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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 888: Way of the Dragon

Chapter 888: Way of the Dragon

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was rare for over ten factions in the mountains to come together for a meeting. They met in a place 15 kilometers away from Yun An City. The scenery was picturesque, and there was a small pavilion.

The heads all sat in the pavilion, while their underlings sat outside. The factions were not very friendly with one another, but they were all businessmen now. They knew that amiability makes you rich…

Thus, in recent years, they had minded their own business. Needless to say, the commander of the Wei Wu Army, Ye Xiaoming, had made great contributions. If he did not control the situation, it might have been even more chaotic.

Someone suddenly asked, “Do you know… who put the slogan ‘Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune’ on the flag?”

“Wasn’t the flag changed for us to see?” Someone said curiously, “From its literal meaning… are they here to earn money?”

“How would I know?” One of the heads said, “Who has such a slogan? Furthermore, I don’t know what strong enemy has come to beg for money here. They are definitely very strong. If they are not a Rank Three, they must be a Rank Two. If not, how would they be able to wipe out the Azure Dragon Village so easily?”

To be honest, no one considered whether their enemy was a Rank One. What was a Rank One? A Rank One was a person who could stir the wind and the clouds, and fly in the air. Which Rank One would come to a place like this?”

“Earlier, I heard that the assistant head of the Azure Dragon Village had advanced to Rank Three. Had he cooperated with outsiders to go against the head?” Someone tried to analyze. “This is not impossible. No one wants to be resigned to being controlled by others, right?”

“Heh heh. If that’s the case, I can only say that the people in the Azure Dragon Village who died are far too foolish. I will never allow my subordinates to do such a thing. If I see even a hint of a new development, I will find a way to get rid of it.”

“Commander Ye, please say something.” Someone said, “We are all living decent lives thanks to Commander Ye. But we only get a small commission from the business that we do. It does not make sense for Commander Ye to not do anything at a time like this.”

The commander of the Wei Wu Army, Ye Xiaoming, was in the lead. He was big and tall, and looked very ferocious.

Many years ago, he had followed an aristocrat. The aristocrat had died in a battle against the Black Feather Army, but he had survived by luck. Later on, he joined the Wei Wu Army. He relied on his excellent methods and strength to become the commander of the Wei Wu Army.

Of course, there were people looking after him as well. Back then, he had gone all out to serve the aristocrat and formed a relationship with his family. When he visited the family, he promised to give them half of his profits. In return, his relationship with the family was severed and he became the commander of the Wei Wu Army.

Now, Ye Xiaoming was the local tyrant of Yun An City. He tackled every aspect without leaving any gaps. Before he could properly think about making money, such an incident had happened.

Ye Xiaoming observed his surroundings. He then said in a deep voice, “You are able to safely beg for money on this land. Why is that the case? It is because we understand the rules and don’t mess around! If someone wants to mess around, I will not let them off. Bring your men and your horses. The Wei Wu Army will also send out two elite troops. We will work together and surround Azure Dragon Village.”

“It does not matter if they want to create chaos or earn money here. But without our permission, they will have to accept the consequences.” Ye Xiaoming finished speaking and glared at everyone. “That is all.”

Everyone understood. Ye Xiaoming had the final say in Yun An City.

Everyone knew that they needed Ye Xiaoming to tackle the possibly strong enemy. The rest simply had to bring some men and horses to capture Azure Dragon Village.

Azure Dragon Village had been their main force in earning money. They thought about all the notes in Azure Dragon Village. This way, they would be able to obtain ill-gotten wealth.

In the past, more than ten factions shared a cake. Now, they could have more slices. Of course they would prefer this.

“Let’s take this opportunity to expel Azure Dragon Village,” said someone.

“I agree!”

“I agree as well!”

“Since the opportunity has come, let us seize it,” said Ye Xiaoming. “Azure Dragon Village is at the An Mountains, 11 kilometers away. How should we go about this? Let’s make him understand that even strong enemies won’t have an easy time here.”

Other than the possibility that a Rank One had come to create a mess, Ye Xiaoming was not scared of everyone.

As for a Rank One… only a crazy poor Rank One would come here to earn money!

Lu Shu sat on the newly built wall at Azure Dragon Village. He was swinging his legs. That was right. He was crazy poor… he was waiting for the armies to surround him.

Ye Xiaoming still did not know that their actions opened up a new door for Lu Shu…

At first, after he had officially established himself here, he wanted to slowly blend in with the Wei Wu Army. Thereafter, he would make an earnest living by making soap.

But this world was very difficult. He had no choice but to take to the greenwood and become an outlaw.

Lu Shu would never confess that he wanted to experience what being the Great Lord of the mountains felt like. He had just been forced by life.

In the future, if his comrades from the Heavenly Network asked him, being a bandit as the Ninth Heavenly King did not align with his core values. Lu Shu could then say that he had been forced.

At that moment, he saw the trees along the path shake in the distance. Among the shadows, it seemed as if a large army was approaching.

Li Heitan and the rest, who were beside him, were scared. “Great Lord, I’m afraid that they have come to surround us!”

Lu Shu cheerily laughed. “Good!”

The army stretched over two kilometers. A few thousand people had probably come. Lu Shu asked, “How many people are there in the other mountains.”

Li Heitan counted on his fingers for a long time. “Probably over 4000 people.”

“Wipe out all of them.” Lu Shu looked at Lu Xiaoyu. “Let those wearing the Wei Wu Army armor live.”

Anthony and Johnson were already lying in ambush underground. On the other hand, the Bishop stood behind Lu Shu with his pink scarf. They were like master and servant.

Lu Shu deliberately created a mysterious atmosphere. If not, his future plans would not turn out well.

Suddenly, a long spear flew towards Lu Shu. But before it could reach Lu Shu, the Bishop raised his hand. A silver light appeared and broke the spear into pieces.

Ye Xiaoming led the bandits and charged forth. When he saw the new wall in front of him, he hesitated. Since when did Azure Dragon Village have a city wall?!

But he did not care. Ye Xiaoming charged towards Lu Shu and laughed. “Are you the new head of Azure Dragon Village? I’m afraid that there are some flaws in your actions…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ye Xiaoming saw the Bishop, who had been quietly standing behind Lu Shu, soar into the sky. After that, the silver light engulfed everyone like a fishing net. The ground behind them started to tremble. Then there was the wailing of many bandits!

Ye Xiaoming was completely dumbfounded!

Rank One! It was a Rank One!

The servants behind the young man were all Rank Ones. How strong was this young man? What was his background?

How many people in this world had Rank One experts as their servants?

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