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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 872: Palace

Chapter 872: Palace

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Nobody on earth, including Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi, knew that Lu Shu’s powers had been shackled. The reason was because they had reached him too late and Lu Shu had already entered the celestial gate when they arrived.

Chaos knew it but he did not want to tell anyone else.

The first thing Lu Xiaoyu did after she went through the Celestial gate was to activate the clone of Lu Shu made by Johnson. However, it was strange because despite the fact that she had passed through the galaxy into this world, Lu Shu’s celestial map was not responding.

The Black Feather Army had reached the town with full confidence but was buried underground. Although the spirit of the Black Feather Army was not powerful in terms of attack, it was extremely good at control.

This tactic had once been used on Lu Shu by Francesco when he was dealing with the Department of Faith Theory, almost paralyzing Lu Shu. In that town on Sardinia, the Department of Faith Theory needed hundreds of people to play the old trick but Coral’s grave injuries caused lightning to strike.

Now that the Bishop had become the spirit puppet for Lu Xiaoyu, the same tactic used by the Class A Bishop to fight against the army with ranks lower than or equal to Rank Three was definitely more powerful. He did not even need to put a restraint on them completely and could just make it such that they were unable to break free from the quicksand,

Lu Xiaoyu looked around and was confused by the directions. What she needed to do was to deduce which direction Lu Shu would head to after he arrived.

After a few minutes, she felt that a wild guess would be too inaccurate. Although she knew Lu Shu, she did not know the world she was in.

After some consideration, Lu Xiaoyu decided to go underground with Anthony and brought the person who teased her earlier on up to the ground.

Upon reaching the surface of the ground, the soldier of the Black Feather Army spat out two mouthfuls of soil and breathed heavily for air.

Lu Xiaoyu’s Sand Shower Tripitaka was used to bury people alive before using the power of the earth-type Metahuman to seal the top layer tight such that the people underneath would not die within a short span of time.

The commander of the Black Feather Army heaved a sigh of relief. However, before too long, he heard the girl ask coldly, “Do you know where Lu Shu went?”

The commander of the Black Feather Army had no time to care about the sand on his body and replied immediately, “The Black Feather Army have just reached this town and have yet to kill anyone. I really did not hear about or see the person you have just mentioned.”

The Black Feather Army was known for being the most powerful and disciplined army of Duanmu Huangqi. They were not afraid of death in battle.

However, a person who had died once could not be firm in his stance when facing a powerful individual of possibly Rank One. Moreover, it was alright to betray the Lord of Heaven now as the lady was simply asking a question…

At this moment, the commander of the Black Feather Army wanted to slap himself. She was merely asking for directions, why did he have to be so secretive?

This was a world that was based on power. If Lu Xiaoyu was an ordinary girl, the vanguard of the Black Feather Army would probably kill the ordinary girl in case she leaked their secrets.

Lu Xiaoyu sealed his lips and took out a photograph of Lu Shu from her space ring. “Have you seen him before?”

The commander of the Black Feather Army gasped when he saw the picture. “Did you draw this? Your drawing is so amazing! The person in this photo is also extremely handsome, a lot of girls in the palace must have a crush on him, right?”

“What is the palace?” Lu Xiaoyu frowned. “Also, can you introduce your city?”

“The palace is the capital of the King of Gods. The other capitals of the other Lords of Heaven cannot be called the Palace. They can only be called names like East Capital, West Capital, and so on.” The Commander of the Black Feather Army carefully looked at Lu Xiaoyu. He wanted to see if Lu Xiaoyu had came from the palace and brought a team of soldiers to protect her life.

He thought that Lu Xiaoyu could have came from the palace as there was the only place where a powerful individual of Rank One of such a young age could be found!

Only the real big families could nurture such terrifying disciples.

If Lu Xiaoyu really came from the palace, he could have tried to establish ties with her, for instance, ‘I know this person and since you know him too, please spare my life.’

Yet now, the girl in front of him did not even seem to know what was a palace!

Lu Xiaoyu asked, “Where’s the nearest capital?”

“The nearest capital is the West Capital led by the West Lord of Heaven Duanmu Huangqi. It takes around two months to get there. However, the road there is complicated, let me lead the way since I am familiar with that place!” said the commander excitedly.

However, after he finished his sentence, the commander was dragged underground by Anthony again and Lu Xiaoyu did not even give him a chance to resist.

Lu Xiaoyu frowned as she looked towards the West. She thought Lu Shu would definitely make his way to the most prosperous place. Perhaps, it was easy to look for the path back home at the most crowded place.

The Black Feather Army came from the west. She probably would encounter more Black Feather Army on the way to the west but she did not care.

At this moment, Lu Shu was fleeing towards the North with Zhang Weiyu. Zhang Weiyu said he found a good hiding spot in the forest in the North. There was a cave blocked by a waterfall and even the Black Feather Army would not think there exists a cave behind the waterfall.

In over ten years, the town had experienced a small-scaled battle every three years. Although it may not be the main battleground, it was dangerous for ordinary individuals.

Zhang Weiyu had hidden in the cave for all of these battles. He took a look at Lu Shu and said, “I am bringing you there because I trust you. There will be others hiding in this cave when the battle starts, please do not reveal this location and please pretend that you have never met them before.”

However, instead of a response, Lu Shu looked confused!

He ran towards the town!

Zhang Weiyu was stunned. “Hold on, don’t tell me you want to return to the battleground? Hey!”

Zhang Weiyu felt speechless as he saw Lu Shu running towards the town. He had stopped several times while making his way to the North.

Finally, Zhang Weiyu gritted his teeth and said, “Fine, I shall return the favor!”

After that, Zhang Weiyu ran towards the town.

Lu Shu saw the distress points on Lu Xiaoyu’s page hitting 1000. This implied that firstly, Lu Xiaoyu had reached this world or else he would not receive the distress points.

Secondly, Lu Xiaoyu must be killing in a massive scale or the distress points would not hit 1000.

If the celestial gate had a fixed position, then Lu Xiaoyu must be at Zhang Weiyu’s farmland. Moreover, Lu Xiaoyu would not kill any ordinary villager so she must have met the Black Feather Army!

As Lu Shu ran crazily towards the West, he saw an extremely levelled piece of land. It was so levelled that it was strange.

Lu Shu knew that Lu Xiaoyu had done that. However, where did Lu Xiaoyu go?

At this moment, Zhang Weiyu came and scolded him, “Are you mad?!”

Instead of replying to him, Lu Shu looked around. Zhang Weiyu pulled Lu Shu and wanted to leave. “The great war is starting, don’t risk your life.”

Zhang Weiyu was confused. Where did the Black Feather Army go?

Did they enter the town already?

However, he had no time to think about it. He only wanted to pull Lu Shu away but Lu Shu ignored him and instead, ran towards the West with Zhang Weiyu. Zhang Weiyu was about to break down. “That place is the camp of the Black Feather Army!”

Lu Shu did not care and shouted loudly, “Xiaoyu! Xiaoyu! Where are you?”

After that, he heard a clear voice. “I am here, I am here, I am coming to protect you!”

It sounded extremely happy.

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