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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 895: Invasion of Black Feather Army

Chapter 895: Invasion of Black Feather Army

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Shu was an experienced businessman on Earth. He had sold things like boiled eggs, stinky tofu, and even magical stones to large organizations. Yet, he had never felt the same sense of accomplishment as now, as if he was standing at the frontier of a new age…

At that moment, he understood why the old King of Gods liked the Luniverse, because his modern knowledge made him appear exceptionally smart among the “caveman” locals. However, Lu Shu was aware that the Luniverse was not where he belonged.

Unexpectedly Lu Shu received an invitation from Ye Xiaoming, the leader of Wei Wu Army, to a visit at his mansion.

Although Lu Shu had not been taking Ye Xiaoming seriously, he would still give him 10% of the profits earned from his soap business once in a while. Lu Shu knew that there had to be something extraordinary about Ye Xiaoming given that he was an orphan, yet he had become the leader of an army. Thus, Lu Shu did not want to corner him either.

That was all.

Sitting on the village wall, Lu Shu looked down at the man who had come to deliver Ye Xiaoming’s message and said, “Tell Ye Xiaoming to come to Azure Dragon Village if he wants a chat.”

The man was aghast at Lu Shu’s arrogance. He returned to Ye Xiaoming and told him that this overbearing guy actually wanted Ye Xiaoming to visit him personally…

Then, Ye Xiaoming really did as he was told.

Lu Shu smiled at Ye Xiaoming, who was seated beside him, and asked, “What wind blew you here, General Ye?”

Ye Xiaoming answered, “Recently, Nangeng City has broken into a war with Black Feather Army. The situation is worrying. Now that the Black Feather Army suddenly sent two Rank One’s to attack Nangeng City together, the city is truly in imminent danger. Our Yun An City will inevitably become the next target if Qing Sai Army fails to defend their borders. Thus, we have to be prepared too.”

Lu Shu was confused. “What’s your point?”

Ye Xiaoming hesitated and said, “Your Azure Dragon Village thrives on your business, welcoming new itinerant merchants every day. You sent caravans of products out each day for sale. Undoubtedly you are the richest man in Yun An City now.”

“Speak proper language.”

“I need military funding…” said Ye Xiaoming.

“From Ye Xiaoming’s distress, +666!”

No matter how pathetic Ye Xiaoming’s life used to be as compared to other generals, he had never asked for funding from the bandits until today…

In fact, this was not the first time that Wei Wu Army asked Azure Dragon Village for money. Now, close to one quarter of the Wei Wu soldiers were planting peanuts, waiting for their Azure Dragon Village daddy to give them daily subsidies.

Over time, it seemed as if Lu Shu had become the true leader of both Yun An City and the Wei Wu Army…

Ye Xiaoming had never seen another strange happening like this in his entire life…

Lu Shu fixed Ye Xiaoming with a calm stare. “So you are asking me for money.”

Ye Xiaoming explained patiently, “Think about it, Sir. Will your village not be in danger when Yun An City is compromised?”

Lu Shu agreed. But he doubted whether Ye Xiaoming could protect the city even with more money. Then, he smiled. “Don’t even think about cheating my money. But I’d like to do business with you.”

“A business?” Ye Xiaoming was puzzled. “What is it about?”

“Firstly, ask all your soldiers to plant peanuts,” said Lu Shu, “Then I’ll give you the money.”

Ye Xiaoming’s face brightened. He knew that the subsidies provided by Azure Dragon Village for peanut farmers were commendable. In this case, he would be able to earn more profits too if all that money had passed through his hands first before being distributed to the people.

Despite the transition from the lord of a city to that of a farm, Ye Xiaoming did not mind that much in the face of the huge sums of money offered, which had even relinquished his persistent thoughts of suppressing Azure Dragon Village.

Ye Xiaoming asked, “What else?”

“You’ll have me in your Wei Wu Army. And, recommend me to the Sword Hut,” said Lu Shu with a smile of victory beaming on his face.

Lu Shu had wanted to join the Wei Wu Army through a legitimate way, but who would have expected him to become a bandit in the end? Yet, unyielding in the face of challenges, Lu Shu had not forgotten his dream of going to the Sword Hut in search of a way to go home!

Upon hearing Lu Shu’s conditions, Ye Xiaoming suddenly babbled on excitedly, “Do you want to go to the Sword Hut? That’s great! In that case, I can give you the quota for free even without the deal! I can write you a recommendation letter with my tiger stamp right away! When are you leaving, Sir? Let me wish you every success in your admission into the Sword Hut!”

Lu Shu was speechless.

He looked at Ye Xiaoming, feeling as if he had been bullying Ye Xiaoming for too long and now that he was leaving, Ye Xiaoming could hardly conceal his pleasant surprise…

In fact, Ye Xiaoming had been wracking his brains thinking about how to chase away this lord of Azure Dragon Village. But considering his extraordinary powers, he knew very well that he could not force him out with violence…

As a famous general in the South State, Ye Xiaoming had never been so aggrieved before!

Yet, the demon himself wanted to leave. This was… freaking awesome!

In the past, the aristocrats bribed Ye Xiaoming to send their talented sons to the Sword Hut. But this time, Ye Xiaoming would willingly pay for Lu Shu’s application… Whatever it took for Lu Shu to leave!

If Ye Xiaoming was the emperor of Yun An City, Lu Shu could probably be his backstage ruler…

Lu Shu was speechless at Ye Xiaoming’s visibly pleased expressions. After a while, he dismissed him with a wave. “You may leave, then. Remember to send me your recommendation letter as soon as possible.”

“Of course,” said Ye Xiaoming. Then, he left in buoyant spirits. Indeed, Lu Shu’s intention to go to the Sword Hut was the best news he had heard recently!

However, in less than two hours, Li Heitan rushed back with his men from Yun An City. Their armors were broken and there was blood on their faces.

Lu Shu was stunned. “What happened?”

“An elite troop of the West State Black Feather Army has bypassed the Yun Tian Mountains in secret and launched an attack against Yun An City!” Li Heitan reported, panting heavily, “The lord of Yun An City, Ye Xiaoming, was killed by the Black Feather Army on his way back to the city!”

Lu Shu was petrified. At that instant, the only thought on his mind was that… his recommendation was toast.

Why was it so freaking hard to get a recommendation letter? He had disgraced himself by becoming a bandit, yet he still could not get the letter! Just a moment ago, he had finally persuaded Ye Xiaoming to write the letter for him, but now he was dead! This was insane!

Lu Shu was in shock. This was definitely the worst timing the Black Feather Army could choose to launch their attack!

Immediately Lu Shu and Li Heitan rushed towards Yun An City. From the top of the An Mountain, Lu Shu knew from merely one glance that Yun An City was doomed to fall into enemy hands. While the black soldiers of Black Feather Army charged bravely forward on their fearless horses, the Wei Wu soldiers could only flee for their lives.

Suddenly, a cavalry soldier, clad in heavy black armor, looked in the direction of the An Mountain. At that instant, Lu Shu felt as if his gaze had met his!

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