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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 869: Emergence of Sword Energy

Chapter 869: Emergence of Sword Energy

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Zhang Weiyu did not expect Lu Shu to hide and kill people. This field was very large. If Lu Shu took the chance while Zhang Weiyu was being killed and ran away, he might be able to survive.

Furthermore, he did not expect Lu Shu to be able to kill someone!

What was Lu Shu holding? He was holding a tree branch!

If an expert killed someone with a tree branch, it would still make sense. It was said that the North Lord of Heaven did not use weapons to kill slaves. He would use anything available. But he was a Rank One expert!

When news of this spread, everyone was amazed!

How about Lu Shu? He was a small Practitioner who had not even reached Rank Five. Yet, he was able to kill someone with a tree branch! This was too puzzling. It was so puzzling that Zhang Weiyu could not even believe his eyes!

The tree branched slashed the gap in the leather armor. He then pierced the chin of the soldier and continued going upwards, killing him.

The tree branch was like a sword. Although this young man was not powerful, it was as if he was the best in swordplay.

This was very strange. It was like a three year old child with the knowledge of a scholar.

Not only was Zhang Weiyu dumbfounded, the rest of the scouts silently looked over. Then they rapidly surrounded them and went for the kill!

They held their podao at the most appropriate angle to strike. It was perfect.

The podao slashed through the crops in the moonlight. Although they did not use much strength, the crops were easily chopped off diagonally.

These were the most elite troops. The distance between the four of them was just nice. When they approached Lu Shu, they were like a net inching closer and closer to him.

The young man remained calm and composed. He took the podao from the corpse and threw it to Zhang Weiyu in front of everyone. Lu Shu said, “I cannot defeat them. You do it.”

The four soldiers turned to look at Zhang Weiyu at the same time. They pointed their blades at him!

Zhang Weiyu was shocked. “… what the!”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +999!”

But at that moment, Lu Shu took the chance while the four soldiers were looking at Zhang Weiyu to draw another tree branch from his waist. He charged towards the soldier closest to him as if he was a hunter. “Attack!”

The strength of the four soldiers had been dispersed. They did not know exactly how strong Zhang Weiyu was and had to fight in order to determine his combat power.

Two soldiers faced Zhang Weiyu, while the other two faced Lu Shu. Lu Shu was already in front of the two soldiers and he could even see the stitches on their leather armor.

The two soldiers took a small step forward. The ground sank as they stepped. Then, a podao was aimed at Lu Shu’s head, while the other podao was aimed at Lu Shu on an angle. They trapped Lu Shu and prevented him from moving around!

All the muscles in Lu Shu’s body suddenly grew taut. It was as if they formed a sculpture instead of the human body.

When the two blades attacked, Lu Shu stood still. Suddenly, he squatted down. Then, the moment the two blades brushed past him, it was as if reality had been defied again.

He struck with his tree branch. For some reason, Zhang Weiyu felt that the tree branch was like a sword. Its movements coincided with the way of the Dao.

This was swordplay! Zhang Weiyu was shocked. Lu Shu had showcased the way of the Dao!

As long as typical Practitioners had techniques, aptitude and resources, success in cultivation would be achieved naturally. The higher their aptitude, the faster the rate of cultivation.

But the way of the Dao was on another level. This was a sign that one had learned effectively. One would only have the hope of achieving Rank One if they had entered the Dao!

This was the same as on Earth. Back then, Chen Baili desperately wanted to take Lu Xiaoyu as his student as he had seen the importance of Lu Xiaoyu’s aptitude. The higher one’s aptitude, the easier it was for them to integrate with the sword. Some people stopped at Class B or Rank Two for this reason.

Under the moonlight, the tree branch in the young man’s hands was like a pupa that was slowly breaking. It was as if it could no longer bear the thunderous strength. Then, the tree branch broke cleanly into pieces!

The tree branch turned into dust, but the sword energy dazzled under the moonlight. It was as if a butterfly had broken out of its pupa!

Zhang Weiyu was dumbfounded. “This is my first time seeing sword energy emerge from a tree branch by a Rank Six Practitioner!”

How frightening! A Rank Six Practitioner had produced sword energy from a tree branch!

The sword energy slashed the necks of the two soldiers with great ease. Blood started to spurt out from their aortas. Then, they slowly leaned back and fell to the ground.

Zhang Weiyu felt that tonight, a lot of his knowledge had been subverted. He no longer dared to look down upon Rank Six Practitioners in the future. But after some thought, he understood that there were strong Rank Six Practitioners in the world, and Lu Shu was one of them!

Where did this freak come from?!

But he did not know that to Lu Shu, who was able to kill seven Class B’s in eight hours, strength was important, but it did not mean everything.

If Rank Threes appeared tonight, Lu Shu might be scared. After all, his life was more important.

If he did not have sword energy, Lu Shu would never dare to kill the scout troops from the Black Feather Army. Sword energy could kill people, but it could also scare people.

But there were no if’s.

Now, the two remaining soldiers from the Black Feather Army could not kill with the same determination as before. There was hesitation in their eyes. Lu Shu, who seemed like an expert, stood in the field with his hands by his side. He stared at them.

At that moment, Zhang Weiyu took the podao and smiled. He slowly walked towards the soldiers. “Now, it’s my turn.”

The two soldiers turned and ran. Lu Shu caught up to him. Zhang Weiyu shouted, “Don’t let them run away!”

The two soldiers quickly ran away. The crops in the field did not slow them down. With Lu Shu’s physique as a Rank Six, he could only dream of catching up to them.

After the two black shadows disappeared, Zhang Weiyu’s legs became jelly and he almost fell to the ground. “I was so scared!”

Lu Shu laughed cheerily. “I couldn’t tell. You seem quite reliable at the most crucial moments.”

Zhang Weiyu thought about it and said, “Thanks.”

“No problem. Your acting was quite useful. You scared them away. Heaven saves those who save themselves,” said Lu Shu with a smile.

To be honest, it was fortunate that the two soldiers had run away. If not, they would be a pain to deal with. There was one Rank Four and one Rank Five. Although Lu Shu could use sword energy, and could kill Rank Fives, Rank Fours were another story…

Sword energy could kill Rank Fours, but they were very fast. Before he could even deliver a blow, they might be able to attack several times…

But… if he ambushed a Rank Four, he might be able to kill them, right?

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