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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 882: Attracting Others’ Attention, Lu Xiaoshu

Chapter 882: Attracting Others’ Attention, Lu Xiaoshu

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The South Lord of Heaven controlled a huge area but Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu headed to Yun An City instead of Nangeng City.

Initially, Lu Xiaoyu wanted to tour Nangeng City but was outrightly rejected by Lu Shu. He was worried that he would bump into Liu Yizhao in Nangeng City…

Although Lu Shu had good features, he was not considered handsome on Earth. For some reason, however, he seemed to have been lucky in love in this world. No, it was not the luck in love, it was the disaster of love…

Three days had passed when both of them arrived at Yun An City. By right, with Lu Xiaoyu around, they should be travelling at a fast speed but Lu Shu overestimated Lu Xiaoyu’s sense of direction.

After going underground, Lu Xiaoyu told Lu Shu that she was a little bad in terms of her sense of direction. Lu Shu was initially confused as it was his first time hearing Lu Xiaoyu admit that she was bad at something.

However, after going in the wrong direction for eight times, Lu Shu sighed as he stood outside the gates of Yun An City, “What do you mean by you have a bad sense of direction, you don’t even have a sense of direction…”

“From Lu Xiaoyu’s distress, +199!”

Lu Shu recalled how, as a child, Lu Xiaoyu lost her way after sneakily escaping from the orphanage. She found a telephone stand and called Lu Shu and when Lu Shu asked her where she was, she said she was under a cloud…

After that, Lu Xiaoyu remembered the way. Perhaps it was because of Lu Shu’s presence that she was able to remember the way.

Yun An City was bustling with activities. Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu felt as though they had entered a movie. There was a rest station at the side of the city gate and horses were resting there, looking as though they were doing business.

Lu Shu counted the notes in his pocket. The notes he got from selling the gifts he received from the Yu family was only sufficient to last him for a couple of days.

“We have to find a way to make money,” sighed Lu Shu, “If I enter the Wei Wu Army, you have to have enough capital to survive in Yun An City. We have to find a way to start a business.”

All would be good if he could take out the Seal of Lands as anything from the Seal of Lands could be sold. However, not only was he unable to use the Seal of Lands, but he was also unable to take it out.

Lu Shu took a glance at Lu Xiaoyu. “Everything would be perfect if the spirit you caught could be a real person. Then, the spirit could be used as a curtain to protect you as you attacked. I asked Zhang Weiyu and he said that the people in this world had a taboo on capturing spirits as they believed that one’s spirit would not disappear but would be reborn themselves.”

Although Lu Xiaoyu was tall, she was young and looked too naive. She did not need to be protected as, after all, Yun An City was a small city and the leader of the city was only Rank Two. With Lu Xiaoyu’s capability, she was able to defend against those Rank One leaders of big cities.

However, the problem was that some people thought Lu Xiaoyu was easily bullied as she was young. If there could be a master acting around her, all these problems could be resolved.

Lu Xiaoyu took a look at him, walked to a secluded area and called the Bishop and Johnson out. Then, Lu Shu saw a seven-colored bead fly out from Johnson’s body and enter into the body of the Bishop as the black color on the Bishop faded slowly, turning into a real figure.

The seven-colored bead was obtained when Lu Shu accidentally killed the C Class Japanese spy in the remains of Beimang. After realizing that it had minimal effects in terms of raising one’s power upon feeding it to Johnson, he forgot about it.

Lu Shu was stunned for a moment. “So the seven-colored bead can really cause one to turn into a real figure instead of a black one? Then can you stop him from laughing stupidly…”

Lu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes. “Shouldn’t I be asking you to stop him from laughing stupidly?”

“From Lu Xiaoyu’s distress, +399!”

At this moment, the Bishop’s black face was no longer black, he looked as though he had Parkinson’s Disease… or the commonly-known Dementia…

Perhaps it was because of the foolish laughter, although Lu Xiaoyu knew that the Ambilight Soul Pearl could turn one into one’s real form, she had never used it before.

With this foolish laughter, what kind of deterrent effect could he bring about?

Perhaps one could make the clothes but the smile was unable to be changed, it was extremely high in terms of priority…

Lu Shu thought about it for a long time. “Having it is better than not having it, just cover half of his face, do you have something like a scarf? I think he will look less foreign when his face is covered… Do not cover his eyes but cover his mouth…”

Therefore, an elderly masked with a pink scarf with rabbit prints appeared behind Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu… It was really difficult to determine how threatening he was…

Lu Shu was thinking about a question. He obtained the soul pearl after killing the soul. After that, he did not manage to get any more soul pearls despite killing many other people.

He was unaware that he was able to boost his powers using the soul pearl by snatching the souls of people whom Lu Xiaoyu had killed. Although it had a low efficiency, Johnson had reached the peak of Rank Two. However, there was a limit to the soul pearl as one was unable to continue upgrading oneself after reaching Rank Two.

Lu Xiaoyu thought about it before. Rank One was the process of merging the laws and the Heaven and Earth. Everyone’s laws were different and a pure soul was unable to offend this law.

However, what would happen if another person of Rank One was killed? Would the souls absorbed by Johnson and Anthony merge with the laws and allow them to rise to Rank One?

It was possible for them to kill their Rank One opponents. However, Lu Xiaoyu was already used to the earth-type and materialization-type techniques, she hoped that Johnson and Anthony were able to continue to upgrade their powers through absorbing the energy in the soul pearls.

However, at this moment, Lu Xiaoyu suddenly discovered that there was a lady looking at Lu Shu from the side of the road. Lu Xiaoyu went deep into thought, ‘What on earth is happening in this world?!’

At the next instance, a wooden stick was dropped directly in front of Lu Shu through a window of a two-storey building.

However, before the wooden stick fell onto the ground, Lu Xiaoyu caught it and threw it back…

“From Liu Zhenhua’s distress points, +199!”

Initially, Lu Xiaoyu was wondering how to stop Lu Shu from entering the army camp. After all, god knew how often could they meet if he entered the army camp? Nobody would go back home everyday, right?

Both of them had no family members in this world. Of course, Lu Xiaoyu hoped to see Lu Shu everyday.

However, at this moment, Lu Xiaoyu suddenly felt that it was better for Lu Shu to go to the army camp where it was dominated by men…

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