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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 867: Black Feather Army

Chapter 867: Black Feather Army

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Lu Shu’s brains throbbed the moment he saw the full collection of poems. What should he do so that he would not expose himself? In fact, he could not even recite all the poems in one book, let alone so many of them!

This was blatant cheating!

Yet, Yu Die was totally unaware of Lu Shu’s thoughts. She turned to Lu Shu and asked, “What’s your favorite poem by the old King?”

“Well,” mumbled Lu Shu, as he put on an awkward face. He thought to himself that they would have a collection of his very own poems if he had come to this world earlier…

Meanwhile, Lu Shu was pondering whether the King that the Puppet Masters talked about was the same person as this old King of Gods because it made sense chronologically!

The new King came into power 18 years ago, the same year in which the Puppet Masters arrived on Earth. Lu Shu would not buy it if this was a pure coincidence.

Thus, it seemed that it was a wise choice to not admit his acquaintance with the Puppet Masters because they would not have fled to Earth if they were on good terms with the new King after all.

Now that the new King had assumed power, what did the Puppet Masters mean when they said they were waiting for “the King’s return”? Would the King return from Earth?

The thought sent chills down Lu Shu’s spine. He wanted to go back at once and warn Nie Ting that the King might be on Earth right now!

“Why don’t,” Yu Die said, lowering her voice, “you stay here tonight, so that we can analyze the poems together?”

Lu Shu let out a cold laugh under his breath. Was she expecting him to help her with comprehension questions after he had spent so many years on Earth studying Chinese literature? Wishful thinking!

“See you next time,” said Lu Shu, as he left the room.

“From Yu Die’s distress, +299!”

Yu Die did not force him to stay. Yet, she reminded Lu Shu before he stepped out, “The borders are not safe recently. You and Zhang Weiyu can seek refuge from me if war really comes.”

Lu Shu did not look back as he pondered over her words. Zhang Weiyu once mentioned that the conflicts between Wen Zaifou and the West Lord of Heaven Duanmu Huangqi had escalated to the stage of war.

Judging from Yu Die’s reaction today, it appeared that the landlords had just received the message from their superiors that they were on the brink of a war!

In fact, Lu Shu had noticed that some of the slaves were pointing fingers at him from the roadside stalls, as if the entire Tiangeng Town knew that he was the Yu family master’s gigolo.

Lu Shu did not mind at all. He stared back at them in contempt, confident that they would learn sooner or later that a pretty face was all that counts…

Truth be told, Lu Shu had never expected his appearance to be of use one day…

Lu Shu walked towards his home on the countryside road. Now, he had become increasingly curious about this world.

He wanted to know how a legendary King like this had fallen all of a sudden. Nevertheless, the fact that the Puppet Masters could escape meant that there were other cards in the Luniverse.

Lu Shu wondered if he could see a show of revenge staged by the Puppet Masters together with their newly returned King of Gods if he could go back to Earth later.

In fact, he had developed a disposition towards the Puppet Masters and the thought of befriending them was no longer that detestable. He also admired the old King for having such faithful people by his side.

However, the more Lu Shu thought about it, the more he was convinced that the old King had probably remained on Earth because the Puppet Masters would have been guarding him in the Luniverse if he were there.

Lu Shu decided to cast all the irrelevant thoughts aside and focus on his sword skills training as at the end of the day his powers were the only thing that mattered the most.

With enough practice, Lu Shu’s progress in the control over his sword energy was apparent. He would no longer break a piece of firewood by mistake.

Yet, there was one more problem that he was concerned about. He had no weapons at hand as his Seal of Lands remained tightly sealed.

Night had come. Yet, Zhang Weiyu had yet to reach home, though he had said that he would be back before sunset.

But Lu Shu was not worried either. During his practice, he spotted Zhang Weiyu limping on the road. At first, he thought Zhang Weiyu was bullied, but after he came close, Lu Shu realized that he was drunk.

Zhang Weiyu blocked Lu Shu’s hand when he wanted to offer support. Very drunk, Zhang Weiyu mumbled, “I, Zhang Weiyu, do not need anyone’s hel…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he tripped and collapsed on the floor. Lu Shu stared at him in silence as Zhang Weiyu struggled on the floor for a long moment but still did not manage to get up. Then, Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu and pleaded, “… Please lend me a hand…”

Lu Shu laughed and carried the man onto the clay kang. Then, he sat on the table and said, barely hiding his laughter, “Don’t drink so much if you know you easily get drunk.”

“What do you know? I would never get drunk last time!” Zhang Weiyu yelled angrily. Then, he lay flat on the kang and was absorbed into his own drunk world.

Lu Shu did not answer. He looked at Zhang Weiyu quietly, wondering how much hardship he had gone through alone.

He had to chew tree roots during the most difficult times of his life. He had to bear the humiliation from all of the slaves in town and was bullied as the slaves destroyed his crops. Yet, he persevered on, just for his worthless dignity.

Lu Shu sighed. Who was he to chastise Zhang Weiyu’s dignity as worthless, since he was equally obstinate himself?

“Why did you do that?” Lu Shu asked. It was a question to Zhang Weiyu, and to himself too.

“I’m waiting,” replied Zhang Weiyu, who was lying on his bed with his eyes closed. Then, he laughed, waving his arms and legs. “But my patience is wearing out.”

Lu Shu was stunned. He kept quiet and waited for Zhang Weiyu to continue his speech.

Zhang Weiyu said, “Gone are the golden old days. Today, I went to visit an old friend, only to realize that he had ended himself on a rope in his house. I pushed open his door and saw a half eaten tree root on the table. I don’t blame him. I don’t blame anyone.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Before Zhang Weiyu left the house earlier that day, Lu Shu gave him some boxes of desserts as a house visiting gift.

Zhang Weiyu thanked him wholeheartedly, as if Lu Shu had done him a great favor. Zhang Weiyu also said that he owed Lu Shu for that.

At that moment, Lu Shu was simply confused and thought Zhang Weiyu was being too dramatic.

Yet, he did not expect him to be paying his last visit to an old friend. However, his friend had left this world before he could have a taste of the desserts. Lu Shu thought that Zhang Weiyu’s friend must be a man of dignity who would rather die than to be a slave.

After a long silence, Lu Shu asked, “What are you waiting for?”

Zhang Weiyu was dead drunk. But he suddenly laughed hysterically after hearing Lu Shu’s question. Then, he said, “Everyone under the throne is…”

In the next instant Zhang Weiyu bolted upright alertedly, squinting his eyes dangerously at Lu Shu. He became sober at once. “Why did you ask that?”

Suddenly Lu Shu sprang into movement and wrenched Zhang Weiyu onto the floor.

Almost at the same time, an arrow punctured the clay wall and pierced through the bed where Zhang Weiyu was lying. The black feather on its tail was still shivering due to the impact.

Zhang Weiyu’s face turned ashen. “Duanmu Huangqi’s Black Feather Army!”

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