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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 881: Wei Wu Army

Chapter 881: Wei Wu Army

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Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu stayed in the house of the aristocrat, old man Li, for three days. Old man Li only greeted them on the third day. However, Lu Shu already had a new opinion and decided to enter the Qing Sai Army.

Based on what Zhang Weiyu said, it was possible for a Rank Six practitioner to enter the army. However, he could not say that he was an ordinary villager as he would be subjected to checks if he did. He was advised to not join the Qing Sai Army as the pressure on nomination for the Sword Hut was the highest in the Qing Sai Army as many elites were born in that army.

Lu Shu asked, “Then how should I settle the issue with my household register? Which army should I choose?”

Zhang Weiyu said after giving it some thought, “There are two ways for a slave to be freed from the register of a slave. One, revolt and suffer immense pain to remove the mark on your body. Second, when the slave owner dies, the slave’s skill level would decrease and he will be able to break free from the restraint of the mark without any pain. By right, the slave owner’s relatives would take on the possession of the mark but if the slave owner did not have any relatives, the mark will not be passed on.”

“Some slaves were freed after their slave owners died. At the same time, they were unwilling to remain as a slave as they had obtained certain skills. We usually call them ‘roamers’. When you join the army, you can say that you were once the slave of the Liu Family, There were originally four slave owners in this town, but the family died in the battle with the Black Feather Army ten years ago. Therefore, many slaves were freed and left.” Zhang Weiyu gave advice to Lu Shu to repay his favor.

“So which army should I choose?” asked Lu Shu again.

“The Wei Wu Army are situated outside the Yun An City that is to the north of Nangeng City. This troop is not the main force of the borders and therefore is better than the Qing Sai Army in terms of safety and security,” said Zhang Weiyu, “If the Black Feather Army comes, they would enter the battlefield after the Qing Sai Army.”

“Oh.” Lu Shu figured it out. It basically meant that they were the backup troop and it was good because they did not have to fight.

“The Wei Wu Army likes to recruit roamers. Initially, they thought that the capable slaves would become the mainstay of the army but they did not know the problems with these roamers that created chaos within the army. They even gambled in the army camp,” Zhang Weiyu said while laughing, “After finding out about this, many of the important positions in the army were taken by the roamers. They discriminated against the ordinary villagers. After that, the roamers were smart enough to accept bribery and deduct pay of the other soldiers, while the commander of the Wei Wu Army, who became the biggest beneficiary, turned a blind eye to this situation. Now, even the position of the commander was taken up by a roamer and the entire army was about to be destroyed.”

Lu Shu was stunned. “The Lord of Heaven did not care?”

“The Lord of Heaven has no time to care as he has 11 armies. He is only willing to appreciate the rules of heaven and earth and therefore only needed the Wei Wu Army to win the battle. Moreover, the Wei Wu Army had indeed won a few battles despite there being something fishy. You will know the rough situation once you are there.”

“Alright, then I will go to the Wei Wu Army.” Lu Shu nodded. “How many vacancies are there in each army?”

“Every troop has one vacancy. This is the main point of my sentence. Nobody in the Wei Wu Army wants to participate in the selection for the Sword Hut,” smiled Zhang Weiyu.

“Eh, why though, didn’t you say that they are sly and greedy people, won’t they become rich and prosperous after they enter the Sword Hut? Why are they so short-sighted?” Lu Shu was curious.

“You do not know this but these bunch of people are aware of their own capabilities.” Zhang Weiyu smiled. “They know that they will not get selected into the Sword Hut even if they went as, after all, how would a group of roamers like them match up to the group of elites from the dozens of armies? Instead of being embarrassed after they lost to the other armies, they would rather stay put! These dozens of elites came from the Lords of Heaven of all regions and were enemies before they entered the Sword Hut.”

Lu Shu did not realize that the Wei Wu Army were a group of elites. “Does that mean that the Wei Wu Army has not sent anyone into the Sword Hut for a couple of years?”

“No no no, even if they do not go by themselves, they could sell the spot to the noble disciples! Everything involves money!” Zhang Weiyu laughed. “So your main concern is to earn money. Based on my understanding, the spot is not expensive as the selection was highly-regarded by many individuals and the noble disciples would not give it a shot randomly and end up being embarrassed if they failed. However, how would the elites be willing to be embarrassed? That was why they would kill the opponents of the other parties to regain their pride. Even a gifted individual under the North Lord of Heaven was unsuccessful in his application and ended up killing nine other talented individuals with the nine other individuals. Eventually, they killed nine other powerful individuals and were heavily rewarded when they returned.

Lu Shu figured it out. That implied that even if one was not selected, one would not embarrass their family as long as one managed to kill other people!

However, regarding earning money… Notes were used so he had to think of a way to earn some money to purchase the vacancy? It was not a big problem but he had to give it some thought…

“Why were people not chosen despite killing nine people?” Lu Shu asked curiously.

“The owner of the Sword Hut is pretty interesting. Martial Arts competition is only the first round and there are many other rounds after that. It is not sufficient to be only good in martial arts but I don’t know what else there is after that round.” Zhang Weiyu shook his head and said, “The disciples of the Sword Hut have never revealed what were the rounds after this. Those who failed were also told to keep it a secret and nobody dared to go against the Sword Hut.”

“Alright.” Lu Shu nodded. “Do you want to go with us? We can promise that you will lead a more carefree life and do not need to sell yourselves as a slave.”

Lu Shu was serious about the invitation. With someone who knew about almost everything beside him, he and Lu Xiaoyu would not waste time on their way. Moreover, with Lu Xiaoyu’s space ring, he would not starve to death even if he did not earn enough money.

“No.” Zhang Weiyu smiled. “I am happy here.”

“Is it really worth it?” asked Lu Shu suddenly. Zhang Weiyu never revealed what he wanted to do there and Lu Shu never asked. However, by asking that question, he wanted to tell Zhang Weiyu that he knew that Zhang Weiyu was responsible for some sort of mission.

Zhang Weiyu smiled. “From a long time ago, I only have one thought in mind that kept me going. I wanted to wait for the day when I can hand over my life without holding back. I will be satisfied with that.”

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu left and Zhang Weiyu was the only one who headed to the North. He turned to look at the backs of Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu and felt that it was a pleasant scene.

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