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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 875: Imperial Dragon Soldiers

Chapter 875: Imperial Dragon Soldiers

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As the town villagers were busily discussing where the Black Feather Army went, Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were watching the bustle. To be honest, both of them had witnessed huge events and they felt like they were being a bystander in this town.

Of course, if not for Xiaoyu, Lu Shu would not be so carefree…

Now that Zhang Weiyu said the leader of Nangeng City was only Rank Two, then Lu Xiaoyu could do anything she wanted in Nangeng City.

To Lu Shu, this world was similar to Earth in terms of size. However, there were many countries on Earth but this world only had one…

The Nangeng City with people of Rank Two should be a small city, right? In that case, Lu Shu was curious about how big the city in the center of the world was.

Lu Shu said softly, “If we have a chance, we can tour around the city as though we are travelling.”

He meant that they could stroll around after they found the way back home or after Lu Shu had recovered to his optimal state.

After all, they killed tens of thousands of people in the battle earlier on. The people who died and suffered from fear all gave Lu Shu distress points.

Therefore, Lu Shu felt that his distress points was sufficient to light up the entire celestial map!

Class A and Rank One. Lu Shu had been dreaming about this realm for god knew how long before he was stuck because of the Dream Chooser.

However, it was a good thing as Xiaoyu was protecting him and he could complete his recovery without any worries!

At this moment, Lu Shu received a lot of distress points. He had heard of many of the names from Zhang Weiyu before as they were people of this town.

The distress points due to the confusion regarding where the Black Feather Army was, went to Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu. At this moment, Lu Shu also realized that Lu Xiaoyu’s distress points were accumulating. However, he could not eat the fruits or give Lu Xiaoyu the fruits now.

Gradually, the topic about where the Black Feather Army went became whether the Black Feather Army had come in the first place…

The teenager stared coldly at the town guard. “I will report this matter to the Lord of Heaven and I am sure he will make a wise decision.”

The nobles and the slave owners were different. The people from Nangeng City could not decide on the noble’s fate but the slave owner could kill them if they wanted.

Therefore, many slave owners wanted to obtain the status of a noble as it was equivalent to having a few layers of armor as protection.

At this moment, Zhang Weiyu said, “This person could be the leader of Nangeng City Liu Yizhao. Although I did not see him before, only he could make the Qing Sai Army so obedient.”

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu looked at the horsemen with red armor. Every single one of them was motionless on their horses. As what Lu Shu expected, the difference in power of the troops and the people in town were extremely huge.

“He was the Imperial Dragon Soldier of the King of Gods before all of them lost their positions after the new King took over. He was one of the luckiest amongst the 30,000 Imperial Dragon Soldiers,” said Zhang Weiyu calmly.

Lu Shu turned and looked at Zhang Weiyu in shock. He felt that Zhang Weiyu spoke too calmly that it was strange.

However, he was more concerned about something else. “There are 30,000 Rank Two experts amongst the Imperial Dragon Soldiers?”

Zhang Weiyu took a glance at Lu Shu. “Rank Two? 300 of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers are Rank One! This is not a secret, everyone here knows about it as those storytellers loved to talk about it.”

Lu Shu gave an “oh”. Zhang Weiyu probably meant that he had heard about this from the storytellers but Lu Shu did not believe it.

After hearing what Zhang Weiyu said, he was deep in thought. How powerful would 30,000 Rank Two and Class B experts be if they fought together? And the 300 Rank One experts? It was too terrifying.

However, with regards to this number, Lu Shu felt that there were over a thousand Rank One individuals in this world. Why were there only a few in the Shen Cang Jing? Shen Cang Jing was called the ‘Great Master’ in this world.

According to Zhang Weiyu, there was Shen Cang Jing beside the King of Gods. Some of the Lords of Heaven also had slaves who were of the Shen Cang Jing. However, there were different ranks of the Shen Cang Jing.

Despite that, there were less than ten people who could be called Shen Cang Jing.

No wonder Chen Baili and the rest who were above Class A were so concerned about their aptitudes. It was so difficult to rise to Shen Cang Jing. At this moment, Lu Shu felt proud as Nie Ting, whom he had spent so much effort to capture, was the crème de la crème. However, he wondered what would happen if he advanced to Shen Cang Jing. He felt that it was enough as long as he kept gathering distress points and there should not be any huge obstacles…

However, the best thing was that Lu Xiaoyu did not even need to care about her emotions.

The bigger the world was, the more terrified Lu Shu felt. What exactly was the power of the celestial map? The nobles and huge slave owners wanted powers of higher levels but did not realize that the celestial map had connected all the barriers on earth since the start.

Someone suddenly said, “Two villagers told me that the Black Feather Army was coming and both of them killed three of the horsemen!”

“Oh?” Liu Yizhao, the commander of the Qing Sai Army turned to look at the people talking. “Where are the two villagers?”

The town guard heaved a sigh of relief as the stress was lifted off himself. However, the slave who spoke collapsed on the ground after a scream. Yu Die was punishing him with his mark.

Liu Yizhao took a glance at Yu Die but did not probe further. It was the slave owner’s business to deal with their slaves as the slaves were the assets of the slave owners.

The old King of Gods had said that nobody could invade one’s personal asset…

At this moment, everyone turned to look at Lu Shu and Zhang Weiyu. The slaves in front of them gave way to Liu Yizhao.

Lu Shu frowned. He felt that Liu Yizhao was looking at Lu Xiaoyu.

The sound of the horse was heard again as Liu Yizhao walked towards Lu Shu with his horse. Lu Shu stood in front of Lu Xiaoyu instinctively like he always did.

However, he did not succeed this time as Lu Xiaoyu had stood in front of Lu Shu.

Lu Shu tapped on Lu Xiaoyu’s shoulder. Lu Xiaoyu understood it, She could attack whenever she wanted to.

Liu Yizhao’s huge shadow shrouded over like a dark cloud. Lu Shu and Liu Yizhao exchanged glances coldly. If Liu Yizhao did anything funny to Xiaoyu, he would kill the entire Qing Sai Army.

What was meant by hiding or being humble? Some things could not be tolerated…

Before Lu Shu could make up his mind, Liu Yizhao suddenly said, “How handsome you are, brother. Do you want to tour Nangeng City with me?”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

What a f*cking turn of events?!

Lu Xiaoyu immediately went to the wooden door of the rice store and laughed hysterically. Lu Shu was staring at her and telling her to kill Liu Yizhao.

However, Lu Xiaoyu ignored him completely…

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