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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 870: A Fall in the Pit, a Gain in Your Wit

Chapter 870: A Fall in the Pit, a Gain in Your Wit

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Zhang Weiyu squatted on the ground and panted. He had used too much physical strength while running. Thankfully, he ate well for the past few days. If not, he might not even have been able to run.

Lu Shu looked at Zhang Weiyu. “You’re not a normal peasant.”

Zhang Weiyu laughed. “You’re not a normal slave either.”

Lu Shu’s expression darkened. Why did he feel as if Zhang Weiyu was always scolding others…

“What do we do now?” Lu Shu looked at Zhang Weiyu. “The Black Feather Army is here. How long will the rest of the troops take to come?”

“Under typical circumstances, there will be a distance of about 15 kilometers between the scout troops and the vanguard of the main forces. But usually, the Black Feather Army will not kill people, unless the army is behind and wants to capture people to understand the situation in the area!” Zhang Weiyu analyzed. “We have to hurry up and run now. But there won’t be too many people in the vanguard. The fields are not very important in terms of their strategy either. Come. Since you saved my life, follow me and you will escape this war!”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. After Zhang Weiyu finished speaking, he walked towards the forest in the south. He curiously asked, “Wait, shouldn’t we tell the others in town about the army?”

Zhang Weiyu shook his head. “Which war doesn’t have fatalities? Furthermore, if the people in town die, then so be it. This is a game of chess among the Lords of Heaven. Who cares about the people below? We are ants to them.”

“Do you not have any feelings for this place? What will happen to your crops if they come here?” Lu Shu could not understand.

“My crops are not fully grown yet. They will definitely leave them as they are. They want to capture this territory for a long time. When they do, they will need peasants and slaves to plant crops, right? The war has nothing to do with us. As long as we escape the first wave and return after they have seized this territory, we will be able to plant crops again like before,” said Zhang Weiyu with indifference.

Lu Shu understood. The aim of this war was to kill slave owners and aristocrats, and expand their territory. On the other hand, peasants and ordinary slaves were at no harm. The land was still more important.

This was like the change of leadership in a workplace. No matter what, they still needed people to work. They would not kill everyone.

This was not hatred between two races, to the point that they would not stop until they had killed everyone. Even the peasants and ordinary slaves were used to this.

According to Zhang Weiyu, the previous war had lasted for over ten years. All the unimportant people who had survived more or less had survival knowledge.

“No.” Lu Shu shook his head. “Telling everyone is not a difficult thing. I feel that we should at least tell the Yu family.”

He deliberately tried to avoid Yu Die. He even pretended not to understand Zhang Weiyu’s hint. But since he had come here, he had relied on the food that she had sent so that he could train without a worry.

He should tell her that there was danger. He would not lose anything either.

When Zhang Weiyu saw that Lu Shu was full of justice, he said, “Then go. I will take my leave first.”

Zhang Weiyu then turned to leave, but… he did not move…

“Go away…” Zhang Weiyu was speechless.

“Where are you going?” Lu Shu laughed buoyantly. “Come with me. I know that you definitely have a place to hide from the war. After we’re done, bring me there.”

Lu Shu would not let him go. Zhang Weiyu was shrewd, but he was not a bad person. Lu Shu needed him. If he had a unique place where he could hide, Lu Shu could hide there and continue to train his swordplay.

By the time the battle was over, his abilities might progress rapidly.

Lu Shu was not willing to participate in this battle. He was just a visitor. No matter how many people died, it had nothing to do with him. Thus, it was only right to hide with Zhang Weiyu after informing Yu Die of the danger. He could not let go of Zhang Weiyu.

Now, Zhang Weiyu did not even have the physique of an ordinary person. He was a few hundred meters behind Lu Shu and looked as if he had nothing else to live for. His legs formed a path behind him. If the Black Feather Army was behind, this path would be like the arrows…

Later on, when Zhang Weiyu realized that he could not run away, he gave up. He walked into the town and panted as he followed behind Lu Shu. “It’s just some food. Don’t tell me that you’ve fallen for her. Don’t believe what happens in novels. Those things fool little children. Although your swordplay is not bad, but have you thought about your future? Peasants can only become slaves for aristocrats. Even if you are amazing, you will still be a slave for the South Lord of Heaven, Wen Zaifou. Your social classes are different. She will not marry a slave.”

Lu Shu asked curiously. “I have no feelings for her. But didn’t you say that if you developed your own techniques, you would become outstanding?”

“That was when the old King of Gods was still alive. No such thing exists now. The slave owners and aristocrats are still fighting over territory. Will they have the time to care about you? Furthermore, how long do you need to train for? Ten years? Or twenty years? Or even longer? There are too many variables here.” Zhang Weiyu mocked him. “If the Black Feather Army comes here, the whole town is done for. You won’t even have the time to think about escaping.”

Lu Shu expressionlessly pointed the podao at Zhang Weiyu. “Nonsense! What are you saying? Hurry up and say bah.”

“… bah.”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

What was this person?!

Zhang Weiyu said softly, “Even if your swordplay is good, can you kill a thousand people with one sword?”

Lu Shu glanced at him. Zhang Weiyu might not believe him, but he had done it before…

Suddenly, Lu Shu heard the galloping of horses. The Yu family was about to leave, with Yu Die in the lead.

When Yu Die saw Lu Shu, she was dumbfounded. She seemed pleasantly surprised. “Why are you here? Have you come here to find me?”

Lu Shu was also dumbfounded. “Where are you going?”

“I received orders from the guards to patrol the borders,” said Yu Die.

The guard was the Rank Three aristocrat at the fields.

“Don’t go,” said Lu Shu. But he did not know how to explain this. He looked at Zhang Weiyu. “Uncle, please explain.”

Zhang Weiyu smiled. He knew that this young man had the ability to quote out of context. He was no match for him. A fall in the pit, a gain in your wit…

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +481!”

At that moment, Zhang Weiyu heard the sound of horses galloping in the distance. There was also the drumming of war drums. He could even visualize the pitch black flag of the Black Feather Army fluttering in the wind.

“Oh no. The guards have revealed our position. The Black Feather Army is definitely trying to avoid a long delay and have decided to attack. They want to seize the opportunity while the town is unprepared to make a quick and decisive victory!” Zhang Weiyu was shocked.

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