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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 898: Superhuman Shifter

Chapter 898: Superhuman Shifter

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The Qing Sai Army broke away with all their strength. The Black Feather Army, who was approaching them, also did not expect to encounter the Qing Sai Army mid-escape in this wide expanse of flat land. According to their plan, they should have laid in ambush between Li Yang Pass and Nangeng City. The chief commander of the Black Feather Army had been preparing and wanted to prevent the Qing Sai Army from joining the Red Flame Army at Li Yang Pass.

Unfortunately, the Qing Sai Army did not trust the Red Flame Army. Thus, they did not intend to go to the east towards Li Yang Pass.

Their encounter in this piece of flat land meant that they had to fight to the death. Liu Yizhao was not a timid and weak-willed person. When he saw that their path had been blocked, he was not afraid. “Follow me and charge. If you die, I will take care of your family. If you live, I will drink with you!”

Liu Yizhao had been in Nangeng City for over ten years. He did not expect that the arrival of the Black Feather Army would waste all of his previous efforts. It was said that compassionate people could not lead armies. Liu Yizhao knew this very well. But every death of his subordinates made his heart bleed.

Since they had come here, they could not go back. Liu Yizhao could not die yet. He still had his mission!

Liu Yizhao could only rejoice that he had taken pains to nurture the Qing Sai Army. Those who were able to be here today were not only the elites, they were also completely loyal to him!

The Qing Sai Army suddenly charged forth. The Rank One commander from the Black Feather Army soared into the sky. He threw a long spear in Liu Yizhao’s direction. It produced a sharp sound as it fell through the sky.

As long as he could charge into the formation and kill Liu Yizhao, they would defeat the Qing Sai Army without a fight!

But the next moment, he saw Liu Yizhao fly into the sky as well. The red-tasseled spear in his hands trembled, and a Siberian Crane flew out of the spear!

When Liu Yizhao took charge of Nangeng City, he was only a Rank Two. But this did not mean that he had remained as a Rank Two after over ten years.

He had hidden his inadequacy in the eyes of others. But he did not expect to be involved in someone else’s plan even though he had remained low. His life was as stake now. Liu Yizhao charged forward with full strength!

“Where is the superhuman shifter?” Liu Yizhao roared.

One of his trusted subordinates took out a ball with a lotus engraved on it. He squeezed it with force. The lotus suddenly started to glow. Many fluorescent and transparent petals flew out towards the commander of the Black Feather Army!

The commander, who was dressed in black armor, had an unpleasant premonition. He quickly retreated, but it was too late!

In order to fight a fast battle to force a quick decision, not only had Liu Yizhao shown his true power, he had even exposed his extraordinary mythical object. In this world, ordinary people called Rank One experts who could fly, superhumans, as they felt that only superhumans could fly.

The superhuman shifter! The owner of the Sword Hut had once casually tossed it to Liu Yizhao. It could only be used once. Thus, Liu Yizhao treasured it. But not many people knew that he had the superhuman shifter. He was afraid that he would not be able to keep his position as the head of Nangeng City. There were petals on the ball which the owner of the Sword Hut had carved. They had the ability to kill a Rank One.

The petals flew very quickly. Liu Yizhao stuck himself to the commander and did not give him the opportunity to run away. The two of them fought like eagles in the sky. The people on the ground had no way to interfere.

The moment the Qing Sai Army and Black Feather Army came into contact with each other, the flood of red and the flood of black suddenly collided and attacked each other. It was as if lava from a volcano that had just erupted came into contact with the river!

There were roars and the sounds of metal clashing. It sounded as if something was burning.

Suddenly, Liu Yizhao raised his leg and kicked the long spear that the commander was using to protect himself. They were over 100 feet apart in the air! Then, the petals of the lotus cut through the black armor that the commander was wearing and pierced through his body!

Liu Yizhao sighed internally. In the end, he had used this weapon. He watched as the petals and the ball fell along with the commander and disappeared.

The armies fought each other at close quarters. Whether or not they had a commander were two different concepts. Liu Yizhao led the Qing Sai Army to charge forward, while the Black Feather Army started to disperse!

Needless to say, the Black Feather Army was made up of the most elite soldiers. Even if their commander died, they would still fight to the death. They stepped into the breach to replace their fallen comrades!

No one from the Black Feather Army had escaped. Only dead bodies were left on the battlefield!

The Qing Sai Army, which had 3000 people when they escaped, was left with only over 1000 people.

Liu Yizhao turned and looked at Nangeng City, which had ceased to exist. “The Wei Wu Army is definitely done for. We will change our escape route! Leave your horses here. We are going into the mountains!”

The Black Feather Army had come from the same direction as Yun An City. Thus, Liu Yizhao was certain that the Wei Wu Army was done for. The Black Feather Army had come from the back. To prevent their escape routes from being sealed off, they definitely had to kill the Wei Wu Army. If not, what if the Black Feather Army wanted to retreat, but had to face the Wei Wu Army? It would cause them even more trouble, right?

Liu Yizhao had no way to confirm whether there were any soldiers from the Black Feather Army on guard in Yun An City. Thus, leaving their horses here and going into the mountains was the best decision.

For a period of time, Liu Yizhao felt that they were surrounded by enemies, isolated and without help. They were slightly desolate.

His subordinate said, “Commander, we can be considered as lonely souls.”

Liu Yizhao laughed. “But we are also souls with bare fangs and brandish claws! Let’s go!”

Behind, the Black Feather Army spread like locusts and wreaked havoc in the south. There were only ten positions for the heads of city. There might not be enough for everyone!

The new leader of the Wei Wu Army brought the old, weak and disabled to the depths of the mountain range in the north. They were not in a particular hurry. They were most afraid that the grains they were carrying would get wet and become damp. Thus, Lu Shu allowed them to be more careful.

Liu Qianzhi said sincerely, “We are very glad to have a leader like the Great Lord.”

Lu Shu paused for two seconds. “I am happy for you as well.”

Liu Qianzhi was confused.

“From Liu Qianzhi’s distress, +99…”

Lu Xiaoyu, who was beside them, secretly laughed. Lu Shu was still the same Lu Shu. He could pause, but would never remain silent.

“Great Lord, please do not worry. Although our disorganized soldiers are not of much use, they are not two-faced people. If that was the case, we would have been partners-in-crime with Ye Xiaoming a long time ago.” Liu Qianzhi was most worried that Lu Shu did not trust them. This was very important.

After two days, Liu Qianzhi’s greatest impression of Lu Shu was although he was occasionally harsh in his words, he was not a moody ruler. He realized that even Li Heitan dared to joke around with Lu Shu.

It was said that a small sign can indicate a great trend. If Lu Shu was not an amiable ruler, Li Heitan would not dare to do so as well.

As for grains and resources, Lu Shu did not intend on taking them for himself. The grains were simply to be stored as reserve grains for the entire team. If it were Ye Xiaoming, he would have to be dying before allowing his soldiers to drink clean water and eat good food.

Liu Qianzhi felt that following this kind of leader was quite good. Everyone had something to eat.

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