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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 879: Disciple of the Sword Hut

Chapter 879: Disciple of the Sword Hut

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Where was the Sword Hut?

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu. “Do you really want to go? What do you want to check? You can ask me. Perhaps I might know.”

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu looked at each other helplessly. How were they supposed to ask him? They had come from another world and wanted to go back.

This sounded very familiar. There were other uses for this. “Hello, I am Ultraman Jack. I want to return to Nebula M78, but I don’t have much money…”

It would be very difficult to gain the trust of people!

Not only was it hard to gain the trust of people, it involved their secret as well!

To be honest, the overall strength in this world was too strong. Lu Shu could not imagine what would happen if they knew about the existence of Earth. Would they open up new territory? The desire of humans was boundless. Furthermore, the strength on Earth much much weaker compared to this world.

Zhang Weiyu saw that they were hesitating. “Relax. I’m not hiding anything. There might not be many people within a few thousand kilometers who know more than me. I might be able to tell you some things that you want to know.”

Lu Shu was silent for two seconds. “Then tell me about higher order nonlinear gear shift wind power…”

“The Sword Hut is at the palace,” said Zhang Weiyu calmly before Lu Shu could finish his sentence.

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666.”

He could not understand! He completely could not understand! Zhang Weiyu even started to doubt his own knowledge. Was Lu Shu talking nonsense? But he had never seen swordplay like Lu Shu’s. How could he be sure whether his guess was correct?

Zhang Weiyu was suddenly somewhat helpless… but he was sure that Lu Shu was not a disciple of the Sword Hut. Lu Shu did not seem to be playing tricks on him. Furthermore, even if a disciple of the Sword Hut wanted nothing to do with the Sword Hut, he did not have to pretend that he did not know where the Sword Hut was.

Furthermore, a place like the Sword Hut… very few people in this world would not want to associate themselves with it.

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu looked at each other helplessly. They went to a corner and discussed. Zhang Weiyu slowly kept the food on the table. He would wrap up everything that could be brought in a sheet and secretly bring it out at night.

Lu Shu asked Lu Xiaoyu softly, “Should we go to the palace?”

“No.” Lu Xiaoyu rejected.

“Are you hesitant about something?” Lu Shu asked curiously.

“No.” Lu Xiaoyu rejected.

Zhang Weiyu looked at both of them and asked, “Do you think you can enter the Sword Hut just like that? Even if you go to the palace, so what? Even the Lords of Heaven are not on equal footing in the palace.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “Is it very difficult to go in? Can’t we secretly sneak in?”

To Lu Shu, as long as he and Lu Xiaoyu were not looking for death, Lu Xiaoyu’s earth-type Metahuman abilities would allow them to go into many places, right?

“You think too simply of the Sword Hut.” Zhang Weiyu laughed and shook his head. “The person in the Sword Hut occasionally does not even give face to the old King of Gods. You want to sneak in? I’m afraid it’s not as easy as that.”

“That can’t be. How much stronger is the person from the Sword Hut than the old King of Gods?” Lu Shu was shocked.

“No. The old King of Gods’ boundary can never be determined.” Zhang Weiyu shook his head. “But the person from the Sword Hut was the page boy of the old King of Gods. Later on, he had followed the King of Gods to many wars. He is skilled in swordplay. But it was said that when the old King of Gods made him his page boy, it was not a glorious process. It was as if he had returned from roaming about. Thus, the person from the Sword Hut has always been upset…”

Lu Shu asked curiously. “Can I ask you something? If you want to answer, answer. If you don’t want to, it’s fine. Was he at the palace 18 years ago?”

Zhang Weiyu was shocked. He looked at Lu Shu. “Do you know what asking this question means?”

Zhang Weiyu could not help but be surprised. He had thought that Lu Shu had come from the countryside. He did not expect him to think so deeply.

Lu Shu faked a laugh. “I’m just asking, I’m just asking.”

But Lu Shu thought about it. If the Sword Hut was really such an existence, he might not be able to go in. But there was no other place where he could find a way to cross the barrier between the two worlds.

Now, his biggest clue was that the old King of Gods in this world had crossed the barrier between the two worlds. Thus, it was possible that he could find records of this method in the palace of the King of Gods. Lu Shu did not have much hope in the palace. His next best alternative was the Sword Hut, as Zhang Weiyu had said that a majority of the records in the palace were collected as books in the Sword Hut.

“Are there…” Lu Shu tried to probe. “Any records from the palace of the King of Gods that the Sword Hut does not have?”

“Poems and such by the king…” Zhang Weiyu sighed. “The person from the Sword Hut is focused on improving swordplay abilities and does not care about things like poems. Subordinates often follow the example of their superiors. It was said that the young people in the palace like to pose as lovers of culture. On the other hand, the disciples of the Sword Hut disregard such practices. They focus more on training and improving their own strength.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. This meant that all the other books were there, except the poems by the king. He was somewhat curious. “Why doesn’t the person from the Sword Hut care about all these?”

“I don’t know. But back then, when the old King of Gods felt a strong urge to write poetry, he wrote 800 poems in one night. After that, the person from the Sword Hut went to the palace and fought him. Although the King of Gods was not defeated, half of the palace had been destroyed. This was a very humiliating incident. After all, even the palace of the King of Gods had been destroyed by someone.” Zhang Weiyu sounded as if he did not know whether to laugh or to cry. At the same time, he seemed to be carried away. He continued. “After this fight, the old King of Gods did not investigate anything. After all, the person from the Sword Hut was at the apex of their career. Everyone knew that the old King of Gods could not bear to kill her. Thus, no one else dared to kill her. Of course, only a few people in this world are able to do so. The person from the Sword Hut might be the strongest female in this world.”

“A female?!” Lu Shu was shocked. He had always thought that the person from the Sword Hut was a male.

Zhang Weiyu was helpless. He even suspected that Lu Shu was not from this world. How did he not know something as important as this?

Lu Shu knew that he had said something wrong and exposed something. He quickly changed the topic. “Are there a lot of disciples in the Sword Hut?”

“Every year, only four people can join the Sword Hut. The army headquarters will choose and send people there, while the Sword Hut chooses the soldiers they like.” Zhang Weiyu explained, “The disciples are scattered among the armed forces. They are like nobles. Every four years, there is a grand ceremony at the Sword Hut. Disciples of the Sword Hut come from all places and give many gifts to the Sword Hut! That was the biggest celebration in the palace. Everyone would walk to the streets and see how grand the outstanding men from the Sword Hut are. At the palace, as long as you are a female, you would be able to receive a gift from the disciples of the Sword Hut. Now that was capital worth showing off!”

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