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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 883: Soap-Maker Lu Xiaoshu

Chapter 883: Soap-Maker Lu Xiaoshu

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Lu Xiaoyu felt that Yun An City was really unsafe. They had only been walking for less than a kilometer and there were already over ten girls eyeing up Lu Shu.

At this moment, Lu Shu suddenly said, “I will accompany you for a couple of days more in Yun An City. Let us start a proper business before I report to the Wei Wu Army. I can take this chance to explore the city and familiarize myself with this world, so…”

“Just go to the Wei Wu Army now,” said Lu Xiaoyu calmly.

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +666!”

However, Lu Shu could not go to the Wei Wu Army now. He had to settle the things in the city first.

Lu Shu suddenly asked, “I have observed carefully and noted that Zhang Weiyu washed his clothes with a type of plant leaf. I asked them if they had any other ways to wash their clothes and he said that everyone uses the leaf. Therefore, I don’t think there is soap in this world, the production of soap is actually pretty easy…”

Lu Shu had stumbled upon the making of soap in the past. Apparently, someone accidentally dropped oil into an extinguished charcoal and brought them out with his hands as he was afraid that the mixture would cause a fire. Then, he realized that his hands were extremely clean after he washed them.

Sometimes, coincidences were unnecessary because even without this coincidence, scientists would have discovered how to make soap while researching on chemical elements.

However, it was a different story in this world. Firstly, there were very few people who studied chemistry. Secondly, such coincidences had not happened yet.

Lu Shu was happy over his idea but Lu Xiaoyu was stunned. “You are trying to make soap out of nothing?”

Lu Shu said, “… What do you mean?!”

Initially, Lu Xiaoyu thought that it was safer for Lu Shu if he had gone to the Wei Wu Army. However, it looked as though it was not safe for him to go to the Wei Wu Army too!

Lu Shu felt that Lu Xiaoyu was acting weirdly. Wouldn’t he make money from making soap?

It was not practical to make use of advanced technology in this world to produce unimaginable objects. The natives would probably not be able to accept it. Therefore, it was more profitable and reasonable for them to produce household products as the cost price was low too.

Lu Shu analyzed it carefully. “Look, it was extremely easy for the people in our world to make soap. They simply added hot alkali onto pork lard. I don’t think there are any alkali in this world but we have two choices, one is to burn the grass and tree branches and use its ashes, one is to look for alkali! The former is a stupid method as it would be slow to make alkali from the ashes of grass and tree branches, it would be good if we can find an alkali mine. I don’t think it will be difficult for Anthony to find it. After finding the alkali mine, we can just combine it with lime to make sodium hydroxide. There is lime in this world, I saw them using it to build houses!”

It was normal for there to be a lack of alkali in this world as it was discovered rather late on Earth as well. However, that did not pose a problem to Lu Shu as he could always fall back on making use of ashes from grass and tree branches.

Lu Xiaoyu looked at Lu Shu in shock. She realized that Lu Shu was being serious. He really wanted to make soap!

Lu Shu said proudly, “If this world ever achieves technological advances, perhaps I would be crowned the creator of soap!”

“I don’t think this is worth being proud of,” Lu Xiaoyu commented.

“You don’t understand, science is an art form. The more you research, the more you will discover about the world’s wonders,” sighed Lu Shu, “However, this world took another path and therefore would not be bothered about foundational scientific concepts.”

There was no right or wrong. It was two different paths. Humans made technological inventions in order to make use of technology. On the other hand, this world embarked on another path as they were already sufficiently powerful. Instead of technology, they made use of “witchcraft”. Therefore, it was no wonder that they advanced very slowly in terms of technology.

It was an outcome due to one’s power. Lu Shu thought about it, perhaps there were living creatures who could delve deep into technology in other worlds, but he knew that nobody in this world would care about it.

“So you are saying that none of the practitioners would have a spell for washing clothes?” Lu Xiaoyu was curious. “If there is, then won’t we be wasting our efforts?”

Lu Shu smiled, “We can just sell the soap to ordinary villagers. They make up 80 percent of the people here. This is our market, we don’t need to sell it to the practitioners.”

“That’s right.” Lu Xiaoyu suddenly felt sad, Lu Shu was about to make soap…

And he claimed that he was going to be the inventor of soap, how shameless…

Lu Shu suddenly became excited upon thinking of this idea, “I don’t think we have enough cash for two nights stay at the hostels. Do you have anything we can sell for money?”

Lu Xiaoyu stared cautiously at Lu Shu. “What do you want me to sell? I have gold chains but people here will not want it.”

That gave them a headache, gold became something useless in this world…

Lu Shu thought about it. “Anything else?”

“And a belt which I bought for you. However, the people here wear pants that are different from our world. They don’t need belts and don’t recognize the big brands…” Lu Xiaoyu said.

At this moment, a candied fruit seller passed by. The sticks of red candied fruits were slotted in the stick carrier by the seller and a group of kids were following him. Lu Shu smiled at Lu Xiaoyu and asked, “Do you want some?”

“No.” Lu Xiaoyu shook her head. “We need to save some money.”

Lu Shu looked at Lu Xiaoyu. Lu Xiaoyu was still requesting for candied fruits the night before her Spirit Qi recovered. After two years’ time, Lu Xiaoyu had grown up.

Time would change one’s character unknowingly. Be it Lu Xiaoyu or Lu Shu himself, he hoped that his looks would change.

Lu Shu stopped the seller. “One stick please.”

He bought it and stuffed it into Lu Xiaoyu’s hand. “Just leave one for me.”

“Oh,” Lu Xiaoyu responded and lowered her head, seemingly deep in thought.

It felt as if they were in the same world. Or perhaps, even if the world had changed, Lu Shu and herself did not change.

They were also very poor back then but she knew that Lu Shu had a way.

Initially, Lu Xiaoyu did not like this world and did not want to accept it. However, this feeling vanished.

That was because Lu Shu was there. Everywhere was the same with Lu Shu around.

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