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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 868: Explosive Power

Chapter 868: Explosive Power

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Lu Shu knew that a war might occur here, but he did not expect it to come this quickly!

He looked at the quivering arrow and tried to estimate their power. Although the walls of the mud brick house were weak, not everyone would be able to shoot an arrow through. After the black arrow pierced through the walls, it could hit the kang and still have surplus energy.

Before Lu Shu could finish analyzing, Zhang Weiyu suddenly said, “It’s a Rank Four expert from the Black Feather Army. The arrow came from the northwest direction. They should be the first batch of scouts. They came from the mountains. Under typical circumstances, scouts from the Black Feather Army are made up of one Rank Four and four Rank Five soldiers. They are all elites of the army!”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He looked at Zhang Weiyu. From the beginning, Lu Shu knew that he was not an ordinary person. Although he had given up halfway, he could explain so many things just from one arrow. He already knew from the very beginning!

Before Lu Shu could speak, Zhang Weiyu crawled on the ground towards the door. “Let’s hurry up and leave. They are still 99 kilometers away. They will not rashly approach us. When we go out, we have to speed up. There might be people on guard who are waiting for us to go out. This arrow might not have been shot to kill someone. They want to force us to flee in panic!”

“Since there are people on guard outside, why are we still going out?” Lu Shu asked.

“If we don’t go now, we won’t be able to escape when the Black Feather Army comes. There is a narrow chance that we can survive. But even then, there is still a chance,” said Zhang Weiyu hurriedly

Lu Shu suddenly realized that Zhang Weiyu kept his cool even among the chaos. This was not something an ordinary person could do.

The next moment, Zhang Weiyu turned and said to Lu Shu, “You go out first. I’ll follow behind you!”

Lu Shu’s expression darkened. “Are you trying to bluff me? Whoever goes out first will be shot first. There will not be many people on guard outside. Perhaps after I am shot by the first arrow, you will seize the chance while they are reloading to run away. Am I right? Since we are both trapped here, what use is there for you to follow behind me?”

Zhang Weiyu was shocked. “You’re actually quite smart.”

But as Lu Shu was speaking, Zhang Weiyu pushed Lu Shu towards the door. He tried to push Lu Shu out to bear the brunt, but… there was nothing…

“Ha ha.” Lu Shu laughed coldly.

Suddenly, Lu Shu heard the sound of something flying through the wind. Bam! There was another big hole in the mud brick wall behind them.

Four black arrows pierced through the wall in succession. Thankfully, Lu Shu reacted quickly and was able to dodge them.

“There is a person in the Black Feather Army scout troops who is able to determine your position through hearing. Do not stand in the same spot!” Zhang Weiyu warned.

But the next moment, Zhang Weiyu gasped in shock. Lu Shu suddenly bent over. His robust body was full of strength, like a stretched bow. Then, he took a big stride forward and leaped out!

In a flash, a black arrow landed on the ground behind Lu Shu. The guard from the Black Feather Army had missed!

Zhang Weiyu swore that throughout his entire life, he had seen very few people who were able to fully use every bit of their strength like Lu Shu. The scout on guard outside the house was a Rank Five.

Zhang Weiyu had not seen Lu Shu actually train, but from that eruption of power. Zhang Weiyu could see that Lu Shu was not a Rank Five!

In this game of chess with a great disparity in strength, Lu Shu had made a guard, who had been aiming for a long time, miss!

He was puzzled. One would only be able to use their strength to such an extent after they had progressed to a certain level and undergone delicate exploration.

Was an ordinary person able to completely use their strength? Impossible. This was not something a low leveled Practitioner could achieve.

But Lu Shu was a low leveled Practitioner!

But Zhang Weiyu had no time to think about this. The moment the arrow missed, Zhang Weiyu leaped out as well. The guard was reloading his bow. If he did not go out now, Zhang Weiyu would not be able to escape!

Lu Shu did not run on the dirt road. Instead, he hid in a field beside the road. The crops, which were half his height, was perfect protection for him to hide in at night. Zhang Weiyu made the same choice.

The scout troops from the Black Feather Army, dressed in leather armor, silently surrounded the field. No one spoke. They all had serious expressions on their faces.

They did not expect themselves to fail. They were just in front of them and were not even worth mentioning. But they had failed!

The five of them carried their arrows on their backs. They drew their podao 1 from their waists at the same time and charged towards the field. The wind blew, full of murderous intent.

These two slaves had to die here. If not, the Black Feather Army’s plan would fail!

They had thought that Lu Shu and Zhang Weiyu were slaves. This was understandable, since there were not many peasants now.

Zhang Weiyu bent over and ran wildly among the crops. He was about to cry. Everyone understood one thing. When there was a beast chasing you, you do not have to run faster than the beast. You just had to run faster than your companions… but Lu Shu ran very quickly…

But to be honest, Zhang Weiyu did not blame Lu Shu. When such danger came, one would not sacrifice their life for a person they had met under a month ago. If Lu Shu really did, Zhang Weiyu would scold him for being an idiot.

Zhang Weiyu knew that he would not be able to run away. He was an ordinary person, but Rank Four and Five Practitioners were chasing him. Suddenly, Zhang Weiyu felt a sense of relief, as if he would be freed.

The five Black Feather Army scouts got closer and closer. They were 20 meters away from one another and quickly searched the field.

Unlike Zhang Weiyu and Lu Shu, who had to bend over and run, they were very fast.

At that moment, Zhang Weiyu was suddenly dumbfounded. He realized that he might have passed by a shadow lying on the ground.

Wait. Zhang Weiyu was dumbfounded. That was Lu Shu, right? Why would he be there?

The Black Feather Army approached at a high speed. Zhang Weiyu slowly gasped. The moment a soldier from the Black Feather Army reached Lu Shu, Lu Shu used a tree branch like a sword and attacked with a mysterious form. It was as if he was about to pierce the heavens!

The young man was full of explosive power. He looked very beautiful under the moonlight. It was as if he was using every bit of strength to the extreme, like a thunderbolt!

The tree branch, which seemed weak and fragile, slashed the gap in the leather armor of the Black Feather Army soldier. Zhang Weiyu felt that Lu Shu’s hand had only quivered slightly. This energy had then been transferred to the end of the tree branch.

There was moonlight and there was blood. A young man had used a tree branch to kill!

It was as beautiful as a painting!

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