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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 877: Dragon Hiding in the Abyss

Chapter 877: Dragon Hiding in the Abyss

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Liu Yizhao remained silent at Zhang Weiyu’s insinuations.

“But I am very happy that you called yourself Imperial Dragon Soldier.” Zhang Weiyu calmly looked at Liu Yizhao. “It has been 23 years since I left the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. I am just a shadow of my former self. My old friends don’t even recognize me, but you did.”

Liu Yizhao laughed. “Back them, it was you and Lord Li Guyuan who taught me the secret to success while I was training. I respect the two of you the most among the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. How could I forget your appearance? I still clearly remember the times when the Imperial Palace Soldiers walked with the old King of Gods. But there are secrets behind what had happened back then. I hope that Lord Zhang will not misunderstand me as a traitor of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers.”

Zhang Weiyu stood in the darkness. He did not seem like an ordinary peasant who planted crops. It was as if he was the Imperial Palace Soldier of back then who dared to kill anyone.

The Imperial Palace Soldiers were the commanders of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. Not only did they protect the King of Gods, they were also spies on the ground. It could be said that they were the people whom the old King of Gods trusted most.

To be honest, since the establishment of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, no one saw themselves as guards. It was not that they neglected their jobs. The old King of Gods did not need any protection.

The person on the throne was the strongest in the world. Why did he need protection?

But such a strong person had left. When the changes occurred 18 years ago, Zhang Weiyu and the rest had been banished for their sins, thus they did not know what was happening. Back then, they suffered heavy injuries as punishment. Their foundation was broken and they could no longer train. Back then, the old King of Gods had been peaceful for too long. Slowly, the people’s impression of him became one of a harmonious and amiable king. They had forgotten how cruel he was during the war.

But they did not blame anyone, because it was a mistake that they had made.

While they were in exile, someone helped them to escape. They concealed their identities and continued their lives.

At first, they thought that they could live their lives without a worry. But after their foundations were destroyed, they were not even like ordinary people. They suffered exploitation and humiliation in various areas while they planted crops.

But all these were not important, as they had more important things to wait for.

While they prepared to plant crops and live a difficult life, the greatest change in the world occurred. The old King of Gods died, and the new King of Gods took over.

Back then, they shed tears, but knew that it was hopeless to take revenge.

Then, the people who had saved them while they were in exile told them that they had to continue waiting.

It was of little significance, but it was also a hope for them. Zhang Weiyu and the rest did not know who passed the message, nor whether what they said was true.

But this was what had supported them. If it was gone, they would not be able to continue living.

But Zhang Weiyu could not understand. Since their foundations had been broken, how useful would they be even if they continued to live?

Till now, Zhang Weiyu could still remember the person’s cold tone as he spoke. “Don’t die. The King still has things for you to do. Take it as a chance to redeem yourselves.”

The person spoke as if he was bestowing favors. But when they heard this, it was as if they had a new hope in life.

But they had waited for 18 years. Some people could no longer bear it.

After Zhang Weiyu’s foundation had been broken, it was difficult for him to maintain his looks. He was now haggard. Back then, he was just like Liu Yuzhao, dashing and spirited!

Zhang Weiyu looked at Liu Yizhao. “We are disabled. It is up to you whether you want to kill or dismember me. But if you want to ask anything, I am now an ordinary farmer. I cannot tell you anything. What had happened back then is not a secret. I believe that you already know what you should know.”

Liu Yizhao was a Rank Two expert, while Zhang Weiyu was a disabled person. It was no use saying anything else. Zhang Weiyu would not be able to run even if he wanted to. Why not leave himself some respect?

He could not beg for mercy. 23 years ago, Zhang Weiyu and the rest did not beg mercy from the old King of Gods. They simply admitted their faults.

Zhang Weiyu could not say anything because he really did not know what he was doing here. He was just following orders to wait. But he did not know who he was waiting for, or why he was waiting.

But Zhang Weiyu did not mind. He was already satisfied to have a chance to redeem himself. The Imperial Palace Soldiers were strong, but if they made a mistake, they would become disabled. It was understandable if the truth was not revealed to them. If it had something to do with the throne, the more careful they were, the better it was.

Thus, not only was Zhang Weiyu not angry, he even felt that the person that the old King of Gods had entrusted them to was reliable.

Liu Yizhao smiled. “Then, the young man and young girl are your…?”

“Strangers. The people in town can prove this. They are innocent.” Zhang Weiyu expressionlessly said, “If you want to take credit for my achievements, just do it. When the old King of Gods was still around, he often told me to wait, and only kill the people who should be killed.”

Liu Yizhao looked at Zhang Weiyu. “I really thought that they were your niece and nephew, and that you wanted to take care of them. They are at a good age to undergo cultivation. But since that is not the case, then forget it. I hope Lord Zhang did not mind the rash visit today. But you have things that you cannot say, and I have things that I cannot say. Time will tell everything. I will take my leave.”

After he finished speaking, Liu Yizhao turned and left. He could not be sloppy.

Zhang Weiyu was puzzled. Liu Yizhao definitely rebelled 18 years ago. If not, how would he be able to become the head of Nangeng City?

Now, he was confused again… Zhang Weiyu pondered. He could not trust anyone now. The mission that they had seemed very big, to the point that he could not know about it. Thus, he could not trust others so easily.

He was puzzled about Lu Shu. At first, he had thought that Lu Shu had been sent to probe him. But later on, he discovered that this was not the case.

Zhang Weiyu was curious about Lu Shu’s origins. When he saw Lu Shu’s sword energy, he suspected that Lu Shu was a disciple of the Sword Hut. But later on, he thought about it. Even the Sword Hut did not have Rank Six geniuses who could produce sword energy. When Liu Yizhao mentioned Zhang Weiyu taking care of Lu Shu, Zhang Weiyu wanted to laugh. Although the Imperial Sword Soldiers were amazing, they were good in group attacks. There was no army who had overall power like the Imperial Sword Soldiers. But in terms of techniques, he could see that Lu Shu’s swordplay was not only comparable to the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. He was almost on par with the Imperial Palace Soldiers.

This did not mean that Zhang Weiyu felt that Lu Shu could fight with the Imperial Palace Soldiers. This meant that this young man had a boundless future. The dragon was now hiding in the abyss. One day, it would be able to soar.

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