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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 887: Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune

Chapter 887: Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune

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Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu to patrol their new territory. To be honest, this was the first time Lu Shu had his own territory.

The Azure Dragon Village had chosen a good place. Behind them was a cliff, and in front of them was a small, rugged path, where it was easy to defend but hard to attack. It would be very difficult for an ordinary person to come here. A Rank Three and a few bandits would be able to prevent the Wei Wu Army from attacking them from the front. Furthermore, there were many secret paths in the mountains, with many bandits lying in ambush.

Lu Shu had seen that some bandits had stronger discipline than the Wei Wu Army.

But no matter how much they planned, the head of the Azure Dragon Village probably did not expect their enemy to be able to fly…

When the Bishop flew with his pink scarf, the entire Azure Dragon Village was dumbfounded… then, an overwhelming massacre occurred.

The Bishop had two unique skills. One was control, and the other was his sword. Lu Shu had experienced these skills before. But back then, he was only a Rank Two. His attacks were not as threatening.

The Bishop used his silver light to stop everyone from moving. Five attacks by his sword killed over 400 people. It was very frightening.

Thus, Li Heitan thought from the very beginning that there was something wrong with their new head. He was waiting for people to attack him. But after some thought, he felt that there was nothing wrong with Lu Shu. Instead, there was something wrong with himself…

A Rank One… there were only a few dozen Rank Ones in the territory that belonged to the North Lord of Heaven.

Who would expect a Rank One expert to come to the Azure Dragon Village? Furthermore, his subordinates were Rank One as well. Just how strong was the new Great Lord? It was unfathomable…

But the problem was, if you were so impressive, why did you come to the Azure Dragon Village? He thought more about it. There was still something wrong with the new head…

The Bishop stood in the public square of the Azure Dragon Village. There was a large flag in the middle of the square with the words “Right wrongs in accordance with Heaven’s decree”. Their actions were evidently to earn money. What nonsense were they spouting? Lu Shu said to Li Heitan, “Change the flag for me.”

Li Heitan was dumbfounded. “What do we change it to?”

“Escape poverty and make a fortune!” Lu Shu exclaimed with great confidence.

Lu Xiaoyu was silent.

Lu Xiaoyu was not surprised at all. This was Lu Shu’s style. After some analysis, it sounded as if the urban and rural areas had combined.

But the other bandits of the Azure Dragon Village were annoyed. This was not like their formidable mountain village. To put it in a worse way, they were giving themselves a disguise. But to Great Lord Lu Shu, they were just deceiving themselves. Lu Shu said, “Which civilian doesn’t know what you do?”

Li Heitan softly reminded him. “It’s not us, it’s you guys…”

“Yes, yes, yes, you guys.” Lu Shu felt that he was a Great Lord who could accept the suggestions of others.

Thus, the Azure Dragon Village changed their slogan to “Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune”…

Lu Shu asked Li Heitan to bring him and Lu Xiaoyu around Azure Dragon Village. Lu Shu was too lazy to talk to so many people because only a few of them were left. The others ran away when they saw the Bishop. Only Li Heitan dared to approach him.

Li Heitan was like an idiot. He insisted that the Bishop come down and fight to their deaths…

Lu Shu was not afraid that the bandits would go against him. To be honest, even if there were a thousand of such bandits, they would not stand a chance against the Bishop. Anthony and Johnson had not even been brought to the scene.

There were no mountain villages that had bandits with the combat power of one Rank One and three Rank Twos. If they had this power, they would not be bandits. They could take up one of the vacant positions under the Lords of Heaven. A Lord of Heaven controlled hundreds of cities. Being the head of a city was not easy…

They were all positions that had been officially established…

At that moment, Lu Shu raised his hand, and the secret paths in the mountains were all sealed off. Massive stones formed a city wall.

The Azure Dragon Village was already very steep. Suddenly, it had become a fort. Paths that had been suitable for climbing in the past were sealed off. There were two wood sentries in front, but they had become part of the stone wall. Even the stairs in the wall had been designed.

To be honest, everyone in this world was a Practitioner. This was Li Heitan’s first time seeing seeing a single element being used to its fullest potential. He was shocked by Lu Shu. Even the other bandits were silenced by fear.

As expected, this young man was full of mysteries!

Lu Shu had discussed this with Lu Xiaoyu. He deliberately created a strong facade so that it would be easier to convince them.

These bandits often moved around. If they were fed up with their current place of residence, they would move somewhere else. No matter who the Great Lord was, it was not important. What was most important to them was that they had food to eat, alcohol to drink, and could be safe.

Now, they were truly safe. Who would be able to mess with a Rank One bandit…

Li Heitan and the rest did not quite understand what had happened. Although they had just experienced a massacre, they felt a sense of security when they saw what their new Great Lord was capable of.

With a new canal, the Azure Dragon Village looked much better…

They were just worried about what they would do if the new Great Lord was unpredictable. It would not be easy to get along with him…

After Lu Shu finished renovating the Azure Dragon fort, he looked at the flag that said “Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune”. He smiled to the mob below him. “From today onwards, we will not rob others. I will allocate work for all of you. We will talk about our concrete plans to make money when the Wei Wu Army and the people from the other mountains send a wave of human heads 1 here.”

Li Heitan thought that the new Great Lord had a strange way of speaking. Send a wave of human heads? But it was a vivid image. If the Wei Wu Army, led by a Rank Two and made up of Rank Threes, came to the mountains to fight a Rank One, they would be sending human heads as well…

But why did their Great Lord ask them to prepare a big pot before the war? What was this pot for? They even had to kill pigs and produce oil. The tasty lean meat was put at the side and not eaten. What did they need oil for…

The other villages in the mountains were shocked. Yun An City had been very peaceful for almost seven years. Even the Black Feather Army did not think that it was worth it to make the trip here. But after just one day, the Azure Dragon Village had put up a new flag. What was going on?!

Everyone was used to quietly earning money. Their current way of life was rather decent. They could tyrannically abuse their power and live in the lap of luxury off the civilians in Yun An City. But now, a strong enemy had suddenly appeared and killed the local thugs?

No one from the Azure Dragon Village had been able to escape. Some people were returning to the Azure Dragon Village when they heard wails. Thus, they did not go up. Not long after, they saw the new flag in the distance that said “Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune”…

Thus, everyone was not sure what had happened up there…

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