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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 896: Little Shu, the General of Wei Wu Army

Chapter 896: Little Shu, the General of Wei Wu Army

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Lu Shu returned the black soldier’s stare calmly, but the latter did not pause for long. He turned and charged onwards, seemingly determined to slaughter all his enemies.

According to the original plan, the Wei Wu Army should have been stationed on the city walls to defend against Black Feather Army. However, the attack was all too sudden, which left the Wei Wu Army little time to rush back to the city from their military camp in the countryside.

The Black Feather Army was as fierce as a black dragon. They had disrupted the formation of the Wei Wu Army in merely one assault. Compounded with the unfortunate fact that their general, Ye Xiaoming, had been killed on his way back to the city, the troop was in complete disarray…

Lu Shu sighed. Ye Xiaoming was truly a good-for-nothing. He should have at least written him a letter of recommendation before he died!

Now that the general of the Wei Wu Army was dead, how could he possibly obtain the letter?

The bloodshed outside the city did not stop until night fell. All the doors in Yun An City were closely shut as the folks were afraid that the Black Feather Army might slaughter them all.

Strong and well organized, the 3,000 Black Feather Army soldiers charged forward fearlessly against the 10,000 Wei Wu soldiers. They were unstoppable. Often times a small-scale assault was enough to panic their enemies.

Blood dripped down the slits of their black armor. Their spears were stained scarlet red.

The few survivors of the Wei Wu Army had fled into the mountains, hoping that the Black Feather calvary would not abandon their horses and pursue them so soon.

Meanwhile, Lu Shu and Li Heitan paid close attention to the situation on the battlefield. When Lu Xiaoyu requested to go out for a closer look, Lu Shu did not allow it.

At the moment, he could be certain that the Black Feather soldier who stared into his eyes earlier was a Rank One master. He did not want to take the risk of having Lu Xiaoyu kidnapped by him.

After defeating the Wei Wu Army completely, the Black Feather Army headed southward, clearly showing no intention of entering the city. They were truly the most elite troop in the Luniverse. Lu Shu felt that they were on par with his Flood of Bronze.

Yet, the Flood of Bronze had the advantage of bronze armor, which was a piece of magical weapon, but the Black Feather Army did not have such a luxury.

Gazing at their receding army, Lu Shu pondered for a long moment and concluded. “They are going to trap the Qing Sai Army in a siege. In fact, taking down Yun An City was not their main goal. They simply wanted to breach this weakest point of defense and launch a surprise attack on the Qing Sai Army. This way, it’s impossible for Qing Sai to survive…”

Despite the long distance between Yun An City and Nangeng City that spanned over 300km, the calvary could probably make it within three days, given their impressive speed and stamina. Indeed, the combat horses in the Luniverse were incredibly strong.

Now that a troop of Black Feather Army was charging towards them, the Qing Sai Army in Nangeng City was certainly on the losing end.

Now, Yun An City had become a lifeless place. At night, the entire city was shrouded in total darkness and no light could be seen. The town folks hid in their houses, scared and helpless like cicadas in the cold winds.

Suddenly, a group of Azure Dragon villagers came up to Lu Shu and said, “My Lord, Wei Wu Army has come to seek your protection.”

Lu Shu almost laughed out loud. “Ha, the government troops have come to seek help from the bandits! Are they not ashamed? Ask them to leave. We have no obligations to protect them.”

The villagers trotted away. However, they returned again when Lu Shu was inspecting the situation down the hill. “My Lord, they said that they are willing to plant peanuts!”

“… Insignificant skill… Let’s go and have a look.”

Lu Shu walked up the village walls of Azure Dragon Village. Outside were countless deserters from Wei Wu Army. In a rough estimate, Lu Shu guessed that there were at least 3,000 people…

Under their hopeful gazes, Lu Shu said in a calm voice, “You are soldiers and we are bandits. It doesn’t make sense for us to protect you, does it? Besides, there is not enough space in my village to accommodate all of you, even if I wanted to.”

“It’s okay. We can sleep in the countryside. We only hope that you don’t chase us away, sir!” a man shouted. His face was covered in mud, apparently having fought extremely hard for his life…

Lu Shu was still reluctant to accept. “Most importantly, it doesn’t reflect well on either of us. We have no connections with Wei Wu Army at all…”

At this moment, someone threw an item at Lu Shu. At first, he thought that it was a secret weapon. The Bishop caught it and passed it to Lu Shu, who stared in confusion. “What is this?”

“This is Ye Xiaoming’s tiger stamp. Now that Ye Xiaoming is dead and the Wei Wu Army is in a state of disunity, I, Liu Qianzhi, one of the deputy generals of Wei Wu Army, am willing to follow you as our new general!” As he spoke, the man suddenly knelt down on one knee, and so did the other Wei Wu soldiers. Liu Qianzhi shouted, “All of us used to plant peanuts for you, doing our best to secure a living. In the past, we had always been ostracized inside the Army because we did not agree with Ye Xiaoming’s values!”

As if sensing Lu Shu’s hesitation, the man continued, “The appointment of the Wei Wu general has never followed any strict procedures. I know the lord behind Ye Xiaoming and I am willing to send him presents on behalf of you, my lord. With enough money and benefits, we can buy the general position for you! Now that the Wei Wu Army is in a state of utter despair, it is the perfect time for you to lead us, my lord! With the tiger stamp in your hands, we are willing to follow you!”

Was this supposed to be a joke?! Lu Shu drew a startled breath. An outsider as he was, he had wanted to join the Wei Wu Army in a low-key manner but ended up as a bandit. Then when he wanted to ask Ye Xiaoming for a recommendation letter, that guy was dead. And now that he felt sorry for the dismal state the Wei Wu Army was in, they had just pledged to follow him as their new general…

Was this Luniverse a fake world?!

That was truly an eventful day. Yet, Lu Shu could hardly muster any joyful emotions at the moment. Instead, he was doubting the authenticity of his life…

Li Heitan had once told him that those who were willing to plant peanuts for them were good-natured soldiers as they earned a living through hard work. In comparison, most Wei Wu soldiers had gotten used to living off the toil of other people and they were reluctant to get their hands dirty with peanut farming even though the subsidies provided by Azure Dragon Village were really inviting.

Therefore, this group, who were kneeling in front of him and pledged their willingness to plant peanuts, were at least not rotten at heart. They might still be salvageable. In fact, lady luck was on their side because they were on the farmlands when the war began, far away from the battlefield.

Undeniably, this was some good karma…

Hesitant, Lu Shu glanced over the huge group of Wei Wu soldiers outside the village walls and asked, “Err, are you sure that I can be your general?”

That almost made Liu Qianzhi jump in joy. He knew that Lu Shu was moved by his offer!

Immediately Liu Qianzhi dropped to his knees again and shouted, “We are willing to plant peanuts for you for life, my lord, until the day we die!”

That certainly did not sound like any other pledge of allegiance!

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