when he had worked after getting out of the orphanage.

But back then, he still had Xiaoyu. Lu Xiaoyu would obediently help him to wash his clothes. When he saw the clothes outside the window, he would feel calmer.

But now, he was alone in a dangerous place. He was searching for a way to return home.

He did not know what Lu Xiaoyu was doing. Would she be very upset…

Lu Shu wanted to flip through his record of distress points and see if there were anything related to Lu Xiaoyu. If there was just one sentence at the back, it would be a huge relief. It was fine even if it was a complaint from Lu Xiaoyu.

But he discovered that it was as if distress points could not go through the barrier between the two worlds.

Lu Shu got up and walked to courtyard. He slowly crawled on the ground and started to do push-ups. Even if his arms were shaking, he persevered.

Sweat dripped from his chin to the ground, until Lu Shu had no more strength to support himself.

When he could no longer continue doing push-ups, he simply sat with his legs crossed on the ground and rested. Zhang Weiyu leaned against the wall and folded his arms. He asked, “Do you want to become strong that badly? Honestly, it’s fine even if you are not strong. Didn’t the old King of Gods die even though he was so strong? Just be a peasant. If you can’t stand the hunger, just become a slave. Either way, you’ll be able to live.”

Lu Shu looked at Zhang Weiyu. “That is not living a life. That is living for a few moments. If I live just to eat, then what is the meaning of life?”

There were still more reasons that Lu Shu did not reveal. He wanted to go home and find Lu Xiaoyu.

There were no techniques that were suitable for Lu Shu. He could only train. Since other beings could strengthen their physique by absorbing Spirit Qi, humans could as well, right?

Lu Shu had also thought of a problem in the past. An ordinary person on Earth had realized that after the dawn of the magically rich era, their aptitude increased by leaps and bounds as a result of training, much more than in the past. Thus, in the two years since the dawn of the magically rich era, some athletes had achieved the speed and strength of a Class F.

There was a high concentration of magical energy here. If he simply trained, would he be able to achieve the same results? Lu Shu did not need to be very strong. It would be enough as long as he was able to break free of the chains. Even if he had not reached Rank One, he could safely find a way home.

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu. He did not express his opinion and walked back into the house. “If you want to train, then train. Just don’t neglect your work. I didn’t expect you to be so fierce with your pale and clean appearance. Go ahead and train. In this world, those who succeed are called kings, and those who fail are called bandits. Those who succeed are often very fierce.”

Lu Shu looked at Zhang Weiyu and said, “Brother, you are a peasant with a worse life than a slave. Stop criticizing me.”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +399!”

Zhang Weiyu angrily went back to sleep. He wanted to praise this youngster for his hard work, but his compliments did not go through!

After Lu Shu finished resting, he stood up again. He found a piece of firewood and recalled how he had trained with Li Xianyi. But as he prepared to train, he suddenly had an idea.

He slowed down his movements. As the piece of firewood slowly fell, Lu Shu lowered his waist and raised his arms. He had changed from a smash to a pick.

Although Lu Shu’s power was gone, his swordplay was still as awe-inspiring as before. No one on Earth was as skilled in swordplay as Lu Shu, except for Li Xianyi.

He had memorized diverse variations of the 13-letter rhyme by heart. Back then, he trained like Li Xianyi. He would slow down his movements. This was the process to integrate with the sword.

Lu Shu occasionally sped up and slowed down. There were times when his body could not keep up.

But every time he could not keep up, it was as if he was aligned with the world. Spirit Qi gently seeped into his muscles and bones, nourishing his body.

In the past, Spirit Qi completely could not enter his body, because the celestial map was too powerful.

Now, Lu Shu’s swordplay was more powerful than his actual strength. This was the result of waking up at 3am every day to train. This was the reward the world had given him for his efforts.

He would be able to communicate with the heaven and the earth when he reached Rank One. Lu Shu pondered. He had the boundary, but not the strength. Then why did Spirit Qi enter his body as he trained? Was the world slowly helping him to make up for what he lacked?

The Spirit Qi simply helped him to strengthen his physique. Lu Shu felt that throughout this training process, his body was growing much stronger.

After this incident, Lu Shu realized that there were some gaps in the training of his body. He wanted to make up for them.

But no matter what, he desperately needed this method to protect himself.

When dawn broke, Zhang Weiyu walked out and stretched. When he saw Lu Shu, he was taken aback. “Did you train the whole night?”

Lu Shu thought about it and said, “I was too tired, so I slept in the courtyard.”

“Didn’t I say?” Zhang Weiyu laughed. “Ordinary people like you who are obsessed over training should take appropriate breaks.”

In reality, Lu Shu had trained the whole night. Most importantly, he realized that the more he trained, the more energetic he became. All the fatigue that he had felt after a day of work had disappeared.

He felt fortunate that back then, he was not afraid of the difficulties he would face when training in swordplay. Thanks to that, today had taken a turn for the better. Although he was far away from even reaching Rank Six, Lu Shu knew that it was only a matter of time. At least he had a shortcut in this world, where techniques were controlled by class!

At that moment, a group of men on horses dashed over. When they came to Zhang Weiyu’s door, their leader said impatiently, “My owner sent me here to deliver this gift. Will the handsome young man accept it?”

Before they set off, their owner had told them that people with the strength of character would not accept these kinds of gifts. If Lu Shu did not accept it, they would bring it back. Thus, they were just here for formalities. They did not want to waste too much time.

Lu Shu looked at their seals. They were from the Yu family. Lu Shu furrowed his eyebrows. Yesterday, he had just established himself as someone with strength of character. He could not destroy his image just like that. “Is there anything to eat inside?”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”


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