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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 884: New King’s Studies

Chapter 884: New King’s Studies

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Yun An City was surrounded by mountains. Some said that in Yun An City, it was warm in winter and cool in summer. It was like spring all year round. But Lu Shu felt that this was a hoax.

After Lu Shu entered Yun An City, he did not immediately observe how much the businesses were more prosperous here compared to in the fields. Instead, he focused on the defense here.

He casually looked around and saw soldiers from the Wei Wu Army lazily leaning on the wall as they chatted. There were also soldiers at the entrance. At first, Lu Shu was worried about whether they would require official documents to enter the city. But the soldiers were busy chatting. They did not even see Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu.

Furthermore, Lu Shu felt that these troops were very poor. The Qing Sai Army he had seen in the fields were not subdued by force. Their horses were of the best quality. He could see that they took good care of their red armor.

But the Wei Wu Army was different. Lu Shu felt that their weapons looked rusty. They were evidently not magical weapons. They might not even be as good as typical weapons…

The commander of the Wei Wu Army was also the head of Yun An City. A slave had become the head of a city. Lu Shu was sure that they had used other means.

But could this army… win battles? He did not know how they had survived the past few battles.

Lu Shu suddenly had a feeling that the King of Gods and the Lords of Heaven treated these people like sheep. They could not even be considered as ranch owners. They did not care about how the sheep they took care of would grow.

There were times when Lu Shu pondered. After individuals grew too strong, would they involuntarily see these people as ants?

It was said that the action of freeing captive animals was for nothing, as you did not know whether the fish or loaches you set free were good or evil. If you had set free an evil fish, then you would be blamed by the gods, right?

Some argued that fish did not care whether others were good or bad, as long as they were set free.

No matter whether it was fish, or loaches, or even humans, there would be no difference in their tools and food.

But in the eyes of the gods, humans were the same. They were not worthy of attention.

In this world, above Rank One was the Master Realm. These people looked down on humans like they looked down on ants. Who cared about them? As long as they were strong enough, they would be able to defend their own rule.

This was different from governing others. When people governed others, they had to think about their lives, environment and customs. Now, it was as if the gods were governing people. No matter how much the ordinary people struggled, it would be of no use.

From this point of view, Lu Shu could understand the current situation in the Wei Wu Army… the South Lord of Heaven, Wen Zaifou, was too lazy to care about them. Would the gods care about ants who shamelessly sough personal gain?

Although Lu Shu had never seen Nie Ting, a Shen Cang Jing, attack, he could imagine the threatening power that he had. A Rank One was able to break the Gate to Hell in the Kunlun Mountains. The Master Realm was almost on the same level as a god, at least in the eyes of the ordinary people.

This world did not use the name Shen Cang Jing. There were only Masters.

But to be honest, Lu Shu preferred the Heavenly Network to be this way. He could fight together with the Heavenly Network, sit under the walnut tree and read documents, and carry a bowl of millet gruel only to tell Shi Xuejin that the green Chinese onions were not tasty.

Lu Shu felt that Nie Ting was a real person, and not a deity. He was much stronger than a few Lords of Heaven.

Of course, he had never seen the Lords of Heaven for himself. He could not come up with a conclusion yet.

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu walked past a noodle shop. He saw that it was very lively in the shop, as if a large group of people were discussing something. He overheard someone talking about the King of Gods.

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu looked at each other. Then, they walked in. A waiter welcomed them. “Would you like to sit on the second floor or the first floor?”

“First floor.” Lu Shu looked at the menu that was hanging on the wall. “Two bowls of beef noodles, please.”

“Sure.” The waiter led Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu into a corner. Lu Shu glanced at the group of people. Someone had talked about the King of Gods again.

He said to Lu Xiaoyu, “Go and sit there first. I will listen to what they are saying.”

There were a few tables of guests sitting together. Among them, an old man said, “I have heard so much about the King’s Studies today. Your opinions have broadened my horizons!”

When Lu Shu heard about this, he was slightly fed up. King’s Studies… did the old King of Gods create a new profession?

Suddenly, someone said with a lofty tone, “I aspire to read all of the King of Gods’ poems and draw the world that the King of Gods had mentioned in his poems!”

The people around him cheered and clapped. Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Were they experts in the King’s Studies? They were like maniacs!

But it was understandable. To a world like this where culture was lacking, the old King of Gods created 99% of the cultural items here. It was normal for people to respect him…

Suddenly, someone said, “Brother, do you know this poem? “The white sun sets below the mountains, the Yellow River flows into the ocean. If you want to see a view of a thousand miles, climb up to the next floor.” This poem is called ‘Climbing Yellow Stork Tower’. The Yellow Stork Tower has appeared many times in the King’s poems. I want to know what this Yellow Stork Tower is like, and where it is. Don’t research it.”

The person sighed, “The Yellow Stork Tower is a sacred place to me. Let’s look at the first line. One can see the mountains from the Yellow Stork Tower. Furthermore, the mountains are probably in the west…”

Lu Shu was silent for two seconds. He then said, “Have you ever thought that ‘Yi Shan Jin 1 sets below the mountains”]’ might be the name of a person?”

The originally enthusiastic discussion suddenly quieted down. Everyone looked up and stared at Lu Shu. They then recalled the poem…

“From Qi Ziyi’s distress, +666!”

“From An Hao’s distress, +666!”

“From Chen Weihua’s…”

“This argument…” Someone hesitated. “If the old King of Gods heard this, he would beat you up…”

When the group of people heard this, they thought that it was an unreasonable argument and was ready to scold him. But when they looked up and saw Lu Shu, they were silenced by his looks. Even their tone was not as strong as before…

Suddenly, someone said, “But this could be a new perspective…”

Even Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Did someone really believe him?

They looked at Lu Shu again. “Do you have any other opinions?”

Lu Shu was silent for two seconds. “Do you think that the line, ‘Where have people’s faces gone to 1?’, is criticizing people for having no shame?”

The experts in King’s Studies pondered deeply again…

“From Qi Ziyi’s distress, +666!”


Lu Shu did not know that he had unintentionally created a non-conventional school of thought in the King’s Studies…

There were very few of such people, but they still existed…


Ch 884 Footnote 1

this is extracted from the first line of the poem. It means “[sun

Ch 884 Footnote 2

in the original poem, “people’s faces” refer to that of girls”

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