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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 873: Slave Lu Xiaoyu

Chapter 873: Slave Lu Xiaoyu

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After hearing Lu Shu call Lu Xiaoyu’s name, Zhang Weiyu was confused and looked at Lu Shu. “Since when did you two progress so quickly such that you are calling her by her name ‘Xiaoyu’?”

At this moment, a cold voice was heard. “Who is Xiaoyu? Lu Shu, how long have you been here…”

“From Lu Xiaoyu’s distress, +666!”

Lu Shu laughed when he saw Lu Xiaoyu. “Why are you here?”

Lu Xiaoyu grinned from ear to ear. “I am here to protect you… Eh, what’s up with you?”

Lu Xiaoyu realized that Lu Shu’s condition was weird. Both she and the Puppet Master did not know that Lu Shu had chosen to be shackled by his dream. She said that she was protecting Lu Shu as she was considered a Class A powerful individual.

As for Lu Xiaoyu who was Class B, he definitely needed to be protected.

However, she did not expect that Lu Shu lost his Class B.

Lu Shu threw a glance at Lu Xiaoyu. Although he had been through difficulties with Zhang Weiyu and Zhang Weiyu was a person with decent character, he was too sneaky and almost used Lu Shu earlier on.

Therefore, he decided to not let Zhang Weiyu know about what happened between himself and Lu Xiaoyu. It was nothing wrong to be slightly cautious of outsiders.

Meanwhile, Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu had telepathy. After a glance from Lu Shu, she stopped talking.

Zhang Weiyu was confused. He was wondering who the girl was and where did she come from?

Wait a minute, Zhang Weiyu suddenly asked, “Err… Girl, did you happen to see an army?”

“Nope,” Lu Xiaoyu shook her head.

Zhang Weiyu was stunned. Where did the Black Feather Army disappear to? Wasn’t the galloping sounds of the horses from the Black Feather Army? That did not make sense…

He looked at Lu Shu, “Who is this girl…? I thought you were an only child?”

Lu Shu was speechless.

He said that too early as he did not expect Lu Xiaoyu to come.

Zhang Weiyu was also guessing the identity of Lu Xiaoyu. She looked very young and was very pretty. As for her powers… he could not tell.

Lu Shu said, “You know that I escaped from the slave owners, at that time…”

“I was his slave owner,” said Lu Xiaoyu calmly.

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoyu looked at Lu Shu and smiled secretly, ‘Look, isn’t my reaction fast?’

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +666!”

He wanted to make up a story to say that Lu Xiaoyu was an ordinary villager and helped him when he was escaping. However, Lu Xiaoyu killed the story like that…

Zhang Weiyu was surprised. “Really? Then why is his mark on…”

Zhang Weiyu was definitely suspicious. After all, any slave with the mark on his buttocks would have a male slave owner! However, it was not impossible. After all, both the superior family and the slave owners had twisted personalities in Zhang Weiyu’s opinion…

However, Zhang Weiyu sighed. He would be really sad if what Lu Xiaoyu said was the truth.

One could have such a pretty slave owner as a slave and have a female slave owner to help him after he escaped, was this world all about looks? Anyone with good looks would have a good life?

Initially, Zhang Weiyu was sympathetic of Lu Shu. However, he did not seem to need his sympathy at all!

“Return to the town first,” said Zhang Weiyu, “The town guard must have already sent an SOS. Now that the Black Feather Army has disappeared, the town must have been ready by the time they return so the town should be safe. I am going to leave after buying some things, do the both of you want to leave with me?”

There was still cloth of good quality from the gifts from Yu Die. Lu Shu made Zhang Weiyu sell them for some money and divided it 90-10 with Zhang Weiyu. Although Zhang Weiyu only got ten percent of the money, he still could use it to exchange for a good amount of food.

When Lu Shu was on earth, he had thought about whether magical stones could become the new currency of the cultivation realm. However, each magical stone had a different amount of power despite having the same size and it was difficult for ordinary people to differentiate. Therefore, it lacked the basic condition to become a currency.

Moreover, each magical stone was worth several hundred thousand, it was too pricey.

Initially, magical stones were used as a currency and it was extremely chaotic. After that, the King of Gods standardized the currency after consideration. The notes were distributed by the palace and regulated by the palace’s bank. Every note had a special print of the bank.

This method was more foolproof than that on Earth and nobody could produce fake notes as a result. Some people tried to make fake prints but after people discovered that there were experts who could go after these prints, people did not dare to take the risk anymore. There were fake notes but it was almost impossible to use them as people were also equipped with the basic skills to identify them.

Initially, people did not accept the notes as everyone thought that the King of God was too simple-minded. In the past, people held onto solid heavy magical stones, now, he wanted to change it to a piece of paper and make it his own assets. How was that possible?

The ordinary practitioners did not trust the newly-established palace either and nobody knew how long the King of Gods could last? After the palace was built, the world was in chaos and everyone was used to the constant changes in power.

However, the palace was not destroyed for 3000 years and nobody overthrew the King of Gods. The Lu Dynasty was in power for as long as the palace was built.

The King of Gods back then did not force everyone to use the notes. The four Lords of Heaven and the few Nobles started to expand their territories and requested for notes to be the only allowed currency for businesses with the Lord of Heaven and the nobles. As these nobles had large-scale businesses, after they began to use the notes, everyone who dealt with them was forced to use the notes too.

Then, everyone discovered that the notes were extremely easy to use.

Back then, Lu Shu asked Zhang Weiyu why the Four Lords of Heaven were so obedient? Zhang Weiyu said, ‘They would die if they did not obey, who dared to not obey…’

Now, Zhang Weiyu wanted to leave after buying his food. Lu Shu guessed that his friends were already hidden in the cave. Therefore, the food that Zhang Weiyu was about to buy was extremely important.

If Lu Shu had not given Zhang Weiyu some money, the group of people would probably starve until the battle ended…

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