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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 885: All According to Routine

Chapter 885: All According to Routine

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The group of people started a heated discussion. They even invited Lu Shu to their discussion in the afternoon. They asked where Lu Shu lived. Lu Shu said that it was the first time he had come here, and did not have a place to stay.

Immediately, someone said that they had a place to stay here. They wanted to have late night talks…

Lu Shu was speechless. He decided to reject him. He still needed his own place to make soap, and did not want others to know about this secret place.

The people of this world did not place much emphasis on secrets of the trade, but Lu Shu still felt that they were important. Lu Shu understood human nature very well. Back then, when he sold eggs, there were people who asked what spices he had used. When they did their research and sold eggs beside him, Uncle Li had chased them away…

Some people were abominable. Once others discovered that you were making money, they would use the same method to make money. They would even think of ways to disrupt your business. They did not even think about creating a new product.

Thus, Lu Shu was worried. What if someone discovered his method to produce soap? Lu Shu did not want to beat people up just after he had come here…

There was a benefit in being a Practitioner. They had to be strong enough to steal business from him. If someone tried to steal his business, he would make Anthony, Johnson, and the Bishop talk to them about the problem of keeping markets healthy.

But Lu Shu agreed to attend the discussion session in the afternoon. He would be punctual.

He returned to where Lu Xiaoyu was sitting. Lu Xiaoyu glanced at him. “What is worth discussing with them?”

Lu Shu cheerily said, “I have to integrate with them before I can sell my soap. After all, we are not familiar with the people here. We need to break in from somewhere. Furthermore, I realized that people around them like to listen when they discuss. They will be our living advertisements of the future. Today, we will start to sell soap!”

Suddenly, Lu Shu looked at his bowl of noodles. “Where is the beef? Is there no beef in beef noodles? Waiter! Come here!”

The waiter walked over with a white cloth in his hands. “What’s wrong?”

“Is your chef called Beef?” Lu Shu remained calm as he asked.

“No.” The waiter was shocked. “Our chef is not called Beef. What’s wrong?”

“Where is the beef in my beef noodles?” Lu Shu was unhappy.

The waiter was dumbfounded. “The beef was eaten by the lady beside you…”

Lu Shu was speechless.

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +199!”

Lu Shu looked at Lu Xiaoyu. He had guessed the beginning, but he had not guessed the end…

At that moment, a few soldiers from the Wei Wu Army walked in. They clumsily wore their armor on their bodies, and their helmets were held loosely in their hands. They seemed like army riffs.

Lu Shu silently observed them. He wanted to see how the Wei Wu Army behaved in daily life.

When the four soldiers came in, they shouted arrogantly, “Three kilograms of beef, two liters of alcohol, and four servings of cold dishes. Hurry up!”

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu sat at the corner and did not move. When the soldiers finished eating and were about to pay, one of them suddenly put their helmet on the table. “Here. Take his helmet as payment. Brothers, let’s go.”

The waiter looked at the helmet on the table and put on a long face. Lu Shu was dumbstruck. Could this be called the army? They did not even want their helmet!

Lu Shu secretly pulled the waiter to the side. “Is this helmet worth money? Can this helmet settle the bill?”

“What bill can they settle?” The waiter did not know whether to laugh or to cry. “I will send someone to return the helmet to the Wei Wu Army in the afternoon. This is classified army materials. We might die.”

Everything went according to routine. Lu Shu sighed with emotion.

But this kind of army was quite suitable for him. He did not want to fight wars to collect achievements. He just needed to be eligible for the Sword Hut.

With this kind of army, he did not have to panic…

“Let’s go.” Lu Shu stood up. “We still have things to do.”

The Wei Wu Army did not seem very wealthy. Zhang Weiyu had said that they did not have much provisions and funds for the troops. The Qing Sai Army was wealthy because Nangeng City was relatively prosperous and had fertile land. On the other hand, Yun An City was not an important city. They had no special products either. Entrepreneurs did not like coming to Yun An City.

But, the poorer a place was, the more common the conflict to commit questionable acts.

It was said that some disciples of the Sword Hut had taken up positions in the Wei Wu Army, but applied for transfer after less than two months. They could not bear such an army.

Needless to say, Lu Shu discovered that everyone thought highly of the Sword Hut. Lu Shu wanted to see the Sword Hut even more now.

He asked the waiter and learned that the Wei Wu Army recruited soldiers every three months. The next conscription would be in over a month. But no matter how decent they were, the Wei Wu Army was never fully filled.

As Lu Shu left the shop, he even asked the waiter. “Does the Wei Wu Army typically fight?”

“Yes, why not?” The waiter said with disdain. “There are many bandits in the mountains. They fight everyday.”

The waiter quickly glanced at Lu Shu. Lu Shu laughed. As expected, there was something fishy.

There would definitely be bandits in a world like this. But where did the bandits come from? Most of them were former slaves who had lost their slave owners. The Wei Wu Army itself was formed by former slaves. It would not make sense if these had nothing to do with one another.

This was a vicious cycle. This was not an important city, and there were bandits in the mountains. If merchants were willing to do business here, they would be crazy. The more people who came, the poorer they became. The poorer they were, the more evil they would become.

Lu Shu held on to the waiter. “Can I ask you one more question? Do merchants come here?”

The waiter was dumbfounded. “Yes, but not many. Only two major trade caravans come here. They have two Rank Two slaves. Thus, the bandits do not dare to provoke them.”

Lu Shu sighed. There were merchants here, which meant that he would be able to sell his soap in other distant areas.

As long as the humidity was controlled, it was very convenient to transport soap. He asked curiously, “What time will the trade caravan come?”

“They are in the east of the city.” The waiter said, “But be careful. The female slave owner has a strange temper.”

Lu Shu thanked the waiter and brought Lu Xiaoyu to the east of the city. Lu Xiaoyu looked at him curiously. “Have you thought about what we are going to do?”

“We will trick them,” said Lu Shu, full of confidence. He had a mysterious smile on his face. This was his first time seriously carrying out a plan.

“Get out, get out! Did I allow you to come in?” A strong slave tried to push Lu Shu out.

Lu Shu was unhappy. “I have a business I want to talk to you about. I can assure you that after you hear this, you will be amazed… wait! Stop pushing me! I’m telling you, stop!”

Lu Xiaoyu laughed at the side until her eyes became crescent moons. On Earth, Lu Shu had become a synonym for omnipotent. As long as Lu Shu was around, it seemed as if nothing was impossible.

It was quite interesting to see Lu Shu being humiliated in this world.

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