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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 893: Long Que’s Mission

Chapter 893: Long Que’s Mission

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Lu Shu suddenly felt that there was something wrong with this world. If Long Que was like what he had thought, then there were too many strange beings in this world!

Putting her character aside, Lu Shu suddenly picked up some details in her speech. Go south to Nangeng City, then turn back after reaching the border.

Everyone knew that the Black Feather Army was approaching. Which normal travelling salesman would go to the border? Even if you were a Rank One that could fly, you could not protect everyone in your trade caravan in this chaos, right?

Unless Long Que was hiding something!

There were three small towns near Nangeng City. One of them had crop fields!

Although Lu Shu could not be sure whether she was heading towards the crop fields, he believed that his guess was correct!

Zhang Weiyu was very strange. Thus, Lu Shu found it difficult not to associate this with him. Had Long Que and Zhang Weiyu been entrusted with the same thing? Lu Shu could not be sure. If they had the same mission, then Long Que lived a much better life compared to Zhang Weiyu.

Lu Shu was cautious. The responsibility that Zhang Weiyu had was most likely related to the King of Gods. Lu Shu guessed that Zhang Weiyu was one of the people who were close to the old King of Gods.

When Lu Shu thought about this, he felt that this was not something that he could involve himself in. Even if he reached the Master Realm, or Shen Cang Jing on Earth, the new King of Gods would still be more powerful than him, right?

This was not something he, as a Rank Five Practitioner, could take part in. His aim was to forcibly break free after he had reached Rank One through his swordplay and cultivation. He would then exchange his distress points for celestial fruits and do everything he could to find a way home.

Lu Shu preferred Earth over this world.

Lu Shu casually asked, “What if the Black Feather Army attacks? Are you not afraid?”

Long Que smiled. “Those who have reached the Master Realm cannot attack. We have nothing to fear. For now, no one has dared to touch the rule that the old King of Gods had established.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. So those who had reached Master Realm were not allowed to attack!

Long Que came and left quickly. Lu Shu was still thinking about how Long Que would transport the soap worth 40 thousand notes. It turned out that she had invisible storage equipment.

This way, Lu Shu was even more certain that she had an unusual identity. After all, invisible storage equipment was not common in this world.

Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu sat on the village wall. Lu Xiaoyu suddenly asked, “Do you think that the Black Feather Army will come?”

“I can’t say for sure. We’ll have to see how strong the Qing Sai Army is.” Lu Shu thought about it and said, “From my observations, the Qing Sai Army should be almost as strong as the Black Feather Army. Using brands as an analogy, one of them is Chanel, and the other is Prada. They are almost equal in terms of strength.”

Lu Xiaoyu was dumbfounded. “Then what about the Wei Wu Army? What brand are they like?”

Lu Shu was silent for two seconds. “Have you ever heard of the Jiangnan Leather Factory…”

Lu Xiaoyu thought carefully about it. This made sense…

“Recently, I have developed a new way to refine oil.” Lu Shu suddenly said, “I had thought that pig oil is not too expensive. We produce it using leftover materials. But after we have expanded our business, buying pigs make up the majority of our budget. I asked Li Heitan whether there were any soybeans and rape seeds here. He said that there were people who planted peanuts near Yun An City. It is quite convenient to produce oil this way.”

This world had not started to use vegetable oil in cooking. Vegetable oil was often used to produce cloth, especially sesame oil.

The process of producing peanut oil was very simple. Even ordinary people could do it themselves. They just had to fry the peanuts for five minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. They only had to take care of the pressure.

When the residue and the oil were separated, the soap produced by peanut oil would look clear and pretty. This allowed Lu Shu to produce new products.

Lu Shu did not have any marketing skills. He did not have a special talent in business either. He only knew that if he wanted to earn money, he had to develop a variety of products. Pretty soap would be able to attract aristocrats as consumers. Ugly soap could be sold to the civilians at a low price. This way, the needs of everyone were fulfilled.

To be honest, being a bandit was not complicated. After all, if you put your sword on the table, others would be willing to buy your product, even if it was just a stone. But Lu Shu was a bandit with ideals. He had to focus on the sustainable development of his business…

Lu Shu had asked Li Heitan to buy as many peanuts as they had. He even encouraged agriculture. If they planted one mu 1, they would be rewarded with 50 notes. After they were fully grown, Lu Shu would buy them at the original price…

Lu Shu felt that he was making great contributions to the economic development of Yun An City. He had heard that some soldiers of the Wei Wu Army had started to grow peanuts. Soldiers from the Wei Wu Army had their own fields, but in the past, growing crops was not profitable. Thus, everyone was too lazy to plant crops. Planting crops was not as fast as robbery!

But now, it was different. There was financial aid from public finances…

After all, the oil in the Wei Wu Army was all concentrated in the hands of the middle class and above. The soldiers at the lowest level had to go through a long process just to eat. Now, they had the opportunity to make money. They had financial aid too. Furthermore, the Azure Dragon Village was buying peanuts for a rather high price…

Thus, the civilians in Yun An City were somewhat surprised. The lazy soldiers of the Wei Wu Army had actually started planting crops…

The civilians had felt despair towards the old Yun An City. But now, for some reason, they felt as if Yun An City was glowing with a new lease of life…

Then, those who brought soap out to rope in their relatives finally brought back results for Lu Shu. Not only had they brought soap over, they had brought news. The only bandits in Yun An City are from the Azure Dragon Village, and they did not rob people. They simply conducted business!

In just half a month, travelling businessmen from Nangeng City in the south and Kaitai City in the north started to gather in Yun An City. The slaves in the shops near the entrance of the city were just about to start their business for the day when many groups asked them where Azure Dragon Village was…

In just half a month, many people had seen a commercial opportunity in soap!

They wanted to research how soap was created, but could not come up with anything.

How would ordinary people be able to think that soap, that could get rid of dirt and oil, was made out of oil? They had no chemists!

When Ye Xiaoming heard the news in the palace, he could not understand. What was the Azure Dragon Village doing? All the businesses he had seen had avoided bandits. But the world had changed, and business started to actively seek out bandits!

Were they all mad?

At that moment, in Azure Dragon Village, Lu Shu had started a seven day long commodities fair. He stood on the limestone stage, daring and energetic. He looked down at the travelling businessmen, who had come with dust all over their faces. “Do you want to be successful? Let me tell you, before you had said anything, one business here did not believe in my products. But now… there are two kinds of people in this world. One kind is made up of people who are in this trade, like you and I. The other kind is made up of people who are still trying to understand this trade… success is right under your noses…”

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