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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 894: Virus and Market

Chapter 894: Virus and Market

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When Lu Xiaoyu heard Lu Shu talk, she rolled her eyes. She knew that Lu Shu had spent a lot of time on his plan to brainwash them. At first, Lu Xiaoyu had thought that he wanted to carry out multi-level marketing. Later on, she found out that Lu Shu had no intentions of doing so.

According to Lu Shu, if their business spread too far, the aristocrats might be alerted and they might be surrounded. This could possibly endanger them. After all, they were not strong enough. Thus, they could not be too open.

Lu Xiaoyu then watched as Lu Shu started to brainwash the traveling businessmen. These businessmen were elites. When they had first started, they had done business as well. Who would believe such a trick? They just looked at the profits in front of them and resisted.

But Lu Shu did not want to trick them. He purely wanted them to be more enthusiastic in selling soap.

When the traveling business realized that this was not a scam, they started to listen to Lu Shu attentively.

At first, Lu Shu had thought that this was very simple. But when he actually carried it out, it was not easy…

It was definitely not easy doing any kind of business. Over the last two days, Lu Shu had to remember the reactions of every single businessman, as well as emotions that showed in their eyes when they heard something…

At night, when Lu Shu was taking down notes, Lu Xiaoyu lay down beside him and quietly watched. There were times when she felt that days like these were not bad.

For some reason, without Lu Shu beside her, she was always filled with explosive anger and murderous intent. If Lu Shu was by her side, she would be able to calm down.

It was as if an ocean wave had come into contact with the Dinghai Shenzhen 1. The ocean was still an ocean, but one’s feelings were different.

The next day, Lu Shu started to teach them. “How do you do your business? Do you open your doors and wait for customers to come? Do you believe that good wine needs no bush? Let me tell all of you. Good wine still needs a bush!”

That day, Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu led a group of traveling businessmen down the mountain to the city. Ye Xiaoming was amazed that they actually dared to enter the palace. But when he thought of their power, he did not dare to act rashly.

There was a meeting among scholars of the King’s Studies that day. Lu Shu did not slack off. Recently, he often visited Yun An City to send soap to the scholars. Thus, they had to invite the Azure Dragon Village to their meeting today.

Everyone knew that the Azure Dragon Village would not come. Thus, they did not expect them to actually attend.

But when the Azure Dragon Village arrived, the scholars were shocked… that was the representative of the New King’s Studies, right?!

When the traveling businessmen behind Lu Shu heard the praises from the scholars, they were dumbfounded. How did the new Great Lord of the Azure Dragon Village become an outstanding representative of the New King’s Studies?!

Someone asked softly, “What new theories has he proposed?”

The traveling businessmen liked to pose as lovers of culture as well. There were many classic poems in the King’s Studies. It was a trend to drink alcohol and ponder about poems!

Someone else said softly, “He said that ‘Yi Shanjin’ could be the name of a person…”

The traveling businessmen gasped in shock! This?!

Suddenly, one of the scholars smiled at Lu Shu. “Do you have any insights today? We will be inspecting three poems by the King of Gods…”

Lu Shu looked at the thread-bound book in his hands. He shook his head and smiled. “You are far too disrespectful to the King of Gods. Before you read his poems, even if you don’t take a shower and change your clothes, at least wash your hands. The poems would be stained if you did not do so, right?”

As he spoke, the Bishop had brought a bucket of water. Lu Xiaoyu obediently passed Lu Shu a bar of crystal clear soap. The scholars watched as Lu Shu used the soap to wash his hands before he carefully flipped open the collection of poems.

When the scholars saw Lu Shu’s serious expression, they were stunned. They did not know that there were such practices when reading poems written by the King of Gods.

Everyone looked at Lu Shu’s clean fingers, then looked at the clear bar of soap. It felt like a ceremony…

The traveling businessmen looked at one another helplessly. They remembered what Great Lord Lu had said to them during their lesson yesterday. “Sales is not just selling items. When you sell something, not only do you have to entrust the object with its basic function, but also give it significance!”

Lu Shu immediately continued. “How do you give it meaning? Make it feel like a ceremony? Let me ask you, what does this mean? This means to give something that is insignificant significance…”

Now, a simple cheap trick by Lu Shu had become the basics of ceremonies in the King’s Studies. Before one read the king’s poems, they had to wash their hands with soap from Azure Dragon Village…

How mysterious! The traveling businessmen had their horizons widened. After two days of brainwashing, they still doubted the Azure Dragon Village. But Lu Shu’s action gained their respect and admiration.

As Lu Shu flipped through the poems, he casually said, “Typically hand washing cannot completely clean your hands. You must use soap. If you flip through the king’s poems with dirty hands, you are being disrespectful to the old King of Gods…”

The scholars and traveling businessmen almost vomited blood. How shameless!

Although the new King of Gods had taken over the throne, he had never rejected any of the old King of Gods’ contributions. Thus, the people in this world still continued to respect the old King of Gods. Some of the King’s Studies scholars were extremely passionate.

But with Lu Shu’s actions, if someone looked through the king’s poems without washing their hands with soap, they would be disrespecting the old King of Gods…

Although the scholars felt that it was somewhat nonsensical, but… it suddenly felt very important. It was very elegant!

In reality, Lu Shu knew that some things were held in high regard precisely because they were involved in ceremonies. He had just linked the ceremony with soap for the scholars…

The traveling businessmen felt that this personal experience was a classic. They had never seen this before!

Lu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes at the side. She silently said, “How terribly shameless.”

Four days later, the traveling businessmen left. They had all come from afar with the intention to earn money, but left with a devout passion. It was not that they had been brainwashed. It was just that when everyone realized how fashionable the king’s poems were, a ceremony would allow them to earn money!

This was similar to some religious organizations that needed products like joss sticks. Their business was flourishing!

After that, the saying that one had to wash their hands with soap before reading the king’s poems or it would be disrespectful to the old King of Gods spread like a virus. The traveling businessmen repeated Lu Shu’s actions in a frenzy…

They marketed their products in a frenzied manner in order to earn money. It was also a subversion of ceremonies in the King’s Studies. If scholars of the King’s Studies did not bring a bar of soap with them, they did not have the courage to say that they were out on a meeting…

Lu Shu stood on the wall around the Azure Dragon Village and looked at the mountains in the distance. There were too many cases like these on Earth. Diamonds were a global scam in the name of love.

Far too many people have been scammed and kidnapped in that era. But no one was willing to wake up to reality, as there was joy in this.

The current King’s Studies was also the same. Lu Shu had given them a way to increase their importance.


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a weapon found in the novel Journey to the West

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