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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 892: Quick Sale at Azure Dragon Village

Chapter 892: Quick Sale at Azure Dragon Village

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As a matter of fact, Lu Shu had been concerned about how to create a bigger market for his soap outside Yun An City. This was why he had tasked Li Heitan to give away soap for free to travelers outside the city.

Now that they had freebies to collect on their way out, many residents of Yun An City had taken the initiative of traveling out of the city to visit their distant relatives. This was a luxury in the past as travelers used to be robbed or threatened by the bandits outside.

There were also people who had gone out just to get free soap. But Lu Shu did not mind them too as soap making was a cheap business. Moreover, his ultimate goal was to promote his soap by advertising for the convenience of using soap.

After a while, people learned that Azure Dragon Village would not punish those who faked their trips just for the soap. As a result, more and more people had jumped onto the bandwagon of collecting free soap.

Unsure of what to do, Li Heitan went to consult Lu Shu for advice. Lu Shu said, “Just let them get the soap.”

“But what if they come back shortly?”

“Have you forgotten that we are bandits?” Lu Shu said, rubbing his temples.

“Understood!” said Li Heitan. The next day, some people played the same old trick. Afterwards, Li Heitan blocked them on their way back to Yun An City and insisted they pay for the soap they took.

Those people were reluctant to pay because they knew the soap was supposed to be free.

Li Heitan said, “You pay because I told you to. We are bandits!”

In fact, Lu Shu was well aware that folks in poverty-stricken regions tended to be mean. Thus, he had to make the message clear that Azure Dragon Village was a bunch of disciplined bandits but other people had better not mess with them.

Truth be told, Lu Shu enjoyed his life as a bandit. At the very least, he had earned the respect of the people through fear.

When the Yun An City market had gradually become saturated, Azure Dragon Village organized a timely quick sale with a slogan that went “If you love her, buy her Azure Dragon Village soap”. Similar sales events were held every other day in all different forms.

Residents of Yun An City were unfamiliar with such sale tricks. Some women even felt that it was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity that should not be missed when there was a discount of five notes!

Meanwhile, Lu Xiaoyu was rendered speechless by Lu Shu’s sales ideas…

Honestly speaking, it would have been a sure loss if Lu Shu had played the same marketing gimmick on the Earth. Yet, they were in Luniverse, where the people were ignorant of such business tricks.

At this moment, Long Que appeared, and she had straightaway demanded all the remaining stock at Azure Dragon Village to be sold to her. In fact, she had a rich experience in the world. Just a few days ago, she bought a box of soap from another shop and was truly amazed by its effects.

Its cleansing effects were apparent, especially when washing the oil off her hands after meals and cleaning her hair during baths!

In their times, shampoo and hair conditioner were foreign items. Thus, soap was the best body wash product that they had ever seen…

Not only so, Long Que had been in town since Lu Shu became the leader of Azure Dragon Village. Thus, she had been watching from the shadows just how the city had changed over the past days. She did not pay attention at first because to her, all bandits were merely worthless, uncivilized beings.

Afterwards, however, as she gathered more information, she learned that the new leaders of Azure Dragon Village were probably two Rank One’s. That captured her interest in them. Soon, she realized that… the culture at Azure Dragon Village had changed drastically under the new leader, given the fact that they had even devised so many different ways to collect protection fees alone…

Today, Long Que had decided to visit the village personally mainly for two reasons. Firstly, she was interested in the soap and wanted to bring some with her. Secondly, she wanted to know the new village heads.

Before she arrived, she was thinking maybe she knew the leaders as all the Rank One’s in Luniverse were rather famous. However, to her surprise, she did not find the face familiar at all. Moreover, the elder behind the young man was wearing a pink scarf… which looked kind of weird…

Long Que glanced around. In her impression, Azure Dragon Village should be a dirty and messy place, riddled with half-naked men walking on muddy grounds.

The village might even stink. Anyway, it would not be a pleasant place.

However, she was caught by surprise when she flew over the thick, protective village walls. It was not an easy engineering feat that average bandits could achieve. Yet, she was even more impressed by the internal structure of Azure Dragon Village.

The village was no longer the dirty base of bandits as it used to be. It was floored with neatly arranged stone slabs that Lu Xiaoyu had excavated from the mountains.

The stones were smooth and clean, carved with delicate skid-resistant lines. There were stairs on the steeper slopes. A waterfall ran down the mountain behind and cut through the village. There was even the foundation of a pavilion beside the river and it was nearing completion.

Long Que almost had the illusion that she was at a summer resort.

This was all thanks to Lu Xiaoyu’s effort. She had stocked up enough alkaline minerals for long-time use and really had nothing else to do.

Thus, in her free time, she renovated Azure Dragon Village and made the environment here much more presentable.

The moment Long Que landed on the floor, her main agenda of this visit had changed from the soap trading to getting to know this interesting head of the village.

Yet, she soon realized that the new lord of Azure Dragon Village was not interested in her at all for some reason. But his attitude was overturned completely as soon as she expressed her interest in buying all the soap… Frankly speaking, not many people in the Luniverse were as honest as this guy in showing their greed for money…

She had expected at least some formalities, which did not happen either. Nevertheless, this man was rather straightforward and good-looking…

Long Que’s expressions froze momentarily when she saw Lu Xiaoyu. But immediately she was back to normal.

That did not evade Lu Shu’s sharp eyes. He wondered what she was hiding.

Long Que’s attractive physique was perfectly embodied in her red tight suit. Undeniably, she looked like a fiery phoenix.

Long Que laughed heartily. “Give me all you have. This time I’m heading south to Nangeng City and I will make a return once I hit the border. After that, I will go past the South Capital and the Palace and continue to head northward. I can assure you that the entire Luniverse will be familiar with your soap brand if you have enough stock to provide.”

Lu Shu felt that Long Que was as bold and forthright as a man. Earlier he had heard from the shop waiter that she had an unusual temperament… Was she a lesbian?

Wait, she just shot Lu Xiaoyu a meaningful glance! A feeling of anxiety suddenly crept into Lu Shu’s mind…

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