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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 862: All Fair-Skinned People Are Pretty

Chapter 862: All Fair-Skinned People Are Pretty

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In front of Lu Shu, a narrow path ran through the countryside view. Clay walls and simple wooden fences lined the sides, outside of which stood tall horses and slaves armored with a saber each. The slaves kept an untidy hairstyle and were dressed in robes and boots.

At that instant, Lu Shu had the feeling that he had traveled back to ancient times. Honestly speaking, it felt more like he had traveled across time, rather than space.

In fact, Lu Shu would have rejected the gift from the Yu family if it had happened before that night because practically speaking, he needed their protection.

Yet, he did not care that much, and neither would he willingly become a slave. After all, he had initially turned Nie Ting down on his offer to make him the ninth Heavenly King, let alone becoming a slave.

But it was a different case now. Lu Shu had the confidence to attain Rank Four abilities, equivalent to Class D on Earth, in one month. The longer he spent there, the stronger he could be.

According to Zhang Weiyu, the most powerful landlord in town was merely a Rank Four. Rank Three and above could only be attained by aristocrats because the necessary techniques for high-level cultivation were only reserved for the upper class.

Nevertheless, Lu Shu was equipped with a complete set of cultivation skills. While the aristocrats could only achieve Rank Two at most, he would be able to climb even higher.

Moreover, he was no longer the rookie who was new to society. Given his rich life experience, he could make sounder decisions than many landlords and aristocrats in the town. Therefore, he decided to forgo the protection for food…

The slaves, who were there to send him presents, looked at each other in confusion. They had not expected him to accept their offerings, as their landlord had described him as a man of integrity…

But before they could react, Lu Shu had started to give orders. “Come on. Put everything in the room. Don’t dirty the food.”

The slaves did as instructed. Zhang Weiyu warned him softly, “You will lose the Yu family’s protection if you continue on like this. In fact, a pretty face can’t promise you safety in this world. Let me tell you, there are three major landlords in the town and the Yu family doesn’t call the shots. Without the Yu’s protection, the other two families can snatch you away as they wish. They are pretty nasty. Besides, the aristocrats, who are the real bosses here, are not interested in negotiating with you. Everyone has to listen to him!”

Lu Shu gave a silent nod of acknowledgment. Now he learned that the major forces in Tiangeng Town were an upper-class man and three influential landlords. Moreover, the entire town was the aristocrat’s feudal estate, rendering him the real person in charge of this land.

In addition, Lu Shu disagreed with the part where he was described as having a “pretty face”. Although Coral had once called him good-looking too, she had added that he was not the “best face” she had seen…

However, Lu Shu had suddenly come to the realization that the people in the Luniverse were rather dark in skin color, and he… was one of the very few with fair skin.

Was this why it was thought that all fair-skinned people were pretty? Lu Shu pondered over it… Instantly he developed a good disposition towards this world…

Yet, Zhang Weiyu noticed that Lu Shu had not taken his words seriously.

After the slaves delivered all the items to the room, they seemed dissatisfied with the shabby condition of Zhang Weiyu’s house. The leader of the group strutted out of the house and said, “We’re done here. We are going back to report.”

When he had just finished speaking, he saw Lu Shu already unpacking the present boxes in the room. The box was wrapped in red paper, which gave it a festive vibe…

The slaves were rendered speechless. Then, they shouted loudly again, “We are going back!”

“Sure. Go!” Lu Shu dismissed them with a wave. He removed the wrapper to reveal a box full of desserts. What a pleasant surprise!

After the slaves left, Zhang Weiyu swallowed his saliva as he watched Lu Shu munching on the food.

Lu Shu pushed an unopened dessert box over to Zhang Weiyu and said, “Here. It’s for you.”

Zhang Weiyu rejected the offer with a shake of his head. “Keep it to yourself. You need a good diet for cultivation training. Besides, eating this is not helpful to me.” As he said that, Zhang Weiyu’s expressions suddenly changed. “But I would suggest you do not finish all of it in a hurry. The Yu girl is not someone you imagined to be. I doubt she will be so kind to you ever again.”

Lu Shu smiled but did not stop eating. He knew that Zhang Weiyu was smart, warm-hearted but straightforward when speaking.

However, Lu Shu did not mind him. The only thought in his mind now was to carry on with his swordplay practice.

Furthermore, he actually hoped that the shackles over his celestial map and the sea of chi could be removed at a slower pace so as to allow more time for training his physical strength with the rare introduction of Spirit Qi.

If the celestial map was freed too early, the Spirit Qi in his body would be overpowered by the celestial powers, terminating his physical training prematurely.

In fact, Lu Shu felt lost. But he had to comfort himself this way since the shackles could not be removed in the near future…

After a while, Zhang Weiyu could no longer stand the temptation of watching Lu Shu munch on the good food. He threw a hoe over his shoulder and yelled, “Okay. You’ve eaten enough. Let’s go and farm the land!”

“Nah.” Lu Shu rejected him. “Wait till I finish all the desserts.”

After a short pause, Zhang Weiyu let out a cold laugh in contempt. “Do you really think you can live on well like this? They won’t send you any more stuff after knowing your personality today. So what will you eat if you don’t farm the land?”

Lu Shu shook his head and insisted. “I’m going after I finish the food.”

He was not slacking off. Instead, he was busy replenishing his powers and he did not wish to waste his time, the most precious resource in this dangerous world, on anything unnecessary.

Earlier in the morning, Lu Shu had calculated the time and concluded that he would be able to reach Rank Six in two days, given that he could only practice at night. Yet, if he could make use of his time in the day, he would be able to achieve Rank Six by the next morning!

In Tiangeng Town, most of the slaves were lower than Rank Six.

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu with a cold sneer. Now, his impression of Lu Shu had changed to a lazy good-for-nothing. He said, “Stop dreaming. We only have one life. How can you practice cultivation with this attitude? Nonsense.”

After he left, Lu Shu started practicing his swordplay in the yard with breathless attention.

As the surrounding Spirit Qi flowed with his movement, Lu Shu could sense the increasing strength in his muscles and bones. The operation of his organs had become stronger too.

Invisibly and inaudibly, his blood pumped through his veins powerfully like rolling drums.

When Zhang Weiyu returned home after his work, he saw footprints on the dry ground in the backyard. Some of the footprints were as deep as over half an inch.

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