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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 865: An Entire Wall of Poems

Chapter 865: An Entire Wall of Poems

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Zhang Weiyu headed west. Lu Shu did not know whether he had deliberately headed north before going in another direction. In the west was the territory of the West Lord of Heaven, Duanmu Huangqi. He would reach after crossing a hill and a river.

Zhang Weiyu had told Lu Shu that in the past, the female slaves who lived in the peasant households nearby would bathe in the river. These female slaves were much more good looking than the aristocrats.

Lu Shu understood. For some reason, Zhang Weiyu was unhappy with the aristocrats. It was like in the Journey to the West, where the characters headed to the Western Heaven. When they reached it, they were greeted with “Welcome to Tie Ling”… they had walked in the wrong direction! They had gotten it completely wrong!

There were no accurate boundary lines here. Towns were used instead. After a war, if a town was seized, this meant that they would lose the ground occupied by the town.

Lu Shu felt that no matter what Zhang Weiyu did, it was not important. This person was very strange. Lu Shu discovered that even slaves who had not undergone training had three to four times the physical strength of ordinary people on Earth. But Zhang Weiyu was different. Lu Shu felt that he was weaker than ordinary humans.

This was an unusual state. It was as if there was a story behind it. But all these had nothing to do with Lu Shu. More importantly, he had to firmly and succinctly progress to Rank Five.

When he trained in the morning, he suddenly thought that even if he could only eat buns here, he would eventually be able to find a method of cultivation when the time came. He used a tree branch to write on the ground. One day, I will be able to fulfill my dreams 1!

His words were bold and strong. They possessed sword energy within them.

If those who practiced swordplay saw these words on the ground, they might be able to realize something. This time, the branch did not break in Lu Shu’s hands. It was as if his physical power made everything he wanted possible. His swordplay rapidly improved.

Lu Shu was somewhat happy, because the better his swordplay was, the faster the rate at which the world supplied him with Spirit Qi. He would need only 20 days to reach Rank Four instead of a month.

As he was training, the sound of horses galloping could be heard from the end of the road. They had arrived as planned.

What would he receive this time…

He looked out and saw that the lady called Yu Die had come in person.

Yu Die stopped her horse and stood beside Lu Shu. She looked down at Lu Shu. “This peasant. Do I have to personally come down before you are willing to accept my invitation?”

With his swordplay in hand, Lu Shu was more stubborn. “Even if you personally come, I might not accept your invitation.”

At that moment, Yu Die saw the words that Lu Shu had written in the ground and was dumbfounded.

Lu Shu looked back at his words. Did Yu Die actually understand them? Would he become the Immortal Poet 1 in this world? After that, would he attract aristocrats as his followers and reach the peak of his life? Then, people would feed him everyday. He would be able to safely train and reach Rank One, before breaking free!

In this world, intellectuals were regarded as important by the aristocrats. According to Zhang Weiyu, a slave who could teach could be worth a ranch. This was very valuable.

Furthermore, those slaves who were able to teach would be regarded as important by the head of the family as well. They would be treated much better than the other slaves. Furthermore, some peasants would be crowned as guests of honor due to their knowledge. This was an established practice by the old King of Gods.

Subordinates followed the example of their superiors. If the old King of Gods placed high importance on scholars, the lower levels would do the same. In the past, a slave owner’s family became aristocrats because their son was very smart. This rapid progress in social class was very tempting.

Furthermore, Zhang Weiyu had said that scholars were well-received in brothels. A good poem, even if it was incomplete, would allow the poet to eat and drink well at the brothel for a month.

When Lu Shu heard about this, he felt that this world was not bad…

Lu Shu stood tall and proud. He wanted to make himself seem like a casual poet. Suddenly Yu Die said, “I didn’t expect that you like the old King of Gods’ poems as well.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

Wait. Something was wrong. He wanted to act like the Immortal Poet. But someone was even more shameless than him!

Lu Shu was slightly puzzled. He asked, “Which of his poems do you like best?”

Yu Die excitedly said, “I didn’t think that I would meet someone who knows poems in this town! I like ‘Ru Meng Ling 1′. On, we rowed! On, we rowed! Startling the gulls and herons on the beach!”

“Ha ha.” Lu Shu’s expression darkened. He had copied poems from both male and female poets. The old King of Gods had a very broad range. He simply did not give others a chance…

How shameless!

Thus, he had normalized language and standardized writing so that everyone could read his poems! This history did not even make sense. Why were you so insistent on copying?

Yu Die looked very excited, as if she had encountered someone who understood her. “None of these crude slaves understand the talent behind these poems. You are very good!”

Lu Shu thought about it and said, “I only know a little. Do you have a collection of the old King of Gods’ poems? I want to take a look.”

He had said so because he wanted to see whether the old King of Gods had missed out anything that he could make up for. If he knew what the old King of Gods had copied, their poems would not overlap.

“Then follow me to the palace.” Yu Die said excitedly, “It is too inconvenient to transport an entire wall of poems back and forth!”

When Lu Shu heard “an entire wall of poems”, he started to despair…

How long had the old King of Gods lived for? Was he bored because he had lived for so long? Yes or no? Huh?

Lu Shu suddenly felt that when the length of his life was no longer important to the old King of Gods, his life was like a game. Since he was the strongest and had a long life, he could play as he wished.

“Okay, I will accompany you to the palace. But let me say this first. I will not sell myself to be a slave,” said Lu Shu calmly. He suddenly wanted to understand the old King of Gods.

On the other hand, it seemed as if Yu Die had completely changed her attitude. “From now on, you are my friend. Don’t talk about being a slave!”

Lu Shu thought. Had he benefited from the king… needless to say, Lu Shu was suddenly very curious about the old King of Gods. He was the head of the world, but he was very down to earth. He had angered a prostitute at a brothel and even copied poems…

Interesting. This was Lu Shu’s review.

But Lu Shu was slightly puzzled. Why did the old King of Gods fall? Had his life naturally ended, or had there been an accident?

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