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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 891: Long Que

Chapter 891: Long Que

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Li Heitan said in a hoarse voice, “My boss asked us to remind you who we truly are. Selling soap is just a part-time job. Understood? We have noble ambitions.”

Lin Gui took a long time to gather his thoughts. What? So now they were a bunch of ambitious bandits?!

But they were still bandits no matter what ambitions they had!

Indeed, the nature of Azure Dragon Village remained unchanged, despite their unusual behavior under their new leader’s rule. Therefore, they were as unreasonable and aggressive as ever.

Over the span of one day, Lu Shu received an enormous amount of distress points. He knew that they were in millions without even looking at it…

Meanwhile, Lu Shu spent almost all his time practicing his swordplay. Unexpectedly, Azure Dragon Village was a magically rich land, whose concentration of Spirit Qi was much higher than that in Zhang Weiyu’s little house. This had greatly facilitated with Lu Shu’s daily cultivation practice.

Consequently, he had attained Rank Five, a feat that he had estimated would take up to three months, in less than a month.

Lu Shu knew very well that it was one’s power that made this world go round.

Although he could assume self importance through his connections with the Bishop, it would serve him better if he himself was strong enough.

By now, his sword skills had achieved a state where his sword energy could be released and applied freely to his will.

Even if he was only holding a twig, he would feel as if the twig was his sword, and the sword was an extension of his body.

At first, Lu Shu had intended to make soap bars together with Lu Xiaoyu. But after the change of his plan, all of the remaining bandits in Azure Dragon Village had become his laborers. Following that, they saw a huge surge in output.

Now, Lu Xiaoyu’s only job was to bring back alkaline mines. After that, Lu Shu would refine the crude minerals to obtain caustic soda, which was then added to the final product. The rest would be handed to the laborers in a factory-line manufacturing manner.

Lu Shu sighed with emotions. “Having a good plan is halfway to success…”

In fact, the laborers held no grudges towards their current life at all. In the past, their earnings solely depended on their boss’ mood, yet they could do nothing about it. Now, however, it was based on their contribution. The more soap bars they made, the more money they could get. This way, their life was much more stable than the past…

Back in the old days, they could only eat their boss’ leftovers. But now, they could afford eating meat occasionally.

Thus, whenever they walked past the flag that read “Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune” on their way home, they would worship it as if paying respect to a shrine…

The slogan was deeply engraved on the minds of all, even the illiterate… They knew how to write those six words even though they did not know how to write their own names!

Recently, the bandits felt that they had welcomed in a new age. With money constantly flowing in, they were keenly motivated and were even more determined to develop the business further with their new boss!

At this moment, Lu Shu held a soap bar in his hand and told Lu Xiaoyu, “Making soap is not hard. Although currently we are doing a good job in keeping the manufacturing process a secret, they would figure it out sooner or later because we can’t possibly handle everything by ourselves after the yield improves. By then, there will be imitators.”

Lu Xiaoyu shot him a concerned look. “So what should we do?”

She wanted to suggest suppressing the imitators through violence, but did not voice it as Lu Shu seemed to be a genuine pacifist at the moment.

“Should we design a logo?” asked Lu Shu, “To create our own brand?”

Lu Xiaoyu pondered over it and controlled Anthony to build a mold of Lu Shu’s head…

There was an awkward silence. Then, Lu Shu commented, “The previous time I saw similar logos was on the containers of Laoganma Chili in Oil and Wang Shouyi Condiment…”

He was not judging. In fact, Lu Shu liked Laoganma. But he still felt that it did not look right…

“I think it’s pretty good,” Lu Xiaoyu said, curling her lips in disapproval.

“In fact, it does look like me,” Lu Shu said, “You are an artist, Xiaoyu.”

Then, Lu Xiaoyu made another Doraemon mold. But Lu Shu shook his head. “Copyright…”

Lu Xiaoyu was speechless. They were in Luniverse! Why should they be concerned with copyright issues?!

Then, the Doraemon turned into Little Fury.

Lu Shu’s eyes brightened in surprise. “I like this! Brand it on all our soap bars!”

That was how the Little Fury branded soap bar had come from.

However, the imitators could actually copy their logos too. In the end, Lu Shu decided to establish the soap market as soon as possible and reap sufficient profits before the emergence of competitors.

At the end of the day, they would return to Earth. Thus, they were not interested in becoming the richest in the Luniverse. Besides, it was rather unrealistic to be the richest man by selling soap bars.

“We must let the outside people know that now this place is free from bandits and conducive for business trading. Otherwise, they won’t be willing to come,” Lu Shu said after some consideration, “Beware of Ye Xiaoming, though, he may cause us trouble. Ask Li Heitan to advertise for our Azure Dragon Village and say that we can ensure the safety of merchants in the area. Moreover, if you spot any new bandits, exterminate them.”

Lu Shu did not perceive himself as a good man, though he did not mind using violence against the outlaws.

Yet, at dawn the next day, Li Heitan rushed back soon after he carried the newly produced soap down the hill. He shouted, “My lord, my lord! That woman is coming! The very strong slave owner!”

Lu Shu was confused. “Who?”

“The itinerant merchant who’s trading for specialties in Yun An City recently,” Li Heitan replied.

“Why is she here?” Lu Shu asked, frowning. But this was good news because Li Heitan once told him that the merchant had a huge sum of money. It was said that she had a successful business in the palace and her traveling around was solely due to her interest in the outdoors.

Back then, he had wanted to find her for investment but failed. Now, she was coming to visit him by herself…

Lu Shu wanted to put on some airs and reject her. Yet, in the next second, she had already arrived by air…

Lu Shu was astounded. “You are a Rank One! Why be an itinerant merchant?”

The slave owner was stunningly beautiful. She looked even more handsome in her red suit. As she turned her gaze to Lu Shu, she smiled. “I’m a Rank One merchant and you are a Rank One bandit. So don’t call the kettle black. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Long Que.”

At that moment, the Bishop was standing right behind Lu Shu. Thus, Lu Shu pretended to be arrogant and asked, “What wind blows you to my Azure Dragon Village?”

Lu Shu believed that this woman had come from an unusual background. Otherwise, she would not have been an itinerant merchant given her impressive Rank One powers. Hence, it was possible that she had another secret identity. Lu Shu decided to minimize their contact so as to avoid unforeseen trouble.

“How much soap do you have left?” Long Que asked with a bright grin. “I’m buying all of them!”

Lu Shu sat up straight at once. “We are friends, from this moment onwards!”

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