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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 874: False Military Information

Chapter 874: False Military Information

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Lu Shu gave it some thought. With Xiaoyu, although they were still unable to defeat hundred thousands of practitioners, if they were able to deal with ordinary situations, the town was a piece of cake for them.

He said, “Head over to the town to check out the situation.”

On their way back to the town, Zhang Weiyu saw how Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were having small talks and their relationship was definitely not that of a slave and a slave owner.

However, Zhang Weiyu thought that it was none of his business. Lu Shu had secrets but he had many secrets too. Since both of them had gone through thick and thin together, he did not want to probe too much.

Lu Shu started to instruct Lu Xiaoyu on the way, “Let’s quietly find our way back home. Although you managed to control the spirit of Class A, there is the Shen Cang Jing here and some realms that are even higher than the Shen Cang Jing. Nie Ting was able to sever the Divine Punishment when he was a Class A. Until now, I haven’t seen him attack with the Shen Cang Jing, god knows how powerful it would be? Therefore, we should be careful and secretly find the way back home. After that, we will have nothing to do with whatever happens in this world.”

Actually, Lu Shu was very cautious of the powerful individuals of this world. The Class A Nie Ting, Li Xianyi and Chen Baili were terrifying enough. He had once used the Seal of Lands to control the magical energy in the courtyard of the Liuhai Lane. In the end, Nie Ting only managed to figure out a small part of the logic. He merely stepped into the door of Shen Cang Jing and had reached such a high level of realm before he had even lived through the divine punishment. The barriers of the Seal of Lands and the courtyard broke when he tapped the table lightly…

Then how would the Shen Cang Jing be like? Lu Shu could not imagine it.

He would have been mentally prepared if he had seen the attack made by someone of the Shen Cang Jing level. However, he had yet to see it and unknown things were the most terrifying.

If Shen Cang Jing was the realm where one used their own rules, then would there be a limit to the rules? Lu Shu felt that he should not be worrying about this as it was too complicated.

At this moment, Zhang Weiyu was glancing at Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu. “Do both of you want to hide in the cave with me?”

Lu Shu knew what Zhang Weiyu was thinking. Zhang Weiyu and the other people were ordinary villagers and suffered because they did not go through any cultivation. If Lu Shu followed him to the cave, he would definitely buy more food…

Zhang Weiyu, who did not live off others’ free food, felt that it was a good idea to do so…

Moreover, if Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu went, Zhang Weiyu and the rest would have a bodyguard. No matter how weak Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were, it was better than nothing.

Zhang Weiyu did not know Lu Shu very well but he knew that Lu Shu would not leave his friend behind during times of trouble. They were definitely considered friends, right?

When they arrived in town, Lu Shu and Zhang Weiyu realized that the town was not as chaotic as they thought it would be. Even though every stall shut their doors tight, they could see people staring out of the gaps of the door nervously.

The slaves who had marks on their bodies did not dare to flee. If the Black Feather Army came, they could only wait to die.

The slave owners also knew how to prioritize things. Fighting was the most crucial now and they could not allow the slaves to flee and ruin their plans.

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu’s footsteps were very loud as they walked in the quiet town. Zhang Weiyu knocked on the wooden door of the rice shop. When the door opened, Lu Xiaoyu saw the cashier trembling at a corner. Two slaves of Rank Five opened the door with knives in their hands.

Lu Xiaoyu took a glance at Lu Shu, ‘Kill them?’

Lu Shu shook his head and heard the slave exclaim in surprise, “Why are the two of you here, where is the Black Feather Army?!”

Zhang Weiyu said, “The Black Feather Army… disappeared…”

“Then what are you guys doing?” The slave was confused.

“We are here to buy some food…” replied Zhang Weiyu.

The two slaves stepped out of the shop and did not see the Black Feather Army at all. Initially, they felt that something was amiss when they heard a loud boom. However, after the loud boom, the galloping sounds of horses disappeared.

Everything was very strange…

This was not possibly the scheme of the Black Feather Army as, after all, the best result could be obtained if the vanguard attacked during the chaos. Who would wait for their opponents to be ready before they attacked?

One of the slaves ran into town and many people headed out nervously to take a look. If they hesitated slightly, the mark on their necks would hurt as their slave owners were rushing them to head out to take a look.

After a while, a few of the slaves came back shouting, “We really did not see the Black Feather Army!”

After that, Lu Shu shockingly saw many slaves exit from the different alleys and shops. God knew where these people were hiding in earlier on.

All of the cashiers of the shops walked out and the ladies in the brothels gossiped at the door of the brothel.

Lu Xiaoyu took a glance at Zhang Weiyu and pointed at the place where the ladies walked out from and asked, “What place is that?”

“It is a brothel,” Zhang Weiyu was stunned before continuing, “You mean there are no brothels at your place?”

“We are not so wild…” Lu Shu could only explain in such a manner.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he saw Lu Xiaoyu walking towards the ladies and pointed at Lu Shu. “Did he come here before?”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +666!”

‘What on earth, is this the time to be asking about such questions?! Am I a person like that?’

The ladies took a glance at Lu Shu and said, “We haven’t seen this handsome guy before, but if he comes, we will treat him nicely.”

At this moment, the sounds of horses galloping were heard from the east of the town. However, Lu Shu realized that nobody panicked but looked happy.

Zhang Weiyu said softly, “The reinforcements from the Nangeng City are here. I’m not sure who is leading the soldiers but the leader of the Nangeng City is an aristocrat of Rank Two.”

After he finished his sentence, a troop of horsemen wearing red armor charged into the town and instantly took over all the junctions in town.

The red tassels on the helmet of the horsemen were like red flags. Even the horses were wearing red masks.

Along with the sound of a horse, a brave and handsome teenager rode on the horse and went to the town guard. The town guard bowed before him and seemed to be nervous.

The teenager looked down on the town guard and asked, “Where is the Black Feather Army?”

“I don’t kn…”

“Do you know the consequences of giving false military information?”

The town guard trembled. “We heard the sound of horses coming from outside of the town but we don’t know where the Black Feather Army went…”

He felt extremely wronged. They definitely heard the sound of horses but where did the Black Feather Army go?

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