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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 878: Sword Hut

Chapter 878: Sword Hut

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Although Zhang Weiyu was disabled, he still had foresight. He could see that Lu Shu did not conceal his abilities. He was fighting as a Rank Six Practitioner.

As a former Imperial Palace Soldier, he had inspected many people. It was not an exaggeration to say that he had interrogated more people than some had seen in their entire life.

He could not determine Lu Shu’s origins, but he could see that Lu Shu’s natural dispositions were not bad.

But even so, he was still not willing to interact too much with Lu Shu. Zhang Weiyu knew that Lu Shu did not want to be here. Everyone had their own secrets, but once people were acquainted with one another, it was best to forget them after everyone parted ways.

In the morning, Lu Shu was practicing in the courtyard when Zhang Weiyu returned. Lu Shu no longer avoided Zhang Weiyu when he was practicing his swordplay. After all, his sword energy had been exposed. There was nothing left to hide. He would just be deceiving himself.

But he had never asked where his swordplay was from. Lu Shu believed that this swordplay had not appeared in this world. Thus, he was not sure what Zhang Weiyu was guessing about him.

As for Zhang Weiyu’s secret, Lu Shu felt that it most likely had to do with the core of his world. He could not be involved in it, nor was he prepared for it.

He felt that he was not a very resourceful person. When he watched political movies, he often felt that the politicians were very complicated in their thoughts. They could think far ahead, but still maintain their composure.

It was said that the bandits in Mount Liang often fought each other. On the other hand, when Song Jiang 1 saw his enemies, he would look very happy. He would then ask Li Kui 2 to kill their entire family.

But Lu Shu was different. If he was able to kill them, he would kill them there and then…

Lu Shu felt that he would never be able to become an outstanding strategist. He had two kinds of enemies. The first kind were the ones he could defeat and kill now. The other kind were the ones who he could not defeat now and would kill later.

There were times when Lu Shu felt that he was a very pure person. His ideas were very simple.

Thus, since he was not talented in this aspect, he would not rashly participate.

When Zhang Weiyu returned, Lu Shu did not even ask him where he had gone. Zhang Weiyu did not intend to tell him that he had encountered Liu Yizhao as well.

Lu Shu and the rest had already eaten breakfast. Zhang Weiyu looked at the table and realized that most of the food had not been touched, especially portable food like refreshments and biscuits. But the bowl of soup was empty.

Zhang Weiyu was a shrewd person. He knew that Lu Shu had probably guessed where he had gone last night and intentionally left the food for him.

Some old friends had visited the cavern. When they saw the food that Zhang Weiyu had left for them, they were very touched. But Zhang Weiyu was slightly miserable. The all-powerful Imperial Palace Soldiers had fallen to this extent.

They could have concealed their identities and become assistants to aristocrats. They could have gone to the Lords of Heaven as well. After all, their name as Imperial Palace Soldiers was worth some food.

Although they were disabled, they still had foresight. Furthermore, as the Imperial Palace Soldiers, they were the main strength in helping the old King of Gods with his private affairs. There were innumerable secret details that they had discovered. How much were these secrets worth? No one could say for sure.

But no one did this. Instead, they were willing to live a life of poverty and continue to live near the fields and the town.

There were some who could no longer endure, but there were very few of them.

Those who had left might be enjoying themselves in the palace with influential officers ot the Lords of Heaven, but those who stayed behind saw their determination strengthen.

Zhang Weiyu felt that this was a process of tempering. The last person who stayed behind was the most loyal. Furthermore, Zhang Weiyu did not believe that the person who had helped him was a solitary existence. After he had met Liu Yizhao, he thought of a problem. Were there still many people in this world who were waiting like him?

They were waiting for the return of their king. They were waiting for the time where everyone below the throne was a lackey of the king!

Zhang Weiyu turned and thanked Lu Shu. As Lu Shu trained, he smirked. “There’s nothing to thank me for.”

Lu Xiaoyu was here. This meant that they could eat whatever was in Lu Xiaoyu’s invisible storage equipment. Food was no longer a problem Lu Shu had to care about. Furthermore, he looked down on the food in this world.

Exquisite food was a mental pursuit after one’s hunger had been satisfied. War had continued for many years. If someone was able to focus on food research, they would be crazy. Of course, there was fine dining, but it was no match for the food on Earth.

Lu Shu could not use the Seal of Lands now. He could not take out anything. If not, Lu Shu would have enough resources to support an entire army…

Wait. Speaking of armies, Lu Shu suddenly thought of something. This world was too chaotic. War was happening all the time. He still had over 20 thousand tridents after Chaos had finished eating, as well as 64 sets of black armor…

The black armor was of good quality. When the low leveled soldiers of the sea wore the black armor, they could resist an attack by the Puppet Masters. If the Puppet Masters wore such armor, what would they be like?

When Lu Shu thought about this, he was amused. Where would he find 64 Rank One’s?

But Lu Shu was thinking of a problem. The boundary of the Puppet Masters was probably not as simple as Rank One. Now, it seemed as if Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi were deliberately suppressing their boundaries to Rank One.

Lu Shu felt that the king the Puppet Masters were waiting for could have something to do with the King of Gods in this world, as no one else had the right to control them…

Lu Shu suddenly asked Zhang Weiyu, “Urm… do you know of any place with a lot of books about history?”

He could only ask this. Lu Shu wanted to find a way to return home through the books in this world, but he could not tell Zhang Weiyu.

Zhang Weiyu thought about it and said, “The palace of the King of Gods definitely has the most books.”

“Can you say something more reliable?” Lu Shu asked expressionlessly.

“The Sword Hut has many books. I think the palace of the King of Gods had given many books to the Sword Hut,” said Zhang Weiyu.

“Can you say something more reliable? I’m giving you one more chance. If you are not reliable, I might attack you,” said Lu Shu calmly.

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

This was Zhang Weiyu’s first time seeing someone talk about attacking others as if they were inviting someone to drink tea with them…

“There should be a collection of books in old man Li’s mansion,” said Zhang Weiyu. “You can go there and take a look.”

Lu Shu turned and brought Lu Xiaoyu to find the town guard. He was not mean either. He warmly invited Lu Shu to see his collection of books.

But the moment Lu Shu stepped into old man Li’s study, his expression darkened.

The walls of books… were all the poems of the king… the collection here was even more complete than that of the Yu family’s. Lu Shu even saw “The King’s Collection”…

Although he was full of complaints, he still sighed with emotion. “The King of Gods’ brilliance was unparalleled…”

Lu Xiaoyu was very interested and took one book. But when she flipped open the book she was shocked. She did not say anything.

Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu back to their residence. When he saw Zhang Weiyu, he immediately asked, “Where is the Sword Hut?”

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