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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 864 How Fragrant

Chapter 864 How Fragrant

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Lu Shu looked as the slaves urged on the horses using their whips. He sighed and said to Zhang Weiyu, “I think we can eat for a few more days.”

Zhang Weiyu felt that since this young man had appeared, his life had entered a fictional world. It was very bizarre. Not only had dim sum[1] been delivered, they had received a pig trotter as well.

Furthermore, this young man had even been invited to visit their house! How rare!

Forget it. But after Lu Shu rejected the offer, the slave revealed that Yu Die had already told them. Since Lu Shu was good looking, she would let him off!

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu in shock. “I have always thought that people with strength of character depended on their skills to survive, but you depend on your


Lu Shu modestly laughed. “I have no choice. The Heavens have given me food to eat.”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +481!”

This way, Lu Shu patiently integrated with the sword according to the prescribed order. Thankfully, he no longer needed to plant crops. Everyday, people would give him food. Zhang Weiyu was rather puzzled. Was this a story where the daughter of a rich family fell in love with a poor boy?

Such stories narrated love that transcended social classes in an extravagant manner, as if this was the only form of love.

Furthermore, it seemed that the head of the Yu family had read too many books. She might have actually believed in such stories.

On the first day, Lu Shu gave the dim sum to Zhang Weiyu, but Zhang Weiyu did not eat them.

On the second day, Lu Shu gave the dim sum to Zhang Weiyu, but Zhang Weiyu did not eat them.

On the third day, Lu Shu cooked a plate of pork for Zhang Weiyu. Zhang Weiyu ate very happily.

It was very difficult for Lu Shu to cook this plate of pork. Other than salt, there were no other seasonings in this barren land.

Typically, people would only kill a pig on New Year’s Day or other festivals and sell the pork to slave owners and aristocrats. They would use the small amount of fat to extract some oil. They could not bear to use the oil to cook. If they were greedy, they would mix a small amount of oil with their food.

As Zhang Weiyu ate the pork, he excitedly said, “Let me tell you, this pork is not the best. I once ate the glazed flaming chicken at the palace. Now that was a delicacy!”

Lu Shu glanced at Zhang Weiyu. “Have you been to the palace?”

Zhang Weiyu did not speak and continued to eat.

The palace was in the middle of the manors that belonged to the four Lords of Heaven. They were neatly divided and arranged in a square.

But that was what had happened in the past. After many years of war, the boundaries were unclear.

The field that Lu Shu and Zhang Weiyu lived at was under the control of the South Lord of Heaven, Wen Zaifou. But 30 kilometers to the west was the territory of the West Lord of Heaven, Duanmu Huangqi.

No wonder Zhang Weiyu had said that if a war happened, he had to run away with him. This place was along the border. If a war occurred, the first place to be affected would be their fields.

“What is the palace like?” Lu Shu asked.

Zhang Weiyu wiped his mouth. “The fields are terrible compared to the palace. Over there, the houses are arranged in tight rows. The slave owners there don’t dare to speak loudly. If you spray water there, you might accidentally wet somewhere. Over there, the ground is covered with limestone bricks. The children of the slave owners can play on the streets. There are even people who teach them songs. Rich families have wide and majestic doors. There are even red lanterns on each side of the door and slaves who guard their houses.”

“Back then, the streets were full of people during festivals. The masters of the slaves would all go out on the streets. Why? Because only then could they see how the female aristocrats look like. Heh heh.” Zhang Weiyu laughed boorishly. “In the past, I thought that the female aristocrats all looked like goddesses. But after I took a look at them, I started to question my existence. Why are they so ugly?”

Lu Shu thought about it and said, “Are you afraid that you wouldn’t be chosen because the families are related by marriage?”

Zhang Weiyu gave him a thumbs-up. “I didn’t expect a slave like you to have knowledge to come up with that!”

“Go away,” said Lu Shu.

Now that Zhang Weiyu depended on Lu Shu for food, he was not as offensive as before. Lu Shu chatted with him like a friend.

Zhang Weiyu suddenly said, “I have to visit my relatives tomorrow. Help me to take care of the crops.”

“No.” Lu Shu did not even have to think before rejecting. “The crops will be the same even if no one takes care of them. It’s only one day. Will the crops be able to grow that much?”

Zhang Weiyu shouted, “Don’t take for granted that the Yu family is sending you good food. Just wait until they’re bored of you. You’ll still have to rely on my crops to survive.”

“I won’t do it even if you describe it like that.” Lu Shu expressionlessly rejected him.

He had been here for almost half a month. Lu Shu was about to reach Rank Five. When he reached Rank Four, he would be able to walk sideways along the fields.

The strongest person in these fields was a Rank Three aristocrat. But Lu Shu understood that even if the aristocrats here were high in Rank, they did not have the outlook and techniques. Although he was only a Rank Four, he had the confidence to kill a Rank Three.

But Lu Shu suddenly felt that Zhang Weiyu’s trip would not be as simple as visiting his relatives. He had far too many mysteries. It was as if a civilian suddenly went to the palace, which was thousands of kilometers away. How would they go there? How would they return? There were no planes or trains here!

Zhang Weiyu did not avoid him, but did not speak in detail either.

But all these had nothing to do with him. He was just a visitor in this world. He would eventually leave after finding a way out.

At the same time in a hotpot restaurant in Quanzhou, Tiger Zhi wiped his oily mouth and said, “This tripe is amazing. Simply cook it in boiling water and add oil, vinegar, and mashed garlic, but it’s so good. Even the glazed flaming chicken in the palace cannot compare to this.”

“After coming here, I understood why the old King of Gods loved to come here.” Cloud Yi sighed. “It’s a world of difference in terms of food.”

“I feel that it’s the seasonings. The methods of using seasonings there are terrible…” Tiger Zhi sighed. “But are you not at all worried that something will happen to him there? Will he be angry if he finds out that we are here eating and drinking?”

Cloud Yi pondered for a long time. “The old King of Gods still has many secret weapons there. If they are used, his safety can be assured. Now, we have returned to Rank One. If we want to go through the celestial gate, we will have to reduce our class. The celestial gate was left behind by the old King of Gods so that we could come here and eat. He can come and go as he wishes, but we cannot. If Big Brother had not told us, we might not even know where the door is… now, we have used up all the fruits that the old King of Gods have left for us. If we forcibly reduce our class, we might not be able to go back!”

Tiger Zhi scratched his head. “Then what do we do? My conscience can’t rest easy.”

Cloud Yi thought about it. “Should we tell Xiaoyu where the gate is? Her blood can be used to activate the gate…”

“Good idea.” Tiger Zhi’s eyes lit up. “She has not reached Rank One, but she has the combat power of a Rank One. It will be just as nice!”

“The lamb kidneys are cooked. Be careful of the pepper inside.”

“Waiter, bring us another plate of


[1] small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on a small plate

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