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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 886: Forced by Life

Chapter 886: Forced by Life

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Lu Shu stood outside the inn where the group of merchants were staying in. He was speechless. he thought for a long time about how to convince them to invest in his great soap business. But he could not even see their faces…

After Lu Xiaoyu finished laughing, she took out a jade necklace from the space ring and said, “Why don’t you pawn this and see how much it’s worth?”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “I’ve never seen you wearing this.”

“Sister Nalan gave me a necklace so that I would go to their house more. I think it is worth quite a lot,” said Lu Xiaoyu.

“That’s true. Nalan Que is a direct descendant of her family. She won’t hand out cheap things,” said Lu Shu. “But I can’t pawn your things. If not, what will I become?”

Lu Xiaoyu dragged Lu Shu and walked. “Rather than seeing you get the cold shoulder, I’d rather you pawn this necklace.”

Although seeing Lu Shu being humiliated was rather interesting, Lu Xiaoyu thought about how Lu Shu had to ask others to invest in his business and lower his own position. Lu Xiaoyu was unhappy with this.

He had taken great pains to train and achieve his current strength. She did not want to see Lu Shu lower his head again. To Lu Xiaoyu, Lu Shu should be lofty and the most powerful.

They reached the pawnshop. The interior was extravagant and refined. But when the attendant saw Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu walk in, he did not even greet them. Instead, he looked at the Bishop behind them.

It was not because he had seen the Bishop’s power. It was because the pink scarf on him was very conspicuous…

The boss looked at them from behind the tall counter. “2000 notes.”

In this world, one kilogram of rice was worth about one note. Thus, 2000 notes was worth 2000 dollars on Earth.

Li Yixiao was unhappy. If Nalan Que only gave something worth 2000 dollars, was it really Nalan Que? She was only stingy towards Li Yixiao…

“Take another look,” said Lu Shu.

The boss smiled. “No matter how much I look at it, it’s only worth 2000 notes. Half of it was carved.”

Suddenly, they heard the sound of horses galloping outside. The sound was very concentrated. Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Who would run around on horses in Yun An City?

The galloping of horses drew closer and closer. Lu Shu could hear the wails of many people, as if civilians were running for their lives!

The next moment, the horses stopped outside the shop. A ferocious male charged in. “Hello, Boss Lin. We are from the Azure Dragon Village in the An Mountains. Don’t hide it anymore. Take out everything that is valuable!”

The boss did not seem very surprised. He sighed and waved to his staff. The staff turned and took out a tray from under the counter. Boss Lin said politely, “Recently, business has not been good. These are the notes I have prepared for all of you. Please take them.”

The male looked at his brothers and smiled. “Boss Lin is so generous. Brothers, take the notes and leave.”

Suddenly, he saw the jade necklace in Boss Lin’s hands. He turned and said, “Boss Lin, how can you do this? Won’t you give something good like this to us?”

Boss Lin quickly passed the jade necklace to them. “Take them…”

Before he could finish talking, he saw that the bandits were lying in a pool of blood… they were Rank Four bandits! How could all of them be on the floor just after the old man in the pink scarf moved?

Suddenly, he saw the young man in front of him pick up the notes from the bandits and stuff them into his pocket. Then, he expressionlessly sighed. “As expected, stealing money is faster.”

The boss’ hands started to tremble. He thought that the young man was a small slave owner, who had to pawn objects from his house. Under normal circumstances, who would pawn their items? Only those who had no way out would do so. Which expert would come here for money?

Lu Shu looked at the boss. “How did these bandits enter the city?”

“They collaborated with the Wei Wu Army. Every month, they will come and collect a protection fee, which they will split equally with the Wei Wu Army. Right after that, the Wei Wu Army will tell us that it is part of their pay, and this is how they earn money…” The boss trembled as he spoke.

Lu Shu nodded his head. “So it’s like that.”

The boss thought about it and said, “Thank you for saving me…”

“No need to thank me,” said Lu Shu calmly.

“No, no, no, I have to thank you…” The boss said politely.

“No, I mean that from today, I will collect the protection fees in Yun An City,” said Lu Shu calmly.

“From Li Gui’s distress, +666!”

Lu Shu felt that nothing was going according to plan. He had wanted to join the Wei Wu Army, but he had been forced to become a bandit. He was being forced by life…

“Can I ask you something? Where is the Azure Dragon Village in the An Mountains?” Lu Shu asked.

“In the north…”

“Thank you. I hope you know what you should say, and what you should not say.” Lu Shu turned and walked out after he finished speaking. Lu Xiaoyu happily followed behind Lu Shu.

When the boss saw that Lu Shu had left politely, he had thought that Lu Shu was joking when he said that he would collection protection fees. But in the evening, he heard that the Azure Dragon Village had been wiped out…

Lin Gui even started to doubt his own life. How did the Azure Dragon Village, which had illegally occupied the land near Yun An City for eight years, get exterminated just like that?!

Many civilians and businesses in the city were very happy, but they did not know who had done it.

Of course, Lin Gui knew who had done it. But he did not expect him to be that powerful. The head of the Azure Dragon Village was a Rank Three! It was said that he was of equal status with the commander of the Wei Wu Army!

At that moment, Lu Shu sat on the chair in the Azure Dragon Village and looked at the few remaining Azure Dragon Village bandits. “Preach the rules, start a new trend. From today onwards, you will be bandits who follow the rules. Do you understand? If you understand the rules, I will help you build up a family fortune and lead a relatively decent life.”

A strong and good-natured bandit softly asked, “How do we build up a family fortune and lead a relatively decent life…”

He did not even know what a “relatively decent life” meant.

Lu Shu was silent. “Have less babies, grow more trees?!”

“From Li Heitan’s distress, +666!”


Li Heitan hesitated for some time before saying, “I’m afraid that you will become the common enemy of the people in these mountains after that attack. The Wei Wu Army will also come for you…”

Lu Shu’s eyes lit up. “Really? Then that saves me the trouble of finding them.”

Li Heitan wondered whether the new head was mentally sound…

But Lu Shu sighed with emotion. He was heading towards a bright future. It was not bad if he could become part of the Wei Wu Army. He had officially established a standard unit here. How did he accidentally become the King of the Mountains?!

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