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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 863 The Brothel

Chapter 863 The Brothel

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Zhang Weiyu walked into the house. Their house was separated into two areas, one for sleeping and the other for cooking.

Inside the small room, Lu Shu was boiling water on top of a kitchen range. Zhang Weiyu leaned his hoe on the wall and asked, puzzled, “What are you doing?”

“Boiling hot water for drinking. I can use the remaining for a hot bath too,” answered Lu Shu with a smile.

Zhang Weiyu gasped in shock. “For drinking? Can’t you just drink it directly? Besides, you can wash yourself in the river. It took me great effort to carry the water here. Why are you wasting it?!”

There was a giant water vat in the room. Usually the vat was not full because Zhang Weiyu was not strong enough to carry too much water everyday. He already had to struggle to carry enough water for daily use. Thus, water was a precious resource in his household.

If the water was used up, he had to walk to the river over 3km away for more


Lu Shu replied with a grin. “Untreated water is not potable. Too dirty. But don’t worry about me finishing your water. The vat is almost full now.”

Finding it hard to believe, Zhang Weiyu shot a glance at the vat and realized it was really full to the brim.

He stared at Lu Shu in disbelief. “Did you carry it home?”

Zhang Weiyu found it incredible that a slacker like him would suddenly be willing to traverse long distances and bring back enough water to fill the vat. It was no easy job after all!

Lu Shu laughed it off. He took a bowl and poured himself some boiled water. Honestly speaking, untreated water had an intolerable smell that made it hard to swallow for Lu Shu.

However, the folks in the Luniverse had gotten used to living with low-quality food and water supplies. A couple of decades ago, countless people died from the bacteria in their diet and only those with a certain type of antibody survived the disaster. Hence, without his original powers, it would be wiser for Lu Shu to exercise extra caution in this world.

Zhang Weiyu mumbled, “Slaves like you are so picky.”

Lu Shu’s expressions darkened at once. “What slaves?!”

Zhang Weiyu did not answer. Instead, he murmured, as he recalled his past, “Your boiling water has actually reminded me of the days in the past. Back then, our life was not so difficult. When the old King of Gods was still alive, he standardized our spoken and written language, our currency and our measuring units. Moreover, for some reason, the old King made it a rule that all residents of the Luniverse were not allowed to drink untreated water, nor to relieve their bowels in public. He had even disseminated books and resources and enabled education for all children. After that, he started an examination system which allowed those from a humble family background to climb up the social ladder… I wish the old King was still alive. If he were, the world would not be in such a mess.”

Lu Shu was stunned. He genuinely suspected that this old King had visited Earth before!

Wait, that’s actually possible as the two worlds were literally connected! As the strongest man in the Luniverse, that guy could simply visit Earth like how earthlings traveled overseas!

Who knows!

For some reason, Lu Shu suddenly felt that the “King” was more humanized now. It was as though he was no longer a deity who distanced himself from the masses and proudly received their worship. Instead, he was more like a human being

Lu Shu asked casually, “What else did the old King do?”

That caught Zhang Weiyu’s interest. He eagerly went on. “The old King lived a legendary life and he had so many stories to tell. He bravely led his soldiers and fought on the battlefield for 3,000 years, slaughtering countless enemies. After that, he ended the war fast and sweet. The story that I love the most is in fact well-liked by everyone here and I’ve gotten bored hearing it over and over again. One time, on his way to visit the East Lord of Heaven, Yu Fuyao, he walked past a brothel…”

Lu Shu’s face brightened. “I didn’t know there were brothels here!”

“Don’t go there if you want to practice cultivation,” said Zhang Weiyu, as he cast Lu Shu a look of contempt. Then, he continued, “As the old King walked past, a girl purposely threw a wooden club, the one used to keep a window open, at him, in an attempt to catch his attention. The old King looked up, and the girl said, ‘Sir, could you send the club up, please? In return for your favor, you can do anything to me.” In the end, the old King went up to her with the club and then asked the girl to write ‘I will never throw a wooden club again’ 30 times! Hahahahaha…”

Lu Shu drew a startled breath. Why did the old King seem to share the same personality as him?! Yet, Lu Shu felt that if he were the old King, he would probably make the girl cry… No, he should not be that mean to a brothel worker…

However, through Zhang Weiyu’s stories, Lu Shu had developed a liking towards the old King of Gods. In any case, he maintained his manners before beauties.

Speaking of which, was he the Puppet Masters’ King? Or was there another one? Lu Shu was inclined to believe the latter as Nie Ting, Shi Xuejin and Li Xianyi had all refused to talk about the King as though he was a taboo. Yet, from Zhang Weiyu’s narrative, he did not seem scary at all. Or was it because Lu Shu had never experienced the wars during his reign?

At night, Lu Shu resumed his sword practice after Zhang Weiyu went to sleep. Before that, Zhang Weiyu earnestly advised him that he had to be down-to-earth and save some desserts for the future and that Lu Shu had to start farming with him if he wanted to be rich…

Lu Shu laughed it off. He insisted on his own plan.

He picked his weapon from a pile of firewood. He had broken quite a few branches during the day when he unleashed his force. It was at that moment when Lu Shu realized that his strength control had not reached perfection yet.

The first step to achieve supreme control over sword energy was to control one’s own strength.

The next day, Zhang Weiyu asked Lu Shu in surprise as he walked out of the room, “Did you sleep outside again?”

Yet, Zhang Weiyu also noticed that Lu Shu had become more refreshed over the days. Lu Shu was unconscious when they just met, and looked low in energy after he woke up. Now, however, he seemed fully energized.

Lu Shu smiled. “I’m not going to the field with you today. I need to finish the remaining desserts.”

Zhang Weiyu warned again, “You’ll finish it today! You have to prepare for the future!”

At this moment, they heard the clatter of horse hooves from afar. Zhang Weiyu’s jaws dropped in astonishment. Could that be…

The slaves from the day before appeared in their sight. The leader said in a muffled voice, “My owner asked us to send you more presents and invites you to her mansion. Would you be willing to come?”

Lu Shu laughed. “Leave the presents. But I’m not going.”

The leader flogged his horse and returned. Before he left, he said, “My owner has said that she doesn’t mind if you are not going this time for the sake of your pretty face. But she believes that you will come one day.”

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