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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 871: How Loathsome

Chapter 871: How Loathsome

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Lu Shu agreed with Zhang Weiyu. “After we killed the scouts, they might have sped up their raids. Even if they did not intend on immediately attacking, they can no longer stay still.”

Yu Die looked at Lu Shu and Zhang Weiyu in shock. Even the slaves behind Yu Die were shocked. Were they bragging? The scouts from the Black Feather Army were the most elite soldiers. Rank Four experts were in the lead, while Rank Five soldiers made up the rest of the troops. And they killed this kind of team?

One of them was a pretty boy, and the other was an ordinary farmer. How could they have killed the scout troops from the Black Feather Army?

Zhang Weiyu coughed. “It’s like this… from the start to the end, I did not do anything. If the Black Feather Army asks me, I will say that I’m innocent. I’m just a normal farmer…”

Lu Shu’s expression darkened. Was he shifting the blame now? He laughed coldly. “Do you really think that they will accept that explanation? The two guards who ran away will remember your appearance. Did you forget what you said to them? Let me remind you. You said, ‘Now, it’s my turn.’ Don’t even think about your land. If the Black Feather Army occupies this place, they will look for you everywhere.”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

Yu Die quietly looked at Lu Shu. She believed that whatever they had said was true. Thus… had Lu Shu single-handedly killed three elite scouts from the Black Feather Army?

This was bizarre. She had thought that Lu Shu was an ordinary person. He seemed thin and weak.

Lu Shu also knew that this world particularly liked burly men. They seemed very strong.

But he was different. He had used his celestial powers from the beginning. His strength did not depend on whether he was thin or burly.

Furthermore, the practice of swordplay caused one’s muscles to grow in good proportion. The Hall of Swords stressed on elegance and freedom. Those who practiced swordplay were like artists. They emphasized on beauty…

“The two of you. Follow the Yu family to defend against the enemies. We will not be easily bullied and humiliated by the Black Feather Army… the two of you!” Before Yu Die could finish speaking, she saw Lu Shu and Zhang Weiyu run north as they talked. In a flash, they were nowhere to be seen…

“From Yu Die’s distress, +199!”

To be honest, Lu Shu did not intend to participate in this war. According to Zhang Weiyu, there would be around 1200 people in the vanguard. The vanguard would be perfectly organized and made up of soldiers with high mobility. They would be able to fight and run.

On the other hand, there were less than 2000 people in the fields and the town, including the slaves of the old aristocrat.

It looked as if the fields and the town had more manpower. Furthermore, the old aristocrat was a Rank Three expert. But the problem was, the manpower in the fields was like a crude militia, compared to the army. They had not undergone standardized training and did not know how to work together.

Lu Shu had seen the slaves in town, especially those who belonged to the Yu family. They seemed very fierce, but to true experts, they only looked fierce.

He had also fought with the Black Feather Army. Their cooperation made Lu Shu feel oppressed, even if he had sword energy in hand.

To Lu Shu, this gap was like the difference between the flood of bronze and the secret practitioners. Thus, Lu Shu did not think that the fields and town would win.

The Black Feather Army was prepared for this war. They had not made their move. Instead, they went to collect information. Lu Shu did not believe that these elites from the Black Feather Army would not understand what was happening in the fields. They had come, but they did not expect to lose!

Yu Die watched as Lu Shu and Zhang Weiyu walked further and further away. On the other hand, the sound of the Black Feather Army approaching drew closer and closer.

The lights in the town were relit. Many slaves escaped in a flurry, including slaves from the Yu family who were in charge of shops.

The entire town was noisy. Everyone knew that Duanmu Huangqi’s army had come and wanted to run away.

At that moment, Yu Die snorted coldly. All the slaves that had the seal of a sword on the back of their palms shouted in pain. It was as if the seal was burning.

Yu Die said coldly, “Those who want to run away, think about the consequences.”

Slave owners could not kill their slaves through the seal, but they could make them feel pain. This was controlled by their techniques. If the slaves betrayed their owners, they would experience extreme pain.

There were very few slaves who could resist this pain. After they had borne the pain, the seal would disappear.

The pain escalated on different levels. Ever since written language was created, only a few people were able to bear the pain.

Yu Die drew back. This had been decided by the town guard and the slave owners. If the Black Feather Army infiltrated their town, they would use street-to-street fighting to reduce their mobility. They would then surround and kill them in the town.

There were about 2000 slaves who could fight. Their average strength was around Rank Five to Rank Six. Only the slave owners and their trusted aides were Rank Four. Yu Die herself was a Rank Four.

The slaves that belonged to the town guard were relatively stronger. There were more than ten Rank Fours.

Lu Shu had realized that the greatest advantage of this world was that although the population was stronger, their overall strength was higher too.

The four Lords of Heavens were Shen Cang Jing experts. It was said that some of the slaves that belonged to them and the King of Gods had also achieved Shen Cang Jing. On the other hand, there were only a few Class A’s on Earth, and one Shen Cang Jing, Nie Ting. The King of Gods was stronger than a Shen Cang Jing. A small town had over 2000 slaves that underwent training. Needless to say, big cities would have even more of such people.

But Yu Die was very clear that the town guard did not rally all their manpower to defend against the Black Feather Army. They had sent out a signal for assistance. They only needed to defend themselves against the vanguard of the Black Feather Army. They did not have to fight to their deaths.

Duanmu Huangqi had an army, but so did Wen Zaifou.

At that moment, it was as if the sound of horses galloping had stopped a few kilometers away from the town. Yu Die was puzzled. Did the Black Feather Army change their plans? Did they no longer plan on invading the town?

The next second, there was a crash. It was as if the world was collapsing. The ground shook and everyone in town was shocked. They did not know what had happened.

To be honest, the Black Feather Army did not know what had happened either. Just two minutes ago, they had been advancing towards the town at full speed. Suddenly, a young girl appeared in their way and asked them whether they knew where Lu Shu was.

The commander jeered at her. “Young lady, I don’t know who Lu Shu is, but he’s probably dead. We don’t ask for names when we kill people.”

Then… the ground where the vanguard was standing on started to sink. Suddenly, a silver light enveloped everyone. It was as if everyone was being tied up…

This was the first time Lu Xiaoyu was fighting in this world. She felt that she had to show her power during her first fight. She allowed the Bishop to control the field, then perfectly used the Sand Shower Tripitaka. No one was able to escape…

Lu Xiaoyu was slightly puzzled. Did the people in this world not know their limits when speaking… how loathsome!

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