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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 880: Extreme Beauty Lu Xiaoshu

Chapter 880: Extreme Beauty Lu Xiaoshu

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There were two things that Lu Shu did not expect. Firstly, he did not expect that the owner of the Sword Hut was a female. Secondly, he did not expect for the influence of the Sword Hut to be so huge.

Lu Shu thought about it for a long time. If the Sword Hut chose four disciples from the army every year, would he be able to go through the same route?

“Why must the disciples be chosen from the army?” asked Lu Shu curiously.

Zhang Weiyu sighed and said, “She is actually the person who supported the old King of Gods. As the old King of Gods fought for many years, the parties with smaller influence was unable to stabilize and those parties with bigger influence were waiting for their fall. By choosing the talents from the army before sending talents back to the army, the Sword Hut was developing talents for the King of Gods. This rule has never changed since then. The Sword Hut then was not the same Sword Hut now and the palace then was not as secure as the palace now.”

Lu Shu understood. It was actually killing because of love?

At this moment, Zhang Weiyu said, “Your question can be answered as it is not a secret after all. 18 years ago, the person in the Sword Hut was not in the palace and nobody knew where she went. 12 years ago, she returned to the Sword Hut and disappeared after one day.”

“So there are no owners in the Sword Hut today?” Lu Shu was surprised. Did that mean that he could enter the Sword Hut? Where did the owner of the Sword Hut go? Lu Shu felt that something was amiss and the owner of the Sword Hut was too “floaty”.

Based on Lu Shu’s speculation, he should not be waiting to fight with the new King of Gods.

He could not figure out what was happening but felt that something was strange.

“Hmm, the owner of the Sword Hut had disappeared and only a disciple of the Master Realm was guarding the hut. However, despite that, nobody dared to challenge the Sword Hut,” said Zhang Weiyu, “The Sword Hut is extremely secure now. Nobody could do anything even though the owner is not present.”

“So what is the best way to enter the army?” Lu Shu was curious. “What was the selection process like? How does one get selected into the Sword Hut?”

“It is very easy for one to enter the army.” Zhang Weiyu took a glance at Lu Shu. “I admit that I was wrong when I said that the only way out for an ordinary villager was to become a slave. That was because I never expected you to enter the army. Actually, many of the ordinary villagers choose to enter the army when they are desperate to live as not only does the army give one food, but they also allow one to be promoted to become officials. This is also one of the most important ways one could become a new noble, albeit very difficult. However, most of the ordinary villagers did not think about other methods. The reason why they entered the army was to make a living for their families. On one hand, they could bring back the pay for their families and on the other hand, they could pay 20 percent less tax.”

Lu Shu acknowledged it. He initially thought that Liu Yizhao, a commander of the Qing Sai Army would be a slave owner and the entire army was his slaves… Now, it did not seem so. The army comprised of more ordinary villagers who could not make a living.

“Then how do they train?” asked Lu Shu.

“There are special ways in which the army train. Although the standards are not high, it was suitable for the ordinary people. According to legends, the skills were created by the owner of the Sword Hut,” said Zhang Weiyu, “therefore, some people went because of the skills but they got disappointed as it was not possible to get beyond Rank Four with those skills. It seemed to have been sealed by the owner of the Sword Hut. In order to obtain higher level skills, one would have to make huge accomplishments… or enter the Sword Hut.”

Therefore, entering the Sword Hut was the dream of everyone in the army. As long as they entered the Sword Hut, they could achieve prosperity without any difficulties.

“I can’t help you if you wish to enter the army as I will be causing harm to you if I help you,” said Zhang Weiyu, “but you can try to audition. You have to make the decision after a thorough consideration. Although you are slightly skilled in terms of sword skills, it may not be sufficient on the battlefield. You will be surrounded by enemies, you don’t know how terrifying the battlefield is because you have not been to a battlefield before. I will advise you to not be so ambitious if you have yet to reach a sufficiently-high realm.”

Lu Xiaoyu shot Zhang Weiyu a look. Nothing he said was accurate. Not only had Lu Shu been through a battle, but he had been through at least hundreds of them.

The progression in his powers was so fast that it was unimaginable. Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu were just discussing this the previous night and Lu Shu felt that he needed at most six months to return to the peak of Rank Two.

With Lu Xiaoyu protecting him, he did not have to worry about breaking free from his restraints. He should focus on building strength and advancing further in terms of his swordplay.

Therefore, Zhang Weiyu was wrong if he thought that Lu Shu only had very little knowledge about the art of the sword.

Lu Shu did not care about this misunderstanding as he felt that he should remain as low key as possible to protect himself.

Lu Shu thought about it. Zhang Weiyu had already given him a lot of information. He believed that Zhang Weiyu was a big shot in the past but he did not know how he ended up in his current plight.

Zhang Weiyu secretly ran out with a huge pile of food in his arms that night and he was unable to carry more today. Lu Shu saw how Zhang Weiyu only ate two buns and some vegetable soup in a day. He took away the remaining food.

It was evident that Zhang Weiyu regarded his old friends dearly or he would not behave in such a way.

Hopefully they would get repaid for the pain they had suffered.

Lu Shu felt that this group of individuals were very different from the members of the Heavenly Network.

“What do you feel about the owner of the Sword Hut?” Lu Shu asked Xiaoyu.

Lu Xiaoyu took a glance at Lu Shu. “Didn’t she disappear, I can’t find her.”

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +99!”

“Stop beating around the bush, you know what I am asking for,” said Lu Shu.

“Can’t you just tell me about your guess, why must you ask me about it?” Lu Xiaoyu was unhappy.

“I guess that she may be from Earth!” said Lu Shu, “Based on her fight with the old King of Gods, I feel that she was trying to stop someone from copying her. I suspect that she was being kidnapped by the old King of Gods to this world…”

As the saying went, ‘one’s eyes brim with tears when one encounters a fellow townsmen in a distant land’. If the owner of the Sword Hut was really from Earth, then Lu Shu felt that he had someone to depend on in the current world.

“Could it be possible that,” Lu Shu eyes lit up as he looked at Lu Xiaoyu, “she was from the Hall of Swords?”

Although the Sword Hut and the Hall of Swords sounded very similar, and the owner of the Sword Hut may have come from Earth, she might have possibly come from the Hall of Swords.

“So what,” Lu Xiaoyu went straight to the point, “she has already disappeared. Even if she is from Earth, we won’t be able to find her.”

“I have decided. Let’s find a way to head over to the Sword Hut to take a look,” said Lu Shu determinedly, “I have doubts regarding both the books in the study and the identity of the owner of the Sword Hut. The answer is in the Sword Hut.”

Lu Xiaoyu said nonchalantly, “Let’s go if you want to.”

The thought of the love-struck fools in that place gave her a headache. God knew what was wrong with this world, Lu Xiaoshu became the standard of extreme beauty? Were the people blind?!

However, despite her reluctance, she would definitely accompany Lu Xiaoshu.

That was because Lu Shu did that too.

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